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Cracked and dry lips can be incredibly painful and leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. But it can be difficult to find natural alternatives to conventional lip balms! We want soft and luxurious lips, but without sacrificing standards for ingredients.

Enter Earthley’s Natural Lip Balm. Using natural ingredients like Apricot Oil and Mango Butter, we created a soft and luxurious lip balm that leaves your lips feeling silky smooth. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about the ingredients because you can trust that we only use natural products that won’t harm you. It’s so safe that you can eat it, though we wouldn’t recommend it.

Key Ingredients:

  • Apricot Oil – softens skin, anti-aging
  • Mango Butter – stimulates collagen production, replenishes moisture
  • Candelilla Wax – anti-aging, reduces appearance of blemishes

ABSOLUTELY NO preservatives, parabens, phthalates, fragrances, or other unsafe ingredients!

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Our lips do a lot for us – talking, eating, kissing. It’s no wonder they need a boost every now and then! We’ve got the perfect solution. Using only whole, natural plant butters and oils, our Lip Balm deeply nourishes and locks in moisture.

Apricot oil, organic mango butter, and candelilla wax unite with pure essential oils (in some,not all)  to create the perfect combination for luscious lips! Your lips will be so soft, and you’ll be ready for whatever your lips might face.


  • Completely edible
  • Nourishes dry, chapped lips
  • Free of synthetic ingredients
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Provides hydration

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Complete Ingredients:

  • Apricot oil
  • Mango butter*
  • Candelilla wax

Vanilla Bean: vanilla-infused oil (apricot oil*, natural vanilla beans)

Peppermint: peppermint essential oil

Pumpkin Spice (seasonal): pumpkin seed oil* and cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and nutmeg essential oils

Christmas Cookie (seasonal): cocoa butter (instead of mango butter), vanilla oleoresin and peppermint essential oil

Blueberry-Vanilla: blueberry seed oil, vanilla-infused oil (apricot oil*, vanilla bean)

*Certified Organic Ingredients



Mango butter

Candelilla wax

Apricot oil


Rub on lips as needed to combat dryness.


Shelf Life: 1 year. Mint is safe for ages 8+; Vanilla Bean is safe for ages 1+. Pumpkin Spice (seasonal) is safe for ages 8+ and is not recommended during pregnancy. Christmas Cookie (seasonal) is not recommended during pregnancy or while nursing in women sensitive to mint.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


Q: My lip balm came a little bit melted. How can I fix this?

A: Nothing is wrong with your lip balm, just stick it in the fridge to re-harden it.

Q: What are the black specks in my lip balm?

A: We formulate our lip balm with real vanilla bean and those black spots are from the vanilla!

Q: Why is my lip balm grainy?

A: Our lip balm can feel grainy if it has melted a bit and re-hardened, and it may feel grainy from the vanilla bean. Nothing is wrong with it or its effectiveness. It is a natural product that doesn’t have binders or fillers in it, so the texture is different than a normal lip balm.

Q: How can I prevent my lip balm from melting?

A: If you want to take your lip balm on the go, we suggest storing it in a cooler to keep it from melting. If you have it at home, keep it in a cool area, not tucked in a pocket or some place warm.

129 reviews for Natural Lip Balm – For Moisturized Lips

  1. tkalbertfamily (verified owner)

    Sadly, my daughters and I do not care for Earthley lip balm. We have 2 or 3, and they are used as a last resort. They’re very mushy and you basically need to apply with your finger. I can’t imagine using it in the summer. Best at fridge temp, but even then our lips don’t get moisturized by our balms & are ready for another application within minutes. Not like any of our other organic, clean lip balms. 🙁

  2. Tamra (verified owner)

    I love the Earthley products but the lip balm is the only product I’ve ordered that I don’t care for. I use lip balm daily so I was excited for a more natural option. However It is too oily for me. I’m use to a more solid lip balm. If they could make it more solid I would like it better.

