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Finally, a 100% natural deodorant that actually works — without the awful red rash!  We start with magnesium chloride, which helps to naturally detoxify your pits and reduce odor.  We blend it with apricot oil and mango butter, which help to nourish sensitive skin.  Finally, we finish it with arrowroot powder to keep you dry — no baking soda, which can be irritating for some people.  We never use aluminum!

Our ingredients are absolutely clean and every one is beneficial to you.  No need for a chemistry degree or special guides to know what’s in it!  Just starting out with natural deodorant?  Grab our Detoxifying Pit Mask to ease that transition!

  • ABSOLUTELY NO parabens, phthalates, aluminum, fragrance, or synthetics of any kind!

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We use the simplest, cleanest ingredients to make our all-natural Mineral Deodorant. Mango butter and apricot oil combine to gently nourish the skin, while arrowroot powder helps to keep skin dry. Magnesium detoxes, reduces odor, and has tons of health benefits too! Pure essential oils are added for a pleasant scent.

You’ll never have to worry about the harmful side effects of aluminum or irritation and rashes that are commonly associated with baking soda. We chose the purest ingredients to create a deodorant that is gentle on the skin, but powerfully protects against odor. If you’re looking to make the transition to a natural deodorant even more effortless, check out our Pit Mask


  • Supports detox
  • Fights odor
  • Nourishes skin
  • Rich in magnesium

Don’t love your product? Contact us within 30 days and we’ll refund your money. The best way to reach us is through email at [email protected]


Complete Ingredients:

  • Apricot oil*
  • Candelilla wax
  • Magnesium chloride flakes
  • Arrowroot powder
  • Mango butter*

Lavender: lavender essential oil

Citrus: lemon, orange and/or grapefruit essential oils

Woods: cedarwood, pine, and rosemary essential oils

Spring Blossoms: rose, lavender, and neroli essential oils

Rustic: frankincense, bergamot, coriander, and patchouli essential oils

Vanilla Bean: vanilla-infused oil (apricot oil*, vanilla bean), vanilla oleoresin

Blueberry-Vanilla: blueberry seed oil, vanilla-infused oil (apricot oil*, vanilla beans)

Blue Bliss: blue tansy, lavender, and sandalwood essential oils

*Certified organic ingredients




Apply under your arms in the mornings. Avoid using directly after shaving as the magnesium could cause irritation or burning. Do not use on broken skin.


Shelf Life: 1 year. Safe for ages 8+. Safe for use while pregnant and breastfeeding.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.



304 reviews for Mineral Deodorant {Natural Deodorant}

  1. Melissa D’Acquisto (verified owner)

    I have tried other natural brands of deodorant and they either burned my skin or made me smell worse. I even tried a clay mask to help pull out toxins, but it didn’t help. I bought Earthley lavender and the pit mask and it has been great. I did the mask first then applied the deodorant. It dried so well, not sticky or oily like others can be. If I get too warm I can feel it a bit, but it doesn’t stain my shirt. The scent is nice and subtle. What a good find after not using anything for a couple years.

  2. heyitsheathero2l (verified owner)

    The citrus smells so nice and feels so nice. Travel size is same as native. Love the ingredients!

  3. Katrina

    I literally love every other Earthley I own but this product just did not work with my body chemistry. I am 7 months post partum and nursing and I have had a difficult time finding a natural deodorant work for me. I tried wearing this last week to work and it seemed to work about 6 hours then it just completely stopped and I smelled worse than I ever have in my life- like onions. I was embarrassed to continue working that day. I’m sure this works for many but it just did not agree with my body at this time.

  4. Macey (verified owner)

    I’m a blue collar lady, working in the heat all day and this stuff holds up! I was honestly in awe at how well it works for only being 5 ingredients. Everything about it is perfect!

  5. JJackson

    Like someone else said, I wanted to like it, but it didn’t work for me at all. By noon I smelled like a middle-school locker room! I’m glad it is working for others, but I will stick with my current deo.

