Black Drawing Salve – For Bug Bites, Splinters, and More

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We formulated our Black Drawing Salve as a solution for bug bites, stings, rashes, poison ivy, acne, splinters, and more! It’s made with activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and lavender essential oil to soothe irritated skin and “draw out” toxins.

The charcoal and clay serve to ‘trap’ the toxins that are being drawn out of skin, including oil from poison ivy or toxins from stings.  This reduces pain and irritation naturally and helps it repair faster!

Key Ingredients:

ABSOLUTELY NO fragrance, color, parabens, pthlates, hexane-extracted oils, or compromises anywhere!

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Bites, stings, rashes, and splinters are all common woes while spending time outdoors. We created Black Drawing Salve to provide quick, natural relief! This salve stick helps to detox the skin and can even help reduce acne.

Made with soothing bentonite clay and activated charcoal, our salve helps to draw out those annoying irritations to reveal smooth, repairled skin. Use for things like mosquito bites, poison ivy, bee stings, and more! If you’re looking for bug bite prevention, check out Pest Aside!


  • Helps detox
  • Helps draw out toxins
  • Helps to remove splinters
  • Helps to remove bee stings
  • Relieves itchy rashes like poison ivy
  • Helps with minor pain
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Reduces acne
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Reduces the occurrence of scarring
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

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Rub a small amount on the affected area and let it sit for 10 – 15 minutes. Wipe off and reapply as needed.


Shelf Life: 1 year. Safe for ages 6 mo+. Safe while pregnant and breastfeeding.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including clay (that could potentially contain naturally occurring metals), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to For the reason behind this disclaimer, please click HERE.


Q: How do I use this?

A: Apply to the affected area and let it sit for 10 – 15 minutes.  Wipe off.  Reapply as needed if the spot is still irritated.  If you would like to keep it on longer (may be necessary with splinters), cover with a bandage to prevent mess.

Q: What can I use this for?

A: Bug bites, stings, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, acne, splinters.  Some people even use it after being forced to receive a vaccine — right on the injection site.

Q: Why is this so messy? Can’t it be some other color?

A: Unfortunately, the ‘mess’ is what makes it work!  Charcoal makes it black and is a key ingredient to ‘draw out’ the toxins.  We recommend covering with a bandage and washing with soap and water after use. If soap and water do not work, an oil of your choice should do the trick!

Q: Is this the ‘black salve’ that the FDA warned against? Is this even safe?

A: This is a totally different product.  That ‘black salve’ is a bloodroot salve that is used for cancer, and caution is warranted.  This is bentonite clay and charcoal and is perfectly safe!

Q: I’m allergic to lavender, but I need this! What do I do?

A: We recommend trying our Pit Detox Mask instead!  It will work similarly but does not contain lavender.

Q: My product arrived melted. What should I do?

A: The quality of this product is not affected. Simply place the item in the fridge to re-harden it!

263 reviews for Black Drawing Salve – For Bug Bites, Splinters, and More

  1. Renee Krolewski (verified owner)

    My son was getting bug bites and then asking for his “bug stick”. It is hard to get off and will get on clothes, so we generally will cover with a band aid! But it’s wild, the bites used to be massive, like silver dollar size – now closer to a quarter!

  2. cpponder92 (verified owner)

    I use this stuff on any bite I get or even stubborn acne spots. I put it on my acne spot and wear it on there over night and wash my face in the morning and I can tell its better. It also lessens the amount of time it is on my face. I have used this on my daughter’s bug bites and it works, but it is really hard to get off, I usually have to get soap and water to get it off.. which isn’t a huge issue, but it is kind of hard to run down a 2 year old to wipe it off! It does help the itch and pain and the bite ends up going away sooner than if we didn’t use it.

  3. Abby

    This summer I got stung by a -wasp? Hornet? Monster? Whatever it was, it was huge and so painful. I started swelling up and was so itchy then remembered I had this in my bag. I applied it and wrapped in plastic wrap and it finally started feeling better & the swelling started going down. The only downside is how messy it is and the only thing I’ve found to take it off and not stain my skin is baby oil

  4. Amie Mikhael (verified owner)

    We found out the hard way this year that my 4 year old is HIGHLY allergic to poison ivy. We tried everything and nothing helped it whatsoever, so I ordered this and started helping so much quicker and provided her with so much relief.
    My husband gets eaten up by mosquitoes and as soon as her gets a bite, he applies this and the bite doesn’t itch and disappears by the next day (maybe sooner).

  5. Misty (verified owner)

    We have used this for big bites and bee stings. Immediate relief! Fantastic product and cannot love without it! It works immediately and relieves the itch, burn, pain, and reduces swelling!

