Candida Cleanse – For Fighting Yeast and Parasites

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Candida and yeast overgrowth impact 1 in 3 Americans and can harm the gut flora. If you’re struggling with fatigue, digestive problems, oral thrush, UTIs, or yeast infections, you may have candida overgrowth. Unresolved gut flora damage can lead to parasitic infections, leaky gut, and other gut health concerns.

Candida Cleanse combines eight simple and organic ingredients to create a tincture with antifungal, gut-repairing, and liver-protecting properties. This tincture naturally fights yeast while bringing your gut flora back into balance. A balanced gut flora decreases the chance of additional gut health concerns and encourages better overall health and wellness outcomes.

Key Herbs: 

  • Whole Cloves – protects against colorectal cancer
  • Turmeric Root – anti-inflammatories properties, protects the liver, anti-fungal
  • Cinnamon – reduces the risk of and mediates symptoms of metabolic syndrome
  • Milk Thistle Seed – liver-protecting properties
  • Calendula Flowers – antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Black Pepper – for optimal nutrient absorption, promotes gut health

ABSOLUTELY NO synthetic ingredients, preservatives, fillers, artificial colors, added sugars, common allergens, emulsifiers, GMOs, or other unsafe ingredients!

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Many people are struggling with gut health, yeast overgrowth, and potential parasites. Candida Cleanse was created to help fight yeast naturally to bring your gut health back into balance.

Mainstream candida-specific products on the market are harsh, can possibly cause harm if they are used incorrectly, and most aren’t safe for children. Candida Cleanse is different! We use safe, common herbs that have a long history of use against both yeast and parasites. The herbs we use are anti-fungal, gut-repairing, and liver-protecting. Looking for topical support for yeast problems? Try No More Yeast Salve


  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Antifungal and anti-candida properties
  • Antiparasitic properties
  • Helps fight yeast/candida overgrowth
  • Supports and protects liver health
  • Promotes gut health
  • 6 herbs
  • Liquid benefits (vitamins and minerals are easier to digest and provide more benefits than
    tablets, where binders and fillers must first be broken down)

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  • Ages 2 – 12 years: 1 – 2 drops daily, slowly building up over time.  Max dose daily: 20 drops (1 ml)
  • Ages 13+ years: 2 – 5 drops daily, slowly building up over time.  Max dose daily: 20 drops (1 ml)


Shelf Life: 2 years. Safe for ages 2+. Use caution while pregnant or breastfeeding (start slowly and monitor closely). If pregnant a more gentle detox product may be recommended.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


Q: How long should I take Candida Cleanse?

A: At least six weeks, but you can use it for as long as you feel necessary. Everyone’s needs will be different. Some people do a candida protocol every few months, while some find long-term usage is what they need. Others choose to address active symptoms and discontinue after symptoms have resolved.

Q: Will I experience detox symptoms while taking Candida Cleanse?

A: You may. Remember to start slowly, with as few as 1 – 2 drops per day (for ages 2 – 12) and 2 – 5 drops (for 13 and up), increasing slowly to avoid overwhelming detox symptoms. If you’re looking for detox support resources, check out The #1 Detox Mistake.

Q: What is the best way to take Candida Cleanse?

A: Candida Cleanse is taken orally and can be mixed into juice, tea, or another beverage for easier consumption.

Q: Should I change my diet while using Candida Cleanse?

A: If candida overgrowth is a common problem for you, dietary changes may be the missing puzzle piece. We recommend focusing on an anti-candida diet but keep the key mistake in an anti-candida diet in mind.

Q: Is Candida Cleanse safe while breastfeeding?

A: Candida Cleanse is safe to use while breastfeeding. We recommend monitoring closely for undesirable detox symptoms in your baby while breastfeeding. Detox symptoms in a baby include extra fussiness, diarrhea, rash, etc.

Q: There is sediment at the bottom of my tincture bottle or discoloration of the dropper; what is it?

A: Since our products are made from herbs, sometimes herbal sediment isn’t completely strained. Chances are, if you notice any sediment at the bottom of the bottle or discoloration at the tip of the dropper, it’s from the herbs. As long as the product hasn’t passed the two-year shelf-life and doesn’t smell rancid, it’s still safe to use.

Q: Is Candida Cleanse safe while pregnant?

A: Candida cleanse is not recommended during pregnancy because we recommend a more gentle detox while pregnant. If you are looking to improve gut health or help your body detox while pregnant, we would recommend our Gut Health Oil or Liver Love tinctures.

111 reviews for Candida Cleanse – For Fighting Yeast and Parasites

  1. Andrea Hicks (verified owner)

    This really works! I bought it because I had yet another bout with candida overgrowth, and conventional treatments only ever made it come back worse the next time. It took only a day to notice real relief with this product, and since I take it frequently for prevention, I haven’t had any more symptoms. Tastes awful, but so worth it.

  2. Diana (verified owner)

    After giving birth I began to frequently get YI every couple of months for almost 2 years. I began taking this when I felt the first sign of symptoms and it stops it right in its’ tracks. (usually before or after menstrual cycle). Haven’t had a YI since.

