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Our NEW Mushroom Tincture is designed to support mental health and clarity, support your immune system, help lower inflammation, and promote overall wellness.

Our Mushroom Tincture is a great way to get the benefits of medicinal mushrooms in a highly bio-available liquid form. We use only the whole fruiting bodies to create our tincture, not mycelium (which has fewer benefits). This tincture is a concentrated extraction from mushrooms to provide you with a powerful supplement for your mental and immune health. If you find yourself struggling with mental clarity, inflammation, stress, and frequent illness, this tincture is for you!

Key Ingredients:

  • Lion’s Mane – Promotes brain health (nootropic), supports mental health and focus, supports immune health, anti-inflammatory.
  • Shiitake – Supports immune function, supports heart health, anti-inflammatory, supports brain health, supports gut health.
  • Turkey Tail – Supports respiratory health, supports gut health, ant-viral properties
  • Reishi – Supports immune health, supports liver health, anti-inflammatory, supports mental health, helps with stress response

Mushroom Tincture is a great way to get bio-available benefits from a variety of mushrooms!

ABSOLUTELY NO added sugars, colors, flavors, preservatives, allergens (gluten, dairy, soy, corn, nuts, eggs, fish) or other junk!

*Tested for heavy metals by third-party labs to ensure compliance with strict safety standards.*

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Our new Mushroom Tincture is a great way to get the benefits of medicinal mushrooms in a highly bioavailable liquid form.  We use only the whole fruiting bodies to create our tincture, not mycelium (which has fewer benefits).

We chose the mushrooms included in this tincture blend carefully as we wanted to make it potent and powerful for your mental health, mental clarity, immune support, and anti-inflammatory response. Lion’s Mane, Shiitake, and Reishi mushrooms are all considered nootropic. Nootropic is defined as anything that is used to enhance memory or other cognitive functions. Turkey Tail mushrooms are also included in this tincture, but are not nootropic, but they do support your gut health, and your gut is considered your ‘second brain.’

These mushrooms all have additional benefits in addition to their nootropic properties. Lion’s Mane also supports your immune health and is a natural anti-inflammatory. Shiitake mushrooms support immune function, heart health, gut health, and are anti-inflammatory. Turkey Tail is a natural antiviral and supports respiratory health. Reishi mushrooms promote immune and liver health, promote a healthy stress response, and are anti-inflammatory.

Experience improved mental health and clarity, immune support, lowered inflammation, and more!

Don’t love your product? Contact us within 30 days and we’ll refund your money. The best way to reach us is through email at [email protected].


  • Age 7 – 12: 5 – 10 drops
  • Age 13+ 10 – 20 drops


Safe for ages 7+

A note on pregnancy and breastfeeding: We could not find any research to say that the mushrooms in this tincture are not safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding, so we encourage each person to make the decision for themselves.


Q: What is the difference between the Mushroom Tincture and the 5 Mushroom Super Blend capsules?

A: The difference is that a tincture is a highly concentrated extract and the capsules are a whole food option, so not a concentrated dose. Our capsules are also made with Cordyceps, which is not included in the Mushroom Tincture. Whichever you choose, your brain health and immune health will benefit!

Q: Some people microdose mushrooms. Can I do that with the Mushroom Tincture, or should I follow the recommended dosage?

A: Microdosing is usually referring to mushrooms with physcocative compounds, which these don’t have.  With that said, if you want to start slow and increase your dosage, you can.

Q: Can I take the Mushroom Tincture if I struggle with candida? Will fungus cause issues for me?

A: Mushrooms support our gut health, so you shouldn’t have any issues. However, each person is different and if you feel like something is not right you can discontinue use.

Q: Why is this listed as not safe for children younger than 7 year of age?

A: There are no studies regarding the use of mushrooms with children, so to be safe we put the age at 7. However, mushrooms are food and safe to eat for all ages, so if you feel comfortable giving this to your child, you can.

61 reviews for Mushroom – For Brain and Immune Health

  1. Amanda M. (verified owner)

    This one I was so excited for & it did not disappoint! It’s my husband and I’s go to every single day. Anything for mental clarity and our immune systems I’m all about it.

  2. Payge O’Callaghan (verified owner)

    My family and I love this tincture, we all take it daily for mental clarity and many other benefits that come along with it! I have noticed a difference while pairing this during the Candida and Vaccine Detox’s!

