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Nourish Me Naturally is a liquid botanical multivitamin formulated for the whole family.  It promotes total body wellness by providing your body with highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals it can properly absorb, made from actual, whole herbs (not isolates or synthetics). Don’t guess about the nutrition you need; use what the earth provided!

The nutritional value provided by our herbal multivitamin is naturally bioavailable in whole plant form. This means you reap the benefits of the vitamins and minerals provided by the herbs we use, and you are also reaping the benefits of the other constituents of the herbs! Our ingredients are naturally rich in nutrients, but they ALSO support gut health, healthy blood sugar levels, detox, liver health, and more!

Nutritional Value (% RDA) Per ml (1 dropper):

  • 7.5 mcg selenium (13.6% RDA)
  • 0.137 mg B2 (12.5% RDA)
  • 0.148 mg B6 (11.4% RDA)

Key Herbs:

  • Nettle leaf — Rich in vitamins and minerals, rich in chlorophyll, supports detox.
  • Dandelion leaf — Rich in vitamins and minerals, supports the liver
  • Alfalfa leaf — Rich in vitamins and minerals, supports metabolic health.
  • Spearmint leaf — Rich in B vitamins, supports gut health, supports blood sugar regulation.

ABSOLUTELY NO colors, added sugar, artificial or natural flavors, sodium benzoate, preservatives, allergens (corn, soy, gluten, dairy, nuts, tree nuts, eggs), or other junk!

*Tested for heavy metals by third-party labs to ensure compliance with strict safety standards.*

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Have you ever wanted a multivitamin that was perfect for your whole family and you didn’t have to buy vitamins for kids, adults, men, and women? Let us introduce you to Nourish Me Naturally – the multivitamin that is safe for the entire family!

Nourish Me Naturally is formulated with herbs that are rich in vitamins and minerals that everyone needs. Boys, girls, women, and men alike are able to take Nourish Me Naturally and get the daily nutrients they need to sustain them through the entire day. If you have a large family and don’t want to buy vitamins for each person, look no further!

Our bodies need extra support. Our food is nutritionally deficient leaving us with gaps in our own nutrition. Nourish Me Naturally serves to bridge that gap and provide you with the nutrients you need to go throughout your day and help growing bodies grow big and strong.

Most “multivitamins” are purified, extracted, and synthetic (often with additives). They also have megadoses of vitamins and minerals that cannot be adequately absorbed by the body, which throws off nutrient balance. Nourish Me Naturally is different because it is made simply with whole herbs extracted in sustainable, vegetable glycerin. This herbal multivitamin provides nutrients in the proper amounts that your body can actually absorb.

Nourish Me Naturally is a must have for every family!


  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Supports the immune system
  • Liquid benefits (vitamins and minerals are easier to digest and provide more benefits than tablets, where binders and fillers must first be broken down)
  • Promotes heart health
  • Promotes brain and memory health (nootropic)
  • Promotes gut health
  • Supports the immune system
  • Supports liver health

Don’t love your product? Contact us within 30 days and we’ll refund your money. The best way to reach us is through email at [email protected].


Complete Ingredients:

  • Nettle leaf*
  • Dandelion leaf*
  • Alfalfa leaf*
  • Spearmint leaf*
  • Vegetable glycerin*
  • Filtered water

*Certified Organic Ingredients


Nettle Leaf*

Dandelion Leaf*


Spearmint Leaf*

Vegetable glycerin*

Filtered water (see how Earthley filters their water)

*Certified organic ingredients


  • Ages 1 – 5: 1 dropper (1/4 tsp)
  • Ages 6 – 12: 1 – 2 droppers (about 1/2 tsp)
  • Ages 13+: 2 – 3 droppers (1/2 tsp)

*The 8 oz droppers pull up more volume than the smaller droppers. Approximately half of the 8 oz dropper is equal to a full dropper in the smaller sizes. Dose accordingly.

A complete nutritional analysis is difficult to do, because the exact nutrition found in each whole herb can vary based on growing season, growing location, and more.

Our current third-party lab analysis shows the following levels:


Per 1 ml (1 dropper):

  • 6.25 mcg iron (0.1% RDA)
  • 5 mcg zinc (0.1% RDA)
  • 5.8 mg potassium (0.1% RDA)
  • 2.5 mg calcium (0.1% RDA)
  • 1.25 mcg manganese (0.069% RDA)
  • 7.5 mcg selenium (13.6% RDA)
  • 2075 mcg phosphorus (0.16% RDA)
  • 0.137 mg B2 (12.5% RDA)
  • 0.021 mg B3 (0.007% RDA)
  • 0.148 mg B6 (11.4% RDA)
  • 17 mg B9 (4.25% RDA)
  • 1.16 mg biotin (4.6% RDA)


The mix also contains other trace minerals. It is high in water-soluble vitamins like B-complex. It is not very high in A, D, E, or K2 (because they are fat-soluble).


Safe for ages 1+. Do not use if you have lupus or a clotting disorder without talking to your doctor.

Shelf Life: 2 years.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything. Please talk to your doctor before using this or any other herbal supplement, especially if you are pregnant or nursing.



Q: Can kids take Nourish Me Naturally?

A: Kids can take Nourish Me Naturally beginning at 1 year of age.


Q: Can I mix this with juice or a smoothie?

A: Nourish Me Naturally can be taken straight orally or mixed with water, juice, smoothies, etc. Adding to juice or smoothies does not harm its effectiveness.


Q: How does an herbal multivitamin work?

A: Conventional vitamins in pill form are full of binders and fillers to make them keep their shape and hold all of the ingredients together. Liquid herbal vitamins are made without binders and fillers making them easier to digest. Plus, the vitamins you get are from real food sources and not synthetic making them more biologically friendly to your body!


