Lymphatic Cream – To Promote Lymphatic Drainage

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Lymphatic Cream is a lotion created to help relieve achy parts of the body caused by swollen lymph nodes. This cream tackles lymphatic congestion at the source and gently encourages drainage to help detox, reduce soreness, and improve overall wellness.

Use while dry brushing for encouraging even more lymphatic flow. Apply to lymph nodes, underarms, or anywhere you feel congestion and massage for overall wellness!

Key Ingredients:

  • Apricot oil – soothes skin, anti-inflammatory
  • Castor oil – promotes gentle detox
  • Kokum butter – skin nourishing
  • Calendula – anti-inflammatory, skin soothing
  • Yarrow – anti-inflammatory, promotes gut health
  • Cleavers – lymphatic stimulator
  • Burdock root – anti-inflammatory, soothes arthritis pain
  • Ginger root – anti-inflammatory, soothes pain

ABSOLUTELY NO colors, flavors (natural or artificial), preservatives, added sugar, sodium benzoate, citric acid, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, top allergens (corn, soy, nuts, gluten, dairy, fish) or other junk!

*Tested for heavy metals by third-party labs to ensure compliance with strict safety standards.*

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Lymphatic Cream was designed to help with soreness and swelling caused by colds, allergies, and more. If you have deep, mild aches in your arms and legs that just won’t seem to go away, you may benefit from this lotion.

As our body’s natural “vacuum,” the lymphatic system gathers up dead cells, bacteria, and more. It eliminates all the junk when it’s working properly. However, our lymphatic system doesn’t have a natural pump so sometimes fluid gets stuck. This causes swelling, uncomfortable aches and pains and can even lead to headaches, low immunity, and gut health issues. The ingredients in Lymphatic Cream gently but effectively encourage drainage to help get fluid moving and bring relief.


  • Reduces muscle soreness and pain
  • Supports the immune system
  • Supports detox
  • Supports lymphatic drainage
  • Promotes gut health
  • Helps with minor pain
  • Helps flush away clogged fluid
  • Lymphatic stimulator
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Antibacterials properties

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Rub on sore lymph nodes throughout the body to encourage drainage.


Areas to apply:


Shelf Life: 1 year. Safe for ages 6 mo+. Safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Q: Is it safe to use on the face?

A: Yes! Keep away from the eyes and any open skin wounds, but it can be used on the face.

Q: Can it help with the sinuses if used to help encourage drainage?

A: Yes!

Q: Where are the best places to use it?

A: On your lymph nodes, and anywhere lymph naturally gets congested.

Q: How can I best use it when trying to detox?

A: The castor oil in this cream allows it to penetrate deeply into your body, so we suggest using it wherever you need it most, drink plenty of water, and maybe dry brush while using it to encourage lymphatic flow even more!

191 reviews for Lymphatic Cream – To Promote Lymphatic Drainage

  1. Stephanie (verified owner)

    When I feel my sinuses flaring, I go to my trusty lymphatic cream and rub a little on my neck (front and back) and down the sides of my nose. In no time, I can feel my sinus passages opening and the phylgm starting to clear. This rub really does help open up your lymphatic system. I use it consistently during seasonal allergy times of the year.

  2. Kristin Ritter (verified owner)

    Was having very tender breast before and during my cycle and read that it could be poor lymphatic drainage. Saw this cream and thought I’d give it a try. It’s been absolutely magic. Used it for 2 cycles and just realized I didn’t even need it for this past one. Smell isn’t overwhelming. Definitely recommend!

  3. Rachel (verified owner)

    It seems to reduce the swelling of my lymph nodes on my neck. I did have some acne come up on the area I was using it though. not sure if I was using it too much, or that’s just a detox symptom.

  4. Nicole (verified owner)

    We use this on our daughter every night. She has had sinus congestion and has a problem with her sinuses draining. She has improved since using this product.

  5. Zoe Dale (verified owner)

    One of my favorite products! I’ve always had issues with fluid building up in my ears and while I have been able to keep it from becoming an infection I’ve never had a great way to actually get the fluid to drain besides going to the chiropractor. The lymphatic cream not only helps my ear drain but also has helped my whole lymphatic system clear out. I had a bit of a detox reaction when I first started using it but now I don’t have any issues. It goes on so smoothly and has a nice texture with a pleasant smell. I feel good about using it for myself and my whole family.

