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Fearless Healthy Living {Digital Guide}


Have you ever felt so lost in your health journey?


You know that things in the mainstream are probably not the best solution and you really want to make the changes for a more natural lifestyle… but you just can’t figure out what to do next. We know how you feel and that’s why we’ve created a new initiative to help. This is a year-long challenge to take your health into your own hands in a doable and simple way.


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THIS in-depth guide: A book-length PDF guide to doing your own research and understanding health (FREE).


Download the guide and find out more about the initiative here.


In this guide you’ll find:

  • Everything that’s killing us (or is it?)
  • The top 10 “miracles” and the truth about them
  • How to do your research
  • What is “doing your research?” What does that really mean?
  • Assessing how trustworthy sources are
  • Finding the truth amongst a lot of lies, fantastical claims, and half-truths
  • How not to get swept up in other peoples’ claims
  • Puzzling out your health needs
  • How to figure out what you can most benefit from
  • Food diaries
  • Supplement logs
  • Stories of what worked for others… and how they figured it out
  • … and more!









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