  6. Sarah (verified owner)

    My son had a spider bite that started to look infected. We saw it at night and began using the black drawing salve and right away the infection began to heal and come out. Within 24 hours, we saw positive results with puss coming out and the site of the bite getting smaller.

  7. Kayla Bernardez (verified owner)

    This stuff is great for helping relieve the itch from bug bites! It doesn’t make the bite disappear but it does provide relief. I feel like usually just one application is all it takes to feel much better. Only issue is that you have to be careful not to get it on your clothes or furniture while it sits on your skin, and it does slightly stain your skin black for a little bit. No biggie though, I’d rather have that than itchy skin!

  8. Dom B (verified owner)

    The black drawing salve does a pretty great job at helping with bug bites! It helped us significantly with reducing the itch of mosquito bites and other small pests (like gnats). I only wish two things: That the salve was a little stickier (it is a huge mess, which is not great with kids), and that it helped a little more with fire ant bites!

  9. beckyvaneck (verified owner)

    My husband was stung by a bee this weekend and I immediately got this out for him to apply. Within a minute he was relieved from any pain and after rinsing it off, the sting did not swell or bother him at all. He is now sold on the Black Drawing Salve Stick!

  10. Brooke (verified owner)

    We live in a very wooded area where ticks are inevitable. During tick season I swear my husband comes in with 5 on him a day. If you have ever been bitten by a tick you know how uncomfortable it can be and how swollen the spot gets. I ordered this for that reason. We use it immediately after removing a tick. It has helped tremendously with the swelling and pain.

  11. Sharon (verified owner)

    I bought this black healing salve mostly for tick bites after we found one on my son one day. Of course by the time I actually ordered and received it the tick bite was healed so we didn’t get to use it for that but my husband and I have used it several times for mosquito bites. Neither of us really seemed to find that instant relief. I do feel like the bites healed more quickly, but they itched bad the entire time they were healing. I didn’t mind the black spots I just put a band aid over them.

  12. christa G

    I live in Minnesota and we get a lot of mosquitoes (and bites) in the summer. The black drawing salve helps bring the toxin to the surface- my kids ask for ‘the black bug stick’ when they get a bite! This is a must have!

  13. Shannon Hamm

    I am a mosquitos best meal! Or at least they seem to think so!! My daughter had me put this salve on the bites and it did immediately took the sting and itch out.
    The one thing I don’t like about this product is that it is black. So I was covered in mosquito bites with dried back spots all over and people were definitely trying to figure out what happened to me!! It made for an entertaining topic with people but also was very easy to promote this product!
    I will continue to carry this around with me at all times during the summer especially in Alaska, however I do request a transparent color instead? Not sure of the capability of doing so but that would be greatly appreciated.

  14. B. R. (verified owner)

    I was glad I had this salve when I was watching a friend’s girls and one of them was stung! She was a trooper and allowed me to put the salve on to try to draw any and everything in there out. I have used it myself for mosquitoes and have found it helpful. Each time I place a band-aid over it loosely so the black doesn’t get all over. Glad I have it in my cupboard when we need it!

  15. Grace G. (verified owner)

    AMAZING product!! Where I live there’s sooo many mosquitoes and every summer they are drawn to me! Never to my husband but always to me. After being outside for just a few minutes I come inside with 10 bites! I put the Black Drawing Salve on each bite and the itchiness almost immediately stops and the swelling of the bites is significantly less! I find it somewhat difficult to clean off the skin afterward as it tends to leave some residue but still won’t go a summer without it!!

  16. Sherry Lancaster (verified owner)

    Have used this salve on several occasions for insect bites. It absolutely works. Swelling and discomfort is greatly eased after apply the salve. Love it!

  17. Tara (verified owner)

    I am a big fan of Earthly and was so excited to try the black drawing salve, however… I’m not loving it. It is very messy and quite difficult to wipe off. I am open to suggestions to remedy this issue. Thank you

  18. Molly Guernsey (verified owner)

    This is a must have to keep on hand in the summer! I keep it in the fridge and it has the added benefit of the cold to soothe a bug bite. It really does take the pain and itch away quickly!

  19. Sarah

    Works well however don’t usually need it as I suck the venom out of most stings. But there’s been a few stubborn ones or missed bites or even rashes that I’m not even sure are bites that it’s helped alleviate the itch and seems like the rash/bite heals quicker than doing nothing. I have had to put band aids over it after using sometimes especially at night, depending on where they’re located and this is not a one and done product. It needs to be reapplied as it rubs off so usually a few times a day which is hard to do with running kids and other things on the plate. I’m sure if we used it every couple hours, we may not need to continue to use for 2-3 days.

  20. Sam (verified owner)

    We live in the middle of the woods (where we like it!) and we get the occasional tick. I use this after taking the tick off to get any of the nastiness out. Thanks again for an amazing product!

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