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Earthley Herbal Clubs


Earthley’s digital herbal club guides all in one place… for free!


Study herbs on your own, as part of your children’s homeschool learning fun, or start your own herbal club! Scroll down to learn more and shop. Download and enjoy today!


Any questions? Send us a live chat! 🙂

Earthley Herbal Clubs Month 1 Lesson

Download your month 1 lesson here...but don't peek yet!  There are fun get-to-know-you games and herbal knowledge games included too.

Earthley's Herbal Clubs Month 2 Lesson

Learn all about calendula, apricot oil, and how to make an infused oil!

Earthley's Herbal Clubs Month 3 Lesson

Learn all about lavender, Epsom salts, and how to dry herbs!

Earthley’s Herbal Clubs Month 4 Lesson

Dandelions are everywhere this time of year!  But did you know that they are actually extremely useful and beneficial to your health?  And so this month, we're learning all about the wonderful dandelion!  Enjoy!

Earthley's Herbal Clubs Month 5 Lesson

For month 5, we're learning all about raspberry leaf!

Earthley's Herbal Clubs Month 6 Lesson

For month 6, we're learning all about ginger!

Earthley's Herbal Clubs Month 7 Lesson

For month 7, we're learning all about nettles!

Earthley’s Herbal Clubs Month 8 Lesson

For month 8, we’re learning all about turmeric!

Earthley’s Herbal Clubs Month 9 Lesson

For month 9, we’re learning all about spearmint!

Earthley’s Herbal Clubs Month 10 Lesson

For month 10, we’re learning all about elderberry!

Earthley’s Herbal Clubs Month 11 Lesson

For month 11, we’re learning all about fennel!

Earthley’s Herbal Clubs Month 12 Lesson

For month 12, we’re learning all about comfrey!


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