End of Summer Sale!

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The warm months are still here and we are enjoying the time we get outside!

But.. it is coming to an end soon.

That’s why…

For a LIMITED time, we are offering some of our Summer Essentials for 20% off while supplies last!

Use the code BYESUMMER for 20% off:

Pest Aside — Bug repellant, in stick form!  We combine neem oil with citronella and patchouli essential oils to help you avoid ticks, mosquitos, flies, and more. (see our video)

Sun Soothe — Soothes sunburns or other irritated skin (think post-sand exposure!).  Nourishing oils, butters, and herbs protect and soothe quickly.

Sun Shield — Our sun protectant.  It’s not officially a “sunscreen.”  It protects skin on a cellular level while still allowing you to get vitamin D!  Based on organic plant oils and herbs with natural SPF.


ABSOLUTELY NO compromised ingredients!  Non-GMO (many ingredients are certified organic), no fragrances, colors, parabens, phthlates, or *anything* unsafe.  Ever.

Keep scrolling (beneath the products) to see an FAQ!  Still have questions?  We have real, LIVE humans available on chat from 8 AM – 10 PM EDT everyday!


Learn More:

Cruelty free and never tested on animals; Leaping Bunny certified.

Pest Aside - To Keep Biting Bugs Away

Sun Soothe - To Soothe Red, Sunburned Skin

Sun Shield - To Protect Skin from Sun on a Cellular Level




Q: Is Sun Shield a sunscreen?  What is the SPF?

A: Sun Shield is not a sunscreen, it’s a sun protectant.  It doesn’t reflect or absorb rays and hasn’t been clinically tested (nor does it contain one of the ingredients that the FDA formally recognizes as “sunscreen,” most of which are toxic).  Instead, the oils and herbs that we use have naturally-occurring SPF, plus they fight free radicals and oxidative damage in your skin.  If you burn very easily or will be in very strong, direct sunlight, we recommend using sun protectant clothing, shade, or a mineral sunscreen along with it.  Many people can use Sun Shield alone with great results.

Q: Do I need to reapply Sun Shield?

A: Yes, reapply every 2 hours or after you are in water.

Q: How much Pest Aside do I need to use?

A: For average backyard play, a little on wrists and ankles is enough.  If you will be camping in deep woods, or live somewhere that mosquitoes or ticks are especially bad, rub some on all exposed skin.

Q: Can Sun Soothe be used on any burn?

A: If you are dealing with a serious, third-degree burn, please seek medical attention.  Sun Soothe can safely be used on first and second degree burns.

Q: I thought you weren’t supposed to use oil on burns.  Why is Sun Soothe oil-based?

A: In our experience, Sun Soothe is exactly that — very soothing!  Our skin is protected by oils, and nourishing it with healthy oils while it needs to heal is beneficial.  Many people experience less or even no pain after applying.

Q: I have another question.  How can I get help?

A: Email [email protected], or talk to a real, LIVE person on our on-site chat.


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