Q: The amount of vitamins in the tinctures are low, especially compared to what you buy in the store. Why?

A: Because these are whole food sources. Being natural and real food sourced, the amount of each vitamin will be lower. But being natural and real food sourced, it’ll be recognized by your body so that most of it is used. Compared to synthetic options, where your body doesn’t know how to and ( just can’t ) use it all. You can read more here.


144 reviews for Nourish Me Naturally – Liquid Herbal Vitamins & Minerals

  1. Jennifer Deane (verified owner)

    I have 7 kids ages 13 to 1. Last year we discovered Earthley, so in fall we began taking daily Vitamin D & Elderberry Elixir. When any child was sick or their siblings were, all of them would get NMN. They all clamor for the taste, which is sweet & minty. We’ve had our least sick season of them all!

  2. Kayla Proctor (verified owner)

    Our whole family has been taking Nourish Me Naturally and we love it. It has been a great addition to our daily routine.

  3. Lilies to Love – Rusti Anderson (verified owner)

    Even my 1 year old loves taking this multivitamin! I have noticed a big, positive difference in my own health as well since we started NMN!

  4. Brittney Stanford (verified owner)

    My whole family loves this multivitamin! Will definitely be purchasing more.

  5. Mary (verified owner)

    We love our Nourish vitamins! They taste so good so my girls love them. They don’t have any of the added junk that it was hard to avoid with other vitamins and they are very gentle on our stomachs.

  6. Sarah

    I use this line with my whole family. I love how it tastes good and is bioavailable. My boys love it 🙂

  7. Kellycharles83 (verified owner)

    I love that my kids ask me to take their vitamin each morning now! They love the taste and I love feeling of putting non-synthetic vitamins in their little bodies! This is really a wonderful product for the whole family!

  8. Kassandra (verified owner)

    I look forward to taking this every morning. I enjoy the taste, the mood lifter and the boost of energy it gives me all day. I started by taking 2 droppers full but had to reduce to 1 dropper because I wasn’t sleeping well at night. Talk about potent and bioavailable nutrients. This stuff is a must have for all mommies. Thanks again Earthley!

  9. Michele (verified owner)

    My girls ask me for this every morning. They love the taste and I love that it’s made from herbs. It’s so much better than a multivitamin made with synthetics. I recommend this to everyone with kids (and I love it for adults too!).

  10. Dave Donahue (verified owner)

    I had my kids on a natural multivitamin before switching to this. Although they miss just having the gummies to eat, they seem to be doing very well on this! Always healthy and strong. Yet the taste is so strong I have to mix it into a glass of milk to get them to drink it. I tried it too and for some reason it made me more tired thoughout the day. I’m not sure why.

  11. mygraceoverflows4u (verified owner)

    Another great Nourish product! I use Nourish Her Naturally and this for my 5 yr old and 1 yr old. I hadn’t had them on a multi in a while due to finances and my needs for many natural products, and am glad to have found this and it is way more cost effective. It tastes great and my 1 yr old opens her mouth wide when she sees me with the bottle and dropper!! They both take it straight in their mouths. I love that it is so safe and healthy for the kiddos.

  12. Sarah Swisshelm (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the flavor of nourish me naturally but I don’t really notice whether I feel any different taking it everyday vs not taking it. I like that I don’t have to swallow any pills to take this multivitamin and that there aren’t crazy levels of synthetic vitamins present in this formula.

  13. Allie Canavan (verified owner)

    I love this product because I know exactly what’s in it. With other multi vitamins I’ve always been skeptical about certain ingredients I didn’t really understand. And I really like the minty taste this gives. It’s not delicious but it’s definitely better tasting than most of the other products I have (nothing against those other than the taste itself). I do also feel like I have more energy when I take this compared to days I forget. Definitely recommend!

  14. Jess C (verified owner)

    I really like this one. It tastes really good. My whole family takes it. My son and I don’t really drink milk so I like this for the calcium content.

  15. Courtney (verified owner)

    Just wanted to comment on the customer service. When i recieved my first shipmemt of this and the energy plus supplement this ones lid was cracked and seal was torn. One little mention to customer service and they got me a fresh bottle in 3 days. That was so kind of them. Love that i can give this to my daughter too. Cant say she likes the taste like the rest of these mums though. I just put it in her juice or water along with the energy plus. (She is iron deficent) i guess we will see how it goes at the doctors. Weve had issues with her iron since she was 6 months old.

  16. Nicole (verified owner)

    This is delicious, and my kids (1 & 3 years old) LOVE it. Definitely a favorite of the whole family.

  17. melizabeth19821 (verified owner)

    We love Nourish Me Naturally! It has such a nice taste that it makes it easy for my whole family to take. Which is one less thing I have to struggle over!

  18. Kelsey Oneal (verified owner)

    My 5 year old son loves the taste and looks forward to taking his morning time tinitures! We ran out of this a few weeks back and he hasn’t let up about getting more of his vitamin tinture and good night lotion!! We love all of our earthley products and notice a big difference when we run out!

  19. Annette (verified owner)

    It DOES taste good! Spearmint-y. It replaced my daily gummy multi. I feel better taking a natural herbal preparation for a multi supplement.

  20. Kimberly Hamilton (verified owner)

    My little guy who’s 4 has been taking this for a while and has done great on it. I add it to his almond/coconut milk and he drinks it with no problem. I think it’s fantastic by itself, but he won’t take it by itself or anything else for that matter. I love all of the herbs in it and feel great about having it as one of our daily regimens!

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