  3. Julia Brown (verified owner)

    I have been taking this and giving it to my two daughters, 6 and 9 for 4 days. My girls both suffer from yeast overgrowth and have topical rashes that come and go. It’s too soon to review the effectiveness, however all products from Earthley have been amazing in that regard. I’m here to review the taste. We have done 2 drops in water for the girls and 4 drops for me, in a small amount of warm water and my girls BEG FOR MORE!! They love the taste and try to get every last drop.. Even my picky eater asks for it by name! It’s not hot or spicy and just tastes of gentle Cinnamon and a sweet herbal flavor. We all enjoy it, and my girls are very happy this is their new “vitamin”!

  4. Stacy (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for making this product! I’ve seen amazing results with it & will definitely be a return customer. Much easier to ingest in a small amount of water. ☺️

  5. Briana Both (verified owner)

    I’ve started taking this, 5 drops each day, and noticed I’m much less bloated now.

  6. Kaylie (verified owner)

    I tried this and the gut health oil and this one seemed a bit stronger to me. I’ve had symptoms of Candida for years. In the first week or so I noticed gut aches that seemed to me like detoxing and some excess discharge. Once I built up to the max dose and took for about a month I didn’t really see much change or symptoms of detox. I had to stop taking it because I kept getting nauseous but that was a symptom I had before using this. I’ll have to try it again in the winter when I am usually less nauseous.

  7. Carla Stewart (verified owner)

    After consistently dealing with on and off yeast infections for a few years, I have had good success with the Candida Cleanse! I also suspect an internal candida overgrowth and passed some with a bowel movement after just a few uses. I take this every night!

  8. Rachelle (verified owner)

    I have noticed great results from taking this oil. I know that it has helped heal yeast issues that I have had for many years. I also started giving some to my son who developed a yeast rash on his arms. I know that this oil played a huge role in helping his body heal.


    Before i purchased the Candida Cleanse i used to get white spots all over my stomach, especially during the summer. I tried the blue dandruff shampoo stomach mask, as i had no idea at first it was my body producing too much yeast. That worked at first, but it always came back. I went to the dermatologist, who suggested i go on an antibiotic, but i did not want to. A friend recommended Earthley Wellness as a more natural solution. The customer service team was such a great help, and pointed me to the Candida Cleanse. Since adding the drops to my protein shakes, not only have the spots disappeared but they have stayed away. I love this product and will continue to use it in the future. Happy to have a more natural solution to my problem.

  10. Christie Wilcox (verified owner)

    I have been using this for a few weeks now and I don’t personally notice any difference ‍♀️

  11. Christie Wilcox (verified owner)

    This burns really bad and I haven’t noticed much of a difference since using it. I did also purchase the guy health oil and have been slowly starting on that as well.

  12. Stephanie P. (verified owner)

    I’m using this for my 3.5 year old who has candida overgrowth. Within the first two weeks, her eczema flared(normal with yeast die off) and then dramatically improved! It’s all gone on her arms and legs now, something I haven’t seen since she was a year old. We’ve been using it and a probiotic for a month and a half now. It does have a very strong taste, but I give her some almond milk to wash it away afterwards. I’m an Earthley believer after this, thank you! We tried different products with no luck due to my daughter refusing to take so many supplements. This is a couple drops, so easy!

  13. Jessica Ruslow (verified owner)

    Love this. I started both me and my daughter on this as I felt like we were both experiencing overgrowth. We’re on week 3 and I can tell such a difference in both of us. Her tummy is no longer bloated and her behavior has improved drastically. For me I feel better and what I thought was just me gaining weight obviously was not. I can now wear my jeans without them feeling tight and uncomfortable.

  14. Amanda (verified owner)

    I was getting recurring UTIs and after finding out a friend had the same and a doctor told her it was because of Candida, I realized I needed to do a cleanse. I used this mildly while still breastfeeding my 1 yr old while I cut a lot of sugar and carbs out of my diet (but wasn’t as strict as I could have been). I used it for three weeks, and haven’t had any issues since!

  15. Amanda (verified owner)

    After the completion of breastfeeding, I was getting recurrent yeast infection with my monthly cycle. After starting and being consistent with Candida Cleanse, I’ve been able to take control over yeast infections and prevent them monthly. This has also helped for antibiotic induced yeast infections as well. This product is amazing to me!

  16. Reanne Handschumacher (verified owner)

    I have been battling these “boils” for years, and the doctors always prescribed antibiotics. It has never cleared up. I started using this candida cleanse and the “boils” have already started to clear up. Amazing, I’ll be using this for awhile until I’m completely clear. Thanks Earthley!

  17. Michele (verified owner)

    This stuff is pretty strong from what I can tell. I just started using it and I’m starting really slowly. I noticed a bit of nausea if I don’t eat when I take it. Great ingredients and I’ll stay on it for a little while to see what differences I notice.

  18. April Dehm (verified owner)

    I have been using it for myself because i was pretty sure I had some Candida overgrowth. My cravings for sugars have seem to have gotten lesser so I’m gonna say it’s working! It is VERY strong and i was going to give it to my 5yo too, but I’m pretty sure she won’t take it! Even in water she can taste it 😉 She is very sensitive to flavor.

  19. Elizabeth Noordmans (verified owner)

    Our whole family has been using for a couple of weeks. Seems to be working well but gently. Excited to see how our health changes as we continue using it.

  20. Krystin Morse (verified owner)

    I have been using this on myself and my 3.5 year old son. I am a breastfeeding Mama so I have started really slowly.. It helps to detox the body naturally without being over abrasive. I mix a few drops in my morning tea and it leaves me feeling healthy. I’ve been using it for my son to help boost his gut and immunity before he starts preK.

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