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Earthley’s Cold Sore Serum is infused with antiviral herbs in a soothing oil base to fight cold sores, reduce inflammation and pain, and promote skin repair. We’ve infused cucumber seed oil with antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antimicrobial herbs that work to fight off symptoms of cold sores topically.

Key Ingredients:

See improvement in the appearance of cold sores quickly with our Cold Sore Serum!

ABSOLUTELY NO colors, flavors (natural or artificial), preservatives, added sugar, sodium benzoate, citric acid, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, top allergens (corn, soy, nuts, gluten, dairy, fish) or other junk!

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Dealing with the occasional cold sore? Fight back with Earthley’s Cold Sore Serum!

We’ve taken cucumber seed oil (great for mature or damaged skin), which absorbs easily without clogging pores. We infused it with key, antiviral herbs – lemon balm, elder flowers, echinacea, and turmeric – to fight off symptoms of cold sores quickly and naturally.

Promote skin repair, fight off symptoms of cold sores, and soothe your skin with Earthley’s Cold Sore Serum!


  • Repairs damaged skin
  • Soothes soreness
  • Soothes irritation
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Antiviral
  • 100% natural ingredients

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Complete Ingredients:

  • Cucumber Seed Oil*
  • Turmeric Root*
  • Lemon Balm*
  • Elder Flowers*
  • Echinacea*

*Certified Organic Ingredients


Cucumber Seed Oil

Turmeric Root

Lemon Balm




Use a clean finger to place a drop on the spot(s) 2-3 times per day or as needed. Do not allow the dropper to come in contact with the sores. Safe for use while pregnant and nursing.


Safe for ages 1+. Safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Q: Do I apply this before or after my skin care routine is finished?

A: We recommend avoiding the area completely with your skin care routine so nothing is spread to the rest of your face and applying this after your routine is finished.

Q: Why can’t I touch the dropper to the area?

A: Cold sores are viral infections and touching the dropper to your cold sore runs the risk of transferring germs into the bottle.

Q: Can this be ingested?

A: Yes!

42 reviews for Cold Sore Serum – For Soothing Sores

  1. Cydney (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at first because so many products for cold sores vary. However, I am totally blown away at how much this cold sore serum WORKS! I’ve used it multiple times already and the results are astonishing. Once I feel a core sore coming, I apply the area with the serum using a q-tip. It is cured within three days and it never blisters or gets ugly! It’s truly incredible. Other products I’ve used make the sore really ugly and blistery and takes AT LEAST a week to fully heal. This product is seriously a life-saver and I’m so happy to have tried it. I will never look anywhere else. This is my forever medicine!

  2. Crystal (verified owner)

    I’ve always gotten massive cold sores. I usually break out with several little blisters at a time. I noticed a cold sore popping at work. I had prescription cream with me that I used all day. When I got home I was able to use this product one time overnight and my cold sore never erupted more!! It never even hurt or bothered me the next day. It’s a magic potion for sure

  3. Cydney (verified owner)

    Anyone who gets cold sores knows how hard it is to find a product that not only works but to heal the sore as quickly as possible. To be honest, I was very skeptical when I saw this product but figured why not try it. I am currently experiencing a cold sore as I type and I just wanna say WOW. I am on day two using this product and it’s healing the cold sore efficiently AND without the sore getting blistered and disgusting. I am so impressed and honestly so happy to have given this a try. I put it on at least three times a day and it really does work! I’m hoping by tomorrow it will be almost gone. Thank you for making such an awesome, natural product for this issue! I will definitely be restocking when I run out.

  4. Alisandra (verified owner)

    I have had stress cold sores since i could remember. I would always use everything i had around me to try and get rid of it fast. This serum is literally the best purchase i have ever made!! It genuinely works… and i’m not going to lie i totally had doubts… Now i’m honestly a bit emotional because i had one flare up on me yesterday and after putting a little of the serum on last night i woke up with no more pain and it’s almost completely gone!! This little bottle will last so long and i’m so happy i found it.

  5. megan thurman (verified owner)

    Has surprisingly worked great for my husband! He gets cold sores quite frequently, and he has tried just about every OTC out there, and very few things worked for him. This has worked great for him! It’s also helped my mother in law too when she gets them!

