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Begin to study herbalism yourself with Earthley’s Herbal Flash Cards!

We designed these flash cards to teach herbal basics to people of all ages. They are as versatile as possible, accommodating several different learning styles. Earthley’s Herbal Flashcards can benefit you if you are studying herbs for leisure or adding them to your homeschooling curriculum.

There are four sets of cards to ensure the flash cards can be used for independent or group learning as well as playing games — we’ve included several game suggestions in this packet. Additionally, these flashcards come with an Herbal Flash Card Cheat Sheet, which has all the cards and answers beautifully illustrated to make studying independently easier by folding the page in half. You can even use the cheat sheet when quizzing your kids.

You will learn:

  • How to identify 36 popular herbs
  • Common and Latin names
  • Key benefits of each herb
  • Best uses for each herb

Download your copy today and start learning herbalism in a fun new way!

*Please note that this is a printable digital download and not a physical book.


Do you want to incorporate natural health and herbal knowledge into your homeschool?  We’ve made it easy with our new Herbal Flash Cards!

These cards feature 36 popular herbs.  On one set of cards, there are beautiful photographs of each herb.  On a second set of cards, there are key facts about each herb, including:

  • Common name
  • Latin name
  • Key benefits
  • What the herb is typically used for

We have also included another set of cards that has a small picture of the herb on the card with the info, so you can learn it first…then use the picture-less set to test your knowledge!

This Download Includes:

  • 45+ pages
  • Sets 1 and 2 include 36 cards
  • Sets 3 and 4 include 72 cards
  • Herbal flashcards with images
  • Game ideas
  • Herbal flashcards cheat sheet
  • More homeschooling curricula recommendations

These cards are printable, and we’ve included several game ideas to make learning herbs fun!

*Please note that this is a printable digital download and not a physical book.


*Please note that this is a printable digital download and not a physical book.


*Please note that this is a printable digital download and not a physical book.




Q: Is this a printed book or a printable digital download?

A: Printable digital download

Q: How will I receive it?

A: You will receive it via email as a downloadable file. You can also download it from your order confirmation page after purchase.

2 reviews for Herbal Flashcards [Printable Digital Download]

  1. Kacy Sallusto (verified owner)

    Purchased these several weeks ago and never received the download to print. Emailed and called the company with no response 🙁

  2. Annie (verified owner)

    Contacted the company twice because all of the downloads I purchased won’t print right. Missing items or complete pages that won’t print correctly. I’ve tried multiple printers and phone, computer, and iPad. I was even sent two more emails with the file and nothing fixed it. Great information for lesson planning but useless since it can’t be printed correctly.

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