Build Up Your Body!

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Here’s a chance for you to improve your health: you’ll be staying in and not exposed to much, so let’s get building!  Key nutrients include vitamin D, zinc and selenium, plus other trace minerals.  We’ll help you feel stronger and get back on track!


We recommend:

  • Nourish Me Naturally
  • Vitamin D Cream
  • Oyster-Min Capsules


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Nourish Me Naturally {Herbal Multivitamin}

Vitamin D Cream

Oyster-Min Capsules {Mineral-rich formula}

How to Use Herbal Vitamins for Immune Support



Nourish Me Naturally

Tired of chalky, poorly-absorbed megadose vitamin pills?  Experience the power of herbs!  Our formula nourishes your body deeply with bioavailable vitamins and minerals straight from whole organic herbs.  We don’t add any synthetics or mega-doses, meaning you get just what you need — and nothing you don’t.  Free of soy, dairy, nuts, gluten, corn, and fish; absolutely NO added colors, flavors, sugars, or preservatives.


Vitamin D Cream

Need more vitamin D?  Most of us are deficient.  Sun is the best way to get it, but in the fall and winter, sun is scarce for many — so a topical cream is the next-best option!  We combine natural cod liver oil, emu oil, avocado oil, and mango butter for nature-based vitamins A, D, E, and K2.  Easy to use, non-messy, and great for all ages.  Free of soy, dairy, nuts, gluten, and corn; absolutely NO added colors, scents, or preservatives.



Zinc, selenium, and B12 are key minerals for immune support — and they’re naturally found in oysters!  We chose dehydrated oyster meat that’s lab-tested and free of heavy metals and contaminants, and blended it with mustard seed powder and celery seed powder, which are also rich in key minerals (including iron, copper, and iodine).  The result is capsules that provide natural energy, a strong immune system, and even a libido boost!  Free of soy, dairy, nuts, gluten, and corn; absolutely NO added colors, flavors, sugars, or preservatives.  In a vegetarian capsule.


Nourish Me Naturally

  • Organic nettle leaf
  • Organic dandelion leaf
  • Organic alfalfa leaf
  • Organic spearmint leaf
  • Organic vegetable glycerin


Vitamin D Cream

  • Cod liver oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Emu oil
  • Organic mango butter
  • Candelilla wax



  • Oyster meat powder
  • Organic celery seed powder
  • Organic mustard seed powder
  • Vegetable capsules (hydroxymethylcellulose and filtered water)


Use daily for best results.  See individual packages for dosages.


  • Nourish Me Naturally — 6 months+
  • Vitamin D Cream — All ages
  • Oyster-Min Capsules — 2 years+


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