Black Drawing Salve – For Bug Bites, Splinters, and More

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We formulated our Black Drawing Salve as a solution for bug bites, stings, rashes, poison ivy, acne, splinters, and more! It’s made with activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and lavender essential oil to soothe irritated skin and “draw out” toxins.

The charcoal and clay serve to ‘trap’ the toxins that are being drawn out of skin, including oil from poison ivy or toxins from stings.  This reduces pain and irritation naturally and helps it repair faster!

Key Ingredients:

ABSOLUTELY NO fragrance, color, parabens, pthlates, hexane-extracted oils, or compromises anywhere!

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Bites, stings, rashes, and splinters are all common woes while spending time outdoors. We created Black Drawing Salve to provide quick, natural relief! This salve stick helps to detox the skin and can even help reduce acne.

Made with soothing bentonite clay and activated charcoal, our salve helps to draw out those annoying irritations to reveal smooth, repairled skin. Use for things like mosquito bites, poison ivy, bee stings, and more! If you’re looking for bug bite prevention, check out Pest Aside!


  • Helps detox
  • Helps draw out toxins
  • Helps to remove splinters
  • Helps to remove bee stings
  • Relieves itchy rashes like poison ivy
  • Helps with minor pain
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Reduces acne
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Reduces the occurrence of scarring
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

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Rub a small amount on the affected area and let it sit for 10 – 15 minutes. Wipe off and reapply as needed.


Safe for ages 6 months +.

Shelf Life: 1 year.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including clay (that could potentially contain naturally occurring metals), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to For the reason behind this disclaimer, please click HERE.


Q: How do I use this?

A: Apply to the affected area and let it sit for 10 – 15 minutes.  Wipe off.  Reapply as needed if the spot is still irritated.  If you would like to keep it on longer (may be necessary with splinters), cover with a bandage to prevent mess.

Q: What can I use this for?

A: Bug bites, stings, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, acne, splinters.  Some people even use it after being forced to receive a vaccine — right on the injection site.

Q: Why is this so messy? Can’t it be some other color?

A: Unfortunately, the ‘mess’ is what makes it work!  Charcoal makes it black and is a key ingredient to ‘draw out’ the toxins.  We recommend covering with a bandage and washing with soap and water after use. If soap and water do not work, an oil of your choice should do the trick!

Q: Is this the ‘black salve’ that the FDA warned against? Is this even safe?

A: This is a totally different product.  That ‘black salve’ is a bloodroot salve that is used for cancer, and caution is warranted.  This is bentonite clay and charcoal and is perfectly safe!

Q: I’m allergic to lavender, but I need this! What do I do?

A: We recommend trying our Pit Detox Mask instead!  It will work similarly but does not contain lavender.

Q: My product arrived melted. What should I do?

A: The quality of this product is not affected. Simply place the item in the fridge to re-harden it!

263 reviews for Black Drawing Salve – For Bug Bites, Splinters, and More

  1. Melissa Garza (verified owner)

    We use this for bites and stings, definitely helps calm the reaction.

  2. Riane Nelson (verified owner)

    My husband, who is a type 1 diabetic, has had warts all over his fingers for years. We put this on overnight with bandaids and with only 1 application they started to disappear. The 2nd application was all that was needed to make sure they disappeared completely and the 3rd time was needed for the biggest ones. We were so impressed!

    I also used this to get a splinter out of my 3 month old. Left it on for his 1hour nap and it wiped right off with a Norwex cloth splinter and all.

  3. Kathryn (verified owner)

    I actually really love this for a zit or ingrown hair or something like that. It was great! It did help with mosquito bites and it kept a poison ivy rash from spreading. It wasn’t a miracle cure but it definitely helped with the itch.

  4. Amy Knowles (verified owner)

    This is an awesome product! This salve works to take away the itch. It works the first time for me and between the 2nd and 3rd time for my daughter. It does not dry in the 10-15 minutes it is on your skin (like a mask would) but it does not stain clothes or carpets either. I used a baby wipe on my carpet and it took it right off. I tell everyone about this product.

  5. Ashley Boreni (verified owner)

    Bug bites, fire ant bites you name it this is our go to. We live in Florida so this is a must have for us with misquotes, fire ants , spiders, bees, ect

  6. Joanne Myers (verified owner)

    Works quickly & effectively! We always run into yellow jackets when working on our farm & this salve has been wonderful. A quick swipe with the stick, the sting fades quickly & the salve stays on for long periods of time.

  7. Terilyn (verified owner)

    We love this for big bites! Takes the itch right out.

  8. Jody (verified owner)

    This works great on pulling out infection! If you have any kind of infected bump, zit, hair, bite etc. This works great on pulling it out and healing it quickly. We put the salve on a bandaid and leave it on overnight, or for a couple hours or so during the day.

  9. Katelyn Smith (verified owner)

    Get this!!! My daughter had a wasp sting her, but with her we waited too long and it didn’t do well. My son got stung and we instantly put this on and it helped with no other problems. We live on a farm and my kids are constantly outside playing. It works on ticks, fire ants, chiggers, mosquitoes, it all. I even put it on them and myself when we don’t know what bit it is because of the safe ingredients and charcoal. Soo good!!

  10. Melissa M (verified owner)

    Grab it! Pulls splinters out and helps with bee stings and bites!! It will stain so be mindful of wiping off excess.

  11. Sara (verified owner)

    My daughter had a splinter, so I put some of this on it with a bandaid and she went to bed for the night. The next morning, the splinter came right out!

  12. Megan Gray (verified owner)

    We have so many tiger mosquitoes where we live, and it is difficult to not get bitten when we go outside for any length of time. Whenever we do have a bite, this salve is our go to. We add it to the bite as soon as we come in and not only does it help to take away the itch, the swelling goes away down. This allows the bite to heal quickly. We definitely keep it around at all times.

  13. Katherine Harriott (verified owner)

    This stuff is a miracle worker! I use it on myself and my kids and it provides relief from bug bites in seconds!

  14. Tanya (verified owner)

    I bought this because I seem to always get targeted by mosquitoes and other insects in the summer. The bites always triple in size and take a long time to heal. I put on the black salve and the itch is instantly gone and healed up by the next day. No more swelling with this salve. I also had a really inflamed pimple on my chin and this helped it tremendously. Will always have this in my first aid bag.

  15. Jaqueline (verified owner)

    I bought this for myself because in the summer I get bad bug bites. Well I ended up using it on my dog who got a hot spot. It worked sooooo fast! Nice to have something around that works for the family. Put it on him for 15 minutes and kept this up for a day and his hot spot was gone!

  16. Jessica (verified owner)

    I remember a time when I was a kid, I had a painful boil on my back, and my grandpa put some “black stuff” on it. It helped so quickly and effectively, but as a kid I thought that black stuff was weird. Now as an adult, finding this salve is not only reminiscent, but such a useful tