Infant Tummy Relief – For Gas, Bloating, and Upset Tummies

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This tincture is made special for little tummies, but works for stomach upsets of all ages. It can help relieve pain associated with occasional gas and bloating and even those pesky hiccups that babies are so susceptible to. Compared to a traditional gripe water, Infant Tummy Relief contains fewer, simpler ingredients that are 100% beneficial — no compromises. You can rest assured that you’ve got the purest, safest product for you and baby. 

Key Herbs:

  • Ginger — Antispasmodic, calms upset stomachs, relieves gas and bloating, anti-inflammatory
  • Fennel — Relieves gas, calms indigestion, anti-inflammatory, supports healthy digestion
  • Catnip — Calming, rich in B vitamins

Infant Tummy is great for calming stomachs in people of all ages!

ABSOLUTELY NO sodium bicarbonate, potassium sorbate, added sugars, colors, flavors, allergens (corn, soy, gluten, dairy, nuts, fish, eggs) or other junk!

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We have created the perfect solution for babies struggling with gas pains, bloating, the hiccups, and general tummy discomfort. Diet changes, leg bicycling, and tummy massage are helpful, but sometimes you just need your baby to feel better now. That’s why we created Infant Tummy Relief! 

Our herbal tincture combines fennel to soothes upset tummies and ginger to support gut health. Both of the herbs help to relieve the hiccups too! Lastly, we add catnip for its natural calming effect. This product is safe in small amounts for the youngest of babies, but can be used at any age to relieve stomach-related problems. This is a great natural alternative to OTC medications that only cover up symptoms and bring worse side-effects. 


  • Helps relieve gas 
  • Helps reduce bloating 
  • Helps relieve upset stomach 
  • Helps relieve stomach pain
  • Helps relieve the hiccups
  • Promotes gut health
  • Provides a sense of calmness 
  • 3 herbs
  • Liquid benefits (vitamins and minerals are easier to digest and provide more benefits than tablets, where binders and fillers must first be broken down)

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Complete Ingredients:

  • Ginger root*
  • Fennel seed*
  • Catnip*
  • Vegetable glycerin*
  • Filtered water

*Certified organic ingredients


Ginger Root

Fennel Seed


Filtered Water



  • Ages 0 – 12 months: 2 – 5 drops
  • Ages 1 – 5 years: 5 – 10 drops
  • Ages 6 – 12: 10 – 20 drops
  • Ages 13+: 20 drops (1 dropper)

May be used for other types of tummy upset or indigestion. May be taken as needed.


Shelf Life: 2 years. Safe for all ages.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


Q: At what age can my baby use this?

A: From 2 weeks of age, if needed.  Start with just 1 – 2 drops per dose.

Q: Can older kids or adults use this, too?

A: Absolutely.  This is a ‘tummy’ formula that can benefit anyone!

Q: How does this compare to gripe water?

A: Traditional gripe water contains the same main herbs: ginger and fennel.  Most gripe waters today also have natural flavor and sodium benzoate added, which aren’t beneficial to your health.  Ours uses the same key herbs without the added ingredients!

222 reviews for Infant Tummy Relief – For Gas, Bloating, and Upset Tummies

  1. Stephanie Shafer (verified owner)

    I’m a new mom and this infant tummy relief has been such a lifesaver for my daughter. Giving her just a couple drops when she is experiencing discomfort has helped her to settle right down. And knowing that it is all natural ingredients is such a comfort to me knowing she’s only taking in what is good for her!

  2. Emma Noto (verified owner)

    These are amazing. My one week old has occasionally gotten an upset stomach. I have given him one drop of this a couple of times and he instantly calms down. Love love love

  3. Kobi Snow (verified owner)

    This is so good for gas and also if i notice my baby has pooped in a day or two i give her this and 30 mins later she finally poops. We love this product! Thank you Earthley!! Us mom’s appreciate you so much!!!

  4. Mary (verified owner)

    Just gave to my four month old for the first time because he was fussy and I could tell his stomach was bothering him with trapped gas. He calmed down almost

  5. Laura Fox (verified owner)

    My 2.5 year old has food sensitivities and whenever she is mistakenly exposed she is up tossing and turning, very clearly struggling with stomach pain. I give her these drops and it always helps to alleviate her discomfort and get back to sleep- usually within a few minutes.

  6. Kimberly Clark (verified owner)

    This is a godsend for my oldest daughter who is 17. She will occasionally get indigestion and stomach issues. One dropper full and within a minute she feels so much better! This is by far one of my favorite products from Earthley. I only wish this had been around when she was a baby! Absolutely a wonderful product!

  7. Lauren (verified owner)

    This stuff works GREAT for my gassy frequent stomach ached infant. Works better than any gas stuff we’ve tried and it’s seriously instantly for her! Three stars because the bottles and syringe really aggravate me. Ever try giving your baby 5 drops in the middle of the night?….or even the day? Infants don’t just let you give them drops, they need it out in their mouth and squeezed to administer. The syringe DESPERATELY needs a measure on it if where 2 drops or 5 or 10 would be. Also, it’d be great if there was like a no spill cap or something already on it because I’ve spilled these so easily before and wanted to cry I was so upset. Lastly, AND VERY IMPORTANTLY, the directions say 2-5 drops for infants….. be how many times a day can you give them that? How frequently? Every 4 hours? More specific directions are absolutely needed to be safely given to our bubs!

  8. Lindsey (verified owner)

    This stuff is a literal God sent. My 4 month old has had horrible gas since born and I always hated giving him gripe water or Mylicon drops because I’m such a “natural” person. I came across Earthley’s infant tummy relief and it does miracles on his belly INSTANTLY! I wish I had known about this sooner. My mom had even tried it on herself for her bad acid reflux and I’m waiting until it’s back in stock to order her a bottle as well!
    I also bought the teething one too. It works great too! Love, love, love their products!

  9. Allison (verified owner)

    My six year old tends to get frequent tummy upsets and he asks for the “tummy drops” every time. Within minutes he says his tummy ache is gone. It works well on our toddler too, and there have been several instances where she is writhing around and clearly having tummy issues and after giving her the drops she is calm and peaceful within just a few minutes. Love this stuff!

  10. Ariella (verified owner)

    Baby(4 months) hadn’t pooped over 36 hours- unusual for him. He was having very smelly gas all day, so I could tell he needed to go. Gave him 3 drops. Within a couple hours it worked!

  11. Amanda Gingerich (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this for my little guy since a month old, he went through a stage where I used it before bed most nights and it instantly calmed him. I was amazed!! Best product I have bought for him, helped when we started on solids too and he was gassy. There were times I would give it and he would pass gas within a couple minutes!! He is a year now and just ordering my second jar it last so long!! WORTH IT!!!!

  12. Lauren Burdette (verified owner)

    I have a 2 month old that has a very upset tummy all of the time! We have tried everything (desperate to find him relief!) Finally I found these! They are literally amazing! Within minutes he is back to his happy self! NO MORE GAS DROPS FOR US!

  13. Nia (verified owner)

    I was really excited to try this after hearing so many mamas rave about it. My LO is two months old & battles with extreme gas pains/colic symptoms since day one. I have tried various brands of products looking for a relief and unfortunately this is no different. I have been using this product for about two weeks & have kept a journal of changes, feeding/nap times. I thought this would at least take the edge off but it seems after giving him the drops it only causes things to be worse. Recently, I’ve been giving him a probiotic called Biogaia (without vitamin D), and it works! Within 15 minutes, he fills a diaper with poo and naps for hours after. I’m thankful I did find some relief for him & for those of you still searching, I recommend the Probiotic. Overall, I enjoy other Earthley products, but this one is just not meant for us.

  14. Anjali

    This stuff is so amazing. When my baby is fussy, a few drops of this instantly calms him down, and he is asleep within minutes. I’ve been using it since he was a few weeks old, and can’t imagine not having it in my cabinet.

  15. Madison Morton (verified owner)

    My babe has had a sensitive tummy from around 2 weeks, so I ordered these to have on hand in case things got really rough (Hubs & I agreed not to give any medicine unless really necessary). Tonight the babe was inconsolable, screaming, on and off the breast, uncomfy in every position, so I gave her a dose. About 2-5 minutes later she started to settle down, let out a good burp, and drifted off to sleep. Could be a lucky shot…but I’ll absolutely be trying these quicker next time. Thank you Earthley for making safe products that I feel good about using & know actually work..

  16. Veronica S

    I was skeptical at first about trying this but I just wanted something more natural than what I was giving my baby for his gas. This stuff really does work! I don’t necessarily feel like it works instantly like many reviewers have said but nonetheless it does work. Give it a try.

  17. Alyssa (verified owner)

    I give this to my baby every time it seems like she has a tummy ache and it always makes her less fussy within a few minutes.

  18. Anoshia Salmon (verified owner)

    Takes away my LO hiccups almost immediately and helps pass gas more comfortably . Such a great and safer alternative than other brands .

  19. Karlie

    My little man had horrible gas from being tongue tied. It was all the time and we felt so helpless to ease the pain. The infant tummy tincture did so much good for him. The crying decreased substantially while using this product. My husband and I even tried it out on ourselves after we picked up a stomach bug and we were shocked by how much it helped the nausea. I love this stuff. It has a permanent home in our medicine cabinet.

  20. Shawna Griffith

    The Infant Tummy Relief isn’t just for infants! The entire family benefits from its soothing ingredients and it really works! My littles seem to love the flavor. My oldest kiddo likes to take it to ease tummy pain after being glutened.

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