  6. marcia (verified owner)

    I get cold sores a few times a year and have tried lots of different things. This didn’t seem to help me, as it took the same amount of time to heal without using anything, but I will try again next time.

  7. ally173

    This works on the first sign of cold sores. Apply it right away and the sore won’t have a chance to grow. Smells like cucumber . Only one drop is enough

  8. SUSIE JACOBS (verified owner)

    I can’t say I’ve had to use this for a cold sore yet, but it helps with the canker sores my husband is prone to, and I also sometimes get. The herbs in the formula help the sores to go away so fast. And I feel good knowing the ingredients also help support the immune system through the healing.

  9. Lauren Cramer (verified owner)

    I’ve gotten cold sores my entire life and this is the only nontoxic product that actually works! I have a prescription medication for when I get cold sores and last time I felt a cold sore coming on, I used Cold Sore Serum instead of the medication and it stopped the cold sore from popping up!! I’m sooo so thankful for this product.

  10. Janna V (verified owner)

    We use this at the first tingle of a cold sore! It helps to soothe and calm the painful itch. Along with a lip balm I made, I feel like the speeds up the healing process.

  11. jessicabortz (verified owner)

    This product is amazing! Dries the blisters up within 1-2 days!

  12. Rebecca Sharp (verified owner)

    This product is incredible. My oldest always gets really bad cold sores. They become so big and hurt so badly. I bought this serum and didn’t get to use it for months. Then last week he woke with the starting of a cold sore. We immediately put the serum on and he said it made the sore area more comfortable. We applied it a few times a day for four days and his cold sore never grew. It was amazing. It stopped it in its tracks. He told me I had to write a review because he wanted others to know how good this serum is. It numbed the area a bit and prevented it from getting big and painful. Wow! A staple in our medicine cabinet.

  13. Haleigh (verified owner)

    I’ve been getting cold sores my whole life and have legit given up on trying to find a “miracle cure” for them. I accepted that as soon as I get one, I can only do so much to help. So even though I love all Earthley products, I was still hesitant to buy this, scared to be let down once again. I finally had to use it yesterday for the 1st time and it actually worked! Like you can barely tell today that I had one starting yesterday. My mind is blown! I finally have my MIRACLE CURE FOR COLD SORES! Don’t hesitate on buying this!

    Here’s what I did: I put ice on the coldsore for probably an hour straight as soon as I woke up with the tingling in my lip. Then I took a needle and popped every little bubble I could find. Then put hydrogen peroxide on the cold sore area to clean it. Then I put the Earthley serum on. Within an hour I cold tell it was working. Typically my lip starts to swell up again no matter what I put on it. (I know everyone says to not pop it, but in my years of experience, it always goes away faster if I pop it right away rather than letting it go. Just my opinion though.) Buy this product!!!

  14. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I have dealt with cold sores for over 35 years. I have tried literally everything and I can honestly say this stuff works! 2-4 days and it is completely gone. It did dry my lip out a lot so used a lip balm often. But I don’t care. I’d rather have a dry lip than a cold sore!

  15. Lauren Flatter (verified owner)

    Love love love this product I suffer from cold sores periodically throughout the year and this product works so well!!love it.

  16. Julia Skakandy (verified owner)

    My husband get cold sores all the time (stress related) and normally he takes pills to get rid of them, but when I saw this product of yours, I had to give it a try. Two days ago my husband told me that he feels the sore coming up; I jumped up, ran to the cabinet and gave him the serum bottle (he was skeptical) but two days later it is barely visible and believe me he gets them bad! This stuff seems to work! I am truly excited.

  17. Haley Trisollini (verified owner)

    BUY IT!!
    My poor boy (6 years old) suffers from cold sores about twice a year. They are always so swollen and painful and sometimes he will have two spots. It usually takes acyclovir and 7-9 days to fully heal. Day TWO with this and it’s already starting to scab over and never really had much swelling. I also didn’t have to give him acyclovir this round (which i always hated having to do to him because it can be hard on your kidneys)
    Loooove Earthley products!

  18. Chellie

    Great product that works very well!

  19. Caryn Maser (verified owner)

    Love how quickly this works on my cold sore!

  20. Paula Stevens

    I am amazed! This dried my cold sores up in 2 days and it was gone in completely 4!!! i have never had anything work so fast!!

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