Immune-Biotic – For Fighting Illnesses Naturally

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Immune Biotic is formulated to provide you with extra immune support while sick so your body isn’t having to fight so hard or so long. Each of the included herbs supports your immune system, making this a powerhouse tincture for those times when you get sick.

Key Herbs:

  • Elderflower – rich in antioxidants, promotes whole body health
  • Astragalus Root – potent antioxidant, natural inflammation inhibitor
  • Echinacea Root – naturally supports the entire immune system, helps fight candida
  • Calendula – anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory benefits, promotes overall healing
  • Dandelion Root – used for its aid in balancing blood sugar as well as its anti-bacterial characteristics

ABSOLUTELY NO colors, flavors (natural or artificial), preservatives, added sugar, sodium benzoate, citric acid, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, top allergens (corn, soy, nuts, gluten, dairy, fish) or other junk!

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Immune-Biotic is the natural way to support your immune system as you are fighting an illness. Each herb in this tincture was chosen specifically to help your immune system work most efficiently and get over illnesses quickly.

Every herb we use has antiviral or antibacterial properties to help your body naturally fight off whatever is ailing you. This strong yet gentle remedy should be taken for short spans of time, typically three to seven days.

For daily support, try our Nourish line of multivitamins or our Elderberry Elixir. Keep it on hand for whenever illness strikes! For an alcohol-free alternative that kids will love, try Feel Better Fast!


  • Immune modulator
  • Supports immune system
  • Helps with occasional coughs
  • Helps with cold and flu symptoms
  • Helps with balancing blood sugar levels
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Anti-viral properties
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Rich in anthocyanins
  • Rich in vitamin C
  • Liquid benefits (vitamins and minerals are easier to digest and provide more benefits than tablets, where binders and fillers must first be broken down)

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Complete Ingredients:

  • Elderflower*
  • Astragalus root*
  • Echinacea root*
  • Calendula*
  • Dandelion root*
  • Cane alcohol*
  • Filtered water

*Certified organic ingredients



Astragalus Root

Echinacea Root


Dandelion Root

Filtered Water



  • Ages 2 – 6: 5 – 10 drops, 2 – 3x per day
  • Ages 6 – 12: 10 – 20 drops, 2 – 3x per day
  • Ages 13+: 20 – 30 drops, 2 – 3x per day

Take at the first sign of illness. Discontinue use in case of allergic reaction or worsening symptoms. Use for only 3 – 7 days at a time.


Shelf Life: 2 years. Safe for ages 2+. Use with caution if pregnant. Safe while breastfeeding. Take at the first sign of illness. Discontinue use in case of allergic reaction or worsening symptoms. Use for only 3 – 7 days at a time.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


Q: Is Immune Biotic intended for daily immune support?

A: Immune Biotic is not intended for daily support, but is formulated for extra support during illness.

Q: Will it harm me if I take it everyday?

A: Immune Biotic will not harm you if taken daily, but we would suggest taking our Elderberry Elixir and Adaptogenic Immunity tinctures as daily support instead.

Q: Is Immune Biotic pregnancy safe?

A: Immune Biotic is safe in pregnancy, but we put a caution listing on it because some people are against using calendula in pregnancy due to its potency. We provide the caution listing as a courtesy so people can make an informed decision.

Q: What is the difference between Immune Biotic and Feel Better Fast?

A: Both Immune Biotic and Feel Better Fast are great tinctures to take while sick, but they differ in purpose. Immune Biotic is intended for an extra concentrated support while sick. Feel Better Fast is a “quick relief” tincture to help you start feeling better right away, no matter what is going on.

Q: Why is there a caution on this product?

A: Some people claim that taking calendula internally can be harmful or cause a miscarriage. We have not found evidence of this so we encourage everyone to do their own research and come to their own conclusion.

144 reviews for Immune-Biotic – For Fighting Illnesses Naturally

  1. Donna Y (verified owner)

    I haven’t needed this very often, thanks to regular use of Earthley’s elderberry tincture keeping us healthy while everyone else was sick! The couple times an illness tried to start, I switched to this, and it took care of it! Taste is strong on its own, but it isn’t noticeable in a bit of juice!

  2. Lil S. (verified owner)

    Hard to take but so worth it! I took it along with the elderberry elixir at the onset of a cold and I truly feel like it helped. I was taking the recommended 30 drops of each (about 3 droppers full of each) and it was really hard to swallow with the taste. Then I wised up and mixed in a tiny bit of juice and it was much better to shoot it all at once. Now this was my first experience with natural remedies so not sure how it compares to others but I feel much better reaching for this over NyQuil.