  6. Alexsandra

    I’ve used this cream a few times, on sore muscles and joints and when I felt under the weather. It really works and helps lymph to move. I’m doing this a bit more now that it’s spring and a great time to support the liver to detox even more. I’ve put it on my neck, my body, the major nodes, cheekbones for sinus, and it’s great. It’s a bit runny since I live in a tropical climate. I sometimes mix it with my Good Night Lotion. I love it especially since detox and our lymph system are essential to our health. Sometimes overlooked!

  7. Corrie Swinton (verified owner)

    I sometimes get sore legs and I bought this lotion my last order. I honestly did not think it would help as much as it does. My legs feel so much better. I like to dry brush, shower, then use this after for good circulation.

  8. Tina Johnson (verified owner)

    I have used this when I feel a sore throat coming on. I rubbed it down the side of my neck before bed and it’s fine the next morning. Works great!

  9. Rebecca K

    This worked well for my swollen lymphs. It definitely eased the pain.

  10. Rebecca K

    This worked well for my swollen lymphs. It definitely eased the pain.

  11. Anna (verified owner)

    I’m a Childhood Leukemia survivor and use the Lymphatic Cream once a week in conjunction with dry skin brushing to keep my lymphatic system cleaned. I was so happy when I found this cream! It keeps my lymphatic fluid moving and puts less tax on my system. I highly recommend it!

  12. Emily (verified owner)

    Loving! I got a head cold 2 days after ordering, so thankful for fast shipping! By day 4 of my cold this came and instant relief. Still have the cold but it definitely gets things moving! And takes away all aches and pains!

  13. ally173 (verified owner)

    This got rid of a swollen painful lymph node under my arm pit and painful neck lymph node.

  14. Jessy Maldonado (verified owner)

    This is a favorite of mine. After suffering with a swollen and painful leg and ankle, I applied this to the underside of my knee and massaged lightly in a circular motion and rubbed some all over my leg and used an upward pumping motion with my hands clasped around my ankle and working my way upward. No more swelling and the pain is almost gone. It’s silky smooth and a small amount is all you need, making it very cost effective in these hard times! Thank you Earthley!

  15. Heather Sick (verified owner)

    I’m grateful we had this on hand this past week to get our family through our colds. The Lymphatic Cream and Breathe Well Salve helped with congestion, especially at night. I could breathe better within minutes of applying. When hubby or I had a sore back/neck, we just rubbed a little on and started to feel better shortly after. Whenever the kids have difficulty with congestion or allergies, I rub a little on their chest, and/or bottom of their feet and notice improvement right away which has been so nice to have at night to help us all sleep.

  16. Aleighsha (verified owner)

    This is definitely a life saver! My lymphnodes in my neck swell frequently, especially during the winter months. After just using it a couple times (massaging it into my lymphnodes) the pain from my sore lymphnodes goes away. It definitely helps drain the lymphnodes in under 24 hours! Amazing!!

  17. Adam Stephens (verified owner)

    My 1 year old son had a cold in December and began snoring every night after. His snores were LOUD, like a grown man. So loud in fact, that he would wake himself up frequently. My wife and I were miserable. Nether of us were sleeping either. Lots of arguments ensued due to lack of sleep. I knew something had to be done, but I also knew that if we went to his pediatrician, they would want his tonsils removed or send him for sleep studies. We ordered this lymph cream as a last ditch effort. We put it on his neck before bed and the first night his snoring decreased by about 30% and we got a little bit better nights sleep. We continued this for about a week and our son stopped snoring. Completely. And as a bonus, for the first time in months, he started sleeping more than 3-4 hour stretches. This product went above and beyond our expectations! We can’t thank Earthley enough!

  18. Andrea Hicks (verified owner)

    I love this cream! I’ve always struggled with allergies, sinus stuffiness, ear aches, etc. So I tried this cream, and felt instant draining and release of pressure. I use it daily now, and I’ve never felt so clear headed. No more allergy/sinus “fog”.

  19. BRB (verified owner)

    Seriously love this product! Gives so much relief to the whole body & within minutes! With all the toxic food and enviroment we have, this lymphatic cream is very fast and effective in helping the body release and encourage drainage.

  20. elaina (verified owner)

    Love this lotion! Perfect texture to use for lymphatic massage.

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