  3. Katie

    I started taking this about a month ago, and I can already see a difference in how much my mood and mental clarity has improved between the days I take it versus the days I’ve skipped. Such a great product.

  4. Gabby

    I take this at night before I go to sleep and ever since I started taking it regularly when I wake up I feel so much more energized and my mind is clear even without any coffee! I also feel less bloated and less fatigued overall! It’s an amazing product!

  5. erikadest88 (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking these for about a month now, I’m a huge fan of mushrooms. I’ve been taking them for about a year now. The problem is trying to find a good mushroom made with organic and trustworthy ingredients is not always easy unless you want to spend a bunch of money. I love the price of these and the product as well. They have definitely been beneficial in my daily life with energy, and just feeling all around good. I’m not going to lie, they can be a little hard to choke down, but for me, the health benefits outweigh the taste. Definitely worth the purchase.

  6. Anna Stricklen

    This is a must! It was a gift and I will definitely be buying again. I’ve added it to my daily morning routine. My mind feels noticeably clearer throughout the day and I love knowing it supports brain function. As a mom of two, it was much needed!

  7. Tiff Hirakawa (verified owner)

    This product combined with the Calm and Clarity Tincture seem to be helping my Dad feel a little less “brain fog” from his MSA. With a debilitating disease that has a fatal end, any extra “good days” for him is truly valued by my family. Thank you for the efforts that are dedicated to delivering such great products!

  8. Rebekah D (verified owner)

    I already feel like I can think a little clearer! The taste is strong but I dilute it in water with my other tinctures.

  9. Reagan Garcia

    Part of the daily lineup! Definitely helps with brain fog and immunity! Love this one

  10. Jackie Vazquez (verified owner)

    I started using the Mushroom capsules for my brain fog due to Perimenopause. Since those were out of stock, I purchased the mushroom tincture instead.
    I’ve noticed a difference in my overall memory and don’t have bouts of staring off into space anymore.

  11. Jessica (verified owner)

    My kids hate mushrooms so it’s been lacking in their diet almost constantly. I’ve been giving this Mushroom Tincture for several weeks now and my kids actually have stopped catching colds at school. This is the only recent thing we’ve added and I am so surprised. We usually have a cold constantly during the cold/cough season thanks to school.

  12. Lindsay (verified owner)

    Part of my daily tincture line up! I’m using this easy to take mushroom tincture because I have gut issues and brain fog. It’s helping! Great for my immune system too. Thank you Earthley!

  13. Jo Higgins

    I purchased this tincture more for the overall health and immune system benefits. I noticed I was feeling little better, also helps the brain I really like it and many more of Earthly products. I highly recommend this!

  14. Kerri Hester (verified owner)

    I love this new tincture! I’ve always heard of the great benefits from mushrooms and I’m thankful to have found something I can take and trust. I can tell a difference when I don’t take this for one day. I truly feel like it helps regulate my mood, which is needed being a tired mom of 3! I haven’t found anything from Earthley that I don’t love!

  15. Gina Green (verified owner)

    Purchased this product in September’23. Loving it! So many benefits from mushrooms. Love the ability to use one product and trust the company

  16. Gina Green (verified owner)

    Purchased this product in September’23. Loving it! So many benefits from mushrooms. Love the ability to use one product and trust the company

  17. Mary (verified owner)

    I just started taking these drops from Earthly. I like the fact it doesn’t have alcohol in it. I’ve tried this from a couple different places and it just tasted like alcohol. I’m hoping it will make a difference in my nervous system because I had neck surgery and my arm was numb, but after surgery I hadn’t gotten my sensation back in some of my fingers. It is getting better though. Thanks for this easy way to take mushroom drops

  18. Joanna Sowards (verified owner)

    I love this mushroom tincture because of its amazing benefits for immunity and mental clarity. And it’s crafted from wild mushrooms!

  19. Kayley

    Great tincture great price! I have a rare neurological condition that paralyzed me – as I’ve been healing I have tried countless mushroom tinctures since they help heal nerves and immune system supports. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on expensive mushroom tinctures but this one is just as good and a way more reasonable price! Highly recommend for immune support and nervous system healing from my own personal journey.

  20. Megan G

    I really enjoy this mushroom tincture! It is great for the immune system but it also helped my mental clarity. As a mom of two littles, I need all the help I can get with cognitive function and I have enjoyed having this in my morning routine to support brain function! 🙂

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