  6. K (verified owner)

    Sitting on the fence about this one. Purchased the unscented and the “woods” deodorant. Initially they worked well-only needs to apply once a day, but over the course of a few weeks, found that I needed to use it 2-4 times a day. An additional downside is the scent of the “Woods” deodorant-it smells like pine-sol. Unfortunately, having grown up around pine-sol being overly used, this isn’t a pleasant smell and gives me headaches. Anyone that hates the smell of pine-sol cleaner, might want to stay away from this scent. I did check ingredients prior to purchasing and I also diffuse pine essential oil with no issues, so my body’s reaction to this deodorants smell surprised me.

  7. Georgia Butcher (verified owner)

    I love Earthley products but this is one that I don’t like. It didn’t work for me at all. The smell was nice and that’s it.

  8. stcyr930 (verified owner)

    I’ve used Earthley deodorant for years now and love it. I did use the blueberry one and it turned my shirt blueish/purple. not sure if will wash out, but I’ve never had this happen before. only reason for the 3 stars

  9. Sarah Spriggs (verified owner)

    After all the raving reviews me and husband tried the deodorant in two different scents. While i haven’t had huge stink issue, it doesn’t keep my dry. For my husband, It didn’t work at all. We have been using the best same brand of natural organic deodorant for over a year without issues. We wanted to try this product because we love Earthley and what they stand for. Sadly this didn’t work out in both dryness and stink department.

  10. Kristina (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this deodorant! I have the Spring Blossoms scent. It smells amazing! Every time my kids come up to me while wearing it they comment on how good I smell…then hug me a little longer. It’s a win-win in my book!

  11. Trisha Gilbert (verified owner)

    I love this deo! I cannot use deos with baking soda. This one has squeaky clean ingredients and works amazing for me.

  12. Rachel Hopton (verified owner)

    Best deodorant I’ve ever used!! Smells great, stays on well. I usually had to reapply my old deodorant like 2-3 times a day but with this I rarely have to reapply.

  13. McKenzie Norton (verified owner)

    I bought the woods and citrus! Woods smells great and husband likes the smell! So does citrus. The citrus one must’ve got too hot and was clumpy so i got a refund and am able to repurchase if I’d like. The woods one was normal but my husband thinks it pulls his air out hair a bit and doesn’t like that! I do have to reapply a few times a day otherwise I start to drink a bit but my husband doesn’t! I like that it’s all natural! I’ve used this and also the other deodorant version and I personally think This version is less sticky. The other one once it’s on reminds me more of a gel and this one seems more like the typical type of deodorant. I use it daily but don’t like that I have to apply 2-3 per day and I notice I smell sometimes!

  14. Emma S (verified owner)

    Love it so far! My arm pits haven’t looked this nice in years!!

  15. Lauren (verified owner)

    I LOVE this deodorant! When I decided to make the switch to natural deodorant, I tried a few different kinds and couldn’t find anything that I loved. I had a few other Earthley products, so I decided to give this a go. It was the first natural deodorant that actually worked for me, and it smells so good! The lavender scent is my favorite so far, but I’m planning to try them all. Such a great product!

  16. Charlene Kennedy (verified owner)

    Simply the Best!!! This was the first product that I tried from your line and it sold me of the naturalness of your products as well as their effectiveness.

  17. Sherlynn (verified owner)

    I was a little skeptical that this would work, but it does!

  18. Mariah Cooney (verified owner)

    Tried the trial size of Spring Blossom scent before committing to the larger size. My husband and I loved it. It was effective in controlling smell and glided on effortlessly. Needless to say we are back for the larger sizes & I am so excited to try the Blueberry-Vanilla scent!

  19. megan thurman (verified owner)

    I love the travel size lavendar deodorant!! It’s the perfect little size to take with you wherever. I got my husband the woods one and he loves it too. I do have to say, it’s normal for me to have to reapply every couple hours or so, but definitely happy with the scent and natural Ingredients!

  20. Lauren (verified owner)

    I have had seriously bad BO since my youngest was born. It was bad after my second youngest was born, but this was worse. I love this deodorant because I feel like it helps me keep control of it. I use spring blossoms. I love the smell. Not overwhelming, but just right. I recommend this deodorant to any who ask.

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