Christmas Cookie Line 2023

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Christmas Cookie is BACK by popular demand… for a limited time only! 

Enjoy the scent of the holiday season with the smell of warm, ooey gooey, chocolate mint cookies. With 100% natural ingredients that pamper and moisturize the skin, you can now smell as great as you feel!

Christmas Cookie products:

  • Christmas Cookie Whipped Body Butter – nourishes and moisturizes skin
  • Christmas Cookie Soap –  keeps skin hydrated
  • Christmas Cookie Lotion Bar – nourishes and moisturizes skin
  • Christmas Cookie Lip Balm – hydrates lips, combats dryness

If this is your favorite scent (ours, too), be sure to stock up! When it’s gone, it’s gone!

Natural Lip Balm

Whipped Body Butter

Chocolate Lotion Bar

Christmas Cookie Soap



Now you can finally enjoy the scent of the holidays without compromising ingredients!

We start with clean ingredients like cocoa butter, apricot oil, and candellila wax. Then, we add peppermint essential oil and vanilla oleoresin to create the yummy scent of Christmas cookies. Perfect for this time of year!

We have a limited supply so make sure you stock up while you can!

Christmas Cookie Whipped Body Butter — With a base of cocoa butter and apricot oil, our whipped body butter is creamy, smooth, and so amazing for hydrating your skin.

Christmas Cookie Soap — Holiday body and hand soap that is so nourishing and delicious you’ll want to use it all year long. This moisturizing soap will help combat winter dryness and even eczema.

Christmas Cookie Lotion Bar — Smooth, soft skin anywhere, any time — with our Christmas Cookie lotion bar. It’s lotion, but in bar form. That means it’s solid, and melts gently into the skin. It moisturizes deeply, but is non-greasy and easily absorbed, too.

Christmas Cookie Lip Balm — Enjoy the softest, most amazing-smelling, all-around best natural lip balm you’ve ever tried. The best part? All these ingredients are actually edible, so it’s perfectly safe to put on your mouth (even for kiddos)!


  • Nourishes the skin
  • Scented with natural essential oils
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients
  • May relieve symptoms of eczema
  • Replenishes moisture to skin

Don’t love your product? Contact us within 30 days and we’ll refund your money. The best way to reach us is through email at [email protected].


Christmas Cookie Whipped Body Butter

  • Cocoa Butter*
  • Apricot Oil*
  • Vanilla Oleoresin*
  • Peppermint Essential Oil*

Christmas Cookie Soap

  • Olive Oil*
  • Coconut Oil*
  • Cocoa Butter*
  • Sodium Hydroxide*
  • Castor Oil*
  • Vanilla Oleoresin*
  • Peppermint Essential Oil*

Christmas Cookie Lotion Bar

  • Cocoa butter*
  • Apricot Oil*
  • Kokum Butter*
  • Candelilla Wax
  • Vanilla Oleoresin*
  • Peppermint Essential Oil*

Christmas Cookie Lip Balm

  • Apricot Oil*
  • Cocoa Butter*
  • Candelilla Wax
  • Vanilla Oleoresin*
  • Peppermint Essential Oil*

*Certified Organic



Coconut Oil

Olive Oil

Castor Oil

Candelilla Wax

Apricot oil

Cocoa Butter


Christmas Cookie Whipped Body Butter — Rub a small amount of our all-natural body butter on skin as needed. A little bit goes a long way.

Christmas Cookie Soap — Wet skin.  Lather with soap, and rinse clean.

Christmas Cookie Lotion Bar — Warm bar in the palm of your hands and rub on skin.

Christmas Cookie Lip Balm — Rub on lips as needed to combat dryness.


Christmas Cookie products — Safe for ages 2+.  Christmas Cookie products contain peppermint essential oil; women who are pregnant or nursing and sensitive to mint may want to avoid.


Q: My products came a little bit melted. How can I fix this?

A: Nothing is wrong with your products, just stick it in the fridge to re-harden it. If the Whipped Body Butter is gritty, it will need to be gently warmed up and then placed in the fridge to cool. We suggest placing it in a pan with a small amount of water and warming it on low over a stove.

Q: What are the black specks in my products?

A: We formulate our Christmas Cookies line with real vanilla beans and those black spots are from the vanilla!

Q: Why is my lip balm grainy?

A: Our lip balm can feel grainy if it has melted a bit and re-hardened, and it may feel grainy from the vanilla bean. Nothing is wrong with it or its effectiveness. It is a natural product that doesn’t have binders or fillers in it, so the texture is different than a normal lip balm.

Q: How can I prevent my lip balm from melting?

A: If you want to take your lip balm on the go, we suggest storing it in a cooler to keep it from melting. If you have it at home, keep it in a cool area, not tucked in a pocket or some place warm.

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