Learning at Home: Family Edition PDF


Have you wanted to do more cooking, gardening, and homeschooling activities with your children? Whether you are looking for more activities to do OR learning how to include them more, this activity PDF is for you!


It seems like there are two kinds of families. The ones where the parents do everything with their kids – aka Pinterest parents. And then there are those parents counting down the hours to bedtime – aka Surviving on Coffee parents.
Over the last couple of years, there has been a huge trend in families of all kinds slowing down and doing more together. Cooking more, spending more time outside, reading more, and being more involved in their children’s education.
Whether you’re a Pinterest parent or a Surviving on Coffee parent, we got you. We understand there is nothing better than family, and we want to help you do all the things with yours.


In this guide, you’ll find:
– Cooking activities and printables for you and your kids

– Gardening activities and printables

– Homeschool printables, even unschooling!!

– And more!









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