  3. Mary (verified owner)

    Smooth and silky and tastes great.

  4. Deborah Stinson (verified owner)

    Love it. I hope you keep making it. Doesn’t irritate my lips like commercial lip balm or even other natural ones.

  5. Mary (verified owner)

    I know that there are a lot of positive reviews on this lip balm but unfortunately I was not impressed. I got the Pumpkin Spice scent and it made my lips sting. I felt like my other organic beeswax lip balm worked better.

  6. Kate (verified owner)

    110% fantastic. Who knows how many natural lip balms I’ve bought & tossed (one was …wax, 90%…) and I was hoping against hope this one might be passable, but it met and exceeded all expectations. I’ve quit using petroleum products! They used to be the only thing that worked.
    Thank heaven for Earthley! Everything I’ve bought from them is great.

  7. Karissa

    Christmas cookie and vanilla are our favorite scents! Some softer than others. Wish they were more firm and not so runny. Definitely will take some getting used to. Pumpkin spice almost burns after applying.

  8. Courtney (verified owner)

    Smell is good, but the overall mixture isn’t what I expected, it’s very oily and I like a little thicker consistency for lip balms. It doesn’t feel very hydrating and that I constantly need to re apply. Also it’s hard to apply since it’s so oily you kind of just have to dabble it on to your lips because it doesn’t glide due to it not having a form for it being so oily. Our local soap store has a balm similar to this and I’m just not a big fan. Nice smell though! Just would be cheaper to use plain coconut oil!

  9. Teresa (verified owner)

    The best lip balm EVER! I am happy to find a lip balm without coconut oil as it very drying for me. Only three fabulous ingredients in these superb lip balms.

  10. Betty B

    I got the peppermint because I just love the smell and taste of it and it’s so strong of a smell and the taste is good when it accidentally gets in my mouth the moment it touches my lips every time it’s like melting butter I LOVE IT I usually have a problem with regular chapsticks but THIS HERE IS AMAZING 10/10❣️recommend God bless❤️❤️

  11. Tressan Moore (verified owner)

    Love, love this lip balm. It’s the very best I’ve ever used. It’s so smooth and best of all not full of chemicals. I can’t wait to get more.

  12. Vanessa (verified owner)

    Vanilla smells great, but it is oily and you definitely can’t carry it in your pocket

  13. Ava (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the mint and the vanilla flavors, but the consistency of this chapstick is so soft that it leaves so much on your lips after just one gentle swipe. I will leave them in the car this winter and with the cold they will be good.

  14. emma.e.stafford90 (verified owner)

    I’ve bought many scents over the last year and absolutely love all of them! I threw out all of my other chapsticks. This is by far our family’s favorite brand.

  15. Ramona Vincent (verified owner)

    Love the scent and feel of your lip balm – just ordered a few more! 🙂

  16. Megan (verified owner)

    Vanilla smells great, and leaves lips smooth. A little goes a long way!

  17. Kayla (verified owner)

    Wow! I’m straight up obsessed with this lip balm. I added this to my cart on a whim to get free shipping and this did not disappoint! Literally the best lip balm I have EVER owned. And I’ve tried a lot. Feels like actual butter on the lips. A little goes a long way. Highly recommend!

  18. Elsa (verified owner)

    This is not like other natural lip balms I have used, as it is very soft. I learned to apply it only to one lip and rub together to avoid over application and waste. I also learned not to leave it in a very warm place, as it melted once. Thankfully the cap seals well, and there was no mess beyond having to dig the balm out of the cap.

  19. Michelle Novara (verified owner)

    Leaves my lips feeling soft and smooth! I have several of them in various areas of my house so they’re within easy reach when I need them. I also love adding them onto my order if I’m only a couple bucks shy of reaching free shipping.

  20. K. Albright (verified owner)

    Smoothest lip balm ever. And healthy! Goes on silky smooth. Love the vanilla!

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