  3. josie Cole (verified owner)

    This really made a difference in the life of our colds ! Very pleased with the results ! Would highly recommend it – safe for even kids over 2 to take

  4. Brenda Good (verified owner)

    Helps keep me and my mom healthy. So glad I found it.

  5. nicole.viejou

    I love this so much!!! I started using this in January, and I put several drops on a spoon with elderberry tonic for my 2 year old daughter. It’s made a huge difference for us with the last couple of colds we’ve faced. I avoided symptoms altogether, and our daughter is getting over it faster. I can’t wait for my other products to arrive.

  6. Mockingbird Farm (verified owner)

    Another great product. I haven’t found anything I don’t like from Earthley so far. My only complaint is that I’d like larger bottles of everything available. Anytime I’ve gotten the sniffles, I start taking this and the Elderberry Elixir and it’s kept illness at bay so far.

  7. Stephanie Buck (verified owner)

    We started using Immune Biotic this winter and we have been healthier this year than we were the previous 4 years! Thank you!

  8. Nicole Viejou

    A few days ago I felt the beginnings of flu-like symptoms. I had body aches, nausea, headache, some congestion and loss of taste. I took 3 doses/day and it never got bad enough to make me unable to look after my 2 year old and 6 month old! It tastes terrible, but only briefly. I put a few drops on a spoon with elderberry tonic for my 2 year old and she never got sick, and never had issue with the taste that way.

  9. Mollie Bradford

    I can hardly believe how well this extract works!! Three times this winter I have felt myself coming down with flu like symptoms: aches, headache, swollen glands, sore throat. I took this right away when I noticed symptoms, a number of times that day. The next day I was perfectly fine! Three separate times! I’m definitely keeping this in my medicine cabinet now to replace the ‘medicine’ that doesn’t work!

  10. DRM (verified owner)

    I gave it to my husband one time when he was feeling a little run down, and the next day he was feeling better. He said it tasted terrible though, and this is someone who can eat just about anything.

  11. Ranelle Moles (verified owner)

    This has helped me through this winter quite a bit. I’ve threatened to get sick, but would up my dosages a bit and everything went away quickly. It’s strong tasting, but it’s ok with a drink.

  12. Kerian (verified owner)

    Our whole family has been using the immune-biotic this winter as a daily preventative. Its been great to help keep our systems strong to fend of all the germs going around. We did catch just a couple things that passed quickly, but were very mild compared to everyone else being down and out. We doubled up on the immune-biotic, eldeberry elixir and vit c. I love these products. I put them in a tiny sip of juice for my kids and they drink it right up.

  13. Chris (verified owner)

    Works great when we start to feel a soar throat, or a little off. I work with the public and sometimes they come in when sick. I have taken this after a sick customer has been in, and I have not gotten sick at all this year.

  14. Ashley

    Awesome idea, we use it when we get sick, a great tool to have in your natural medicine cabinet. So easy to take. It doesn’t taste good, but you take such a small amount of tincture that it doesn’t matter, just chase it with a gulp of water.

  15. Emily

    Great for kicking colds quickly (my sister used it), but I felt it was a bit superfluous for us. We eat well and use elderberry so we haven’t gotten sick and actually have barely used it!

  16. Mary Caraza (verified owner)

    This has really helped shorten the duration of our colds, and helped my kids get over ear infections quickly.

  17. Jessica (verified owner)

    Using this along with the Elderberry Elixir for illness prevention has kept our family of 6 healthy this winter throughout the viscous flu season that has taken out many of our friends. The taste is very powerful, so I always dilute it in water for the kids- usually just in a medicine cup

  18. Danielle (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking this along with some elderberry syrup, unfortunately I got sick anyways, too many events where people showed up sick many days in a row. But I haven’t gotten nearly as sick as others and I haven’t lost much energy. I’m hoping this mixture is why! I haven’t used it long enough to say for sure but the best part is it keeps for a year so it’ll be great to have on hand!

  19. Brenda Good (verified owner)

    My go to for building my immune system. Right up there with elderberry.

  20. Heather Faulder

    Gave this to my toddler when he had a bad cold and he got over it in a few days. The orther people that had the cold lasted over two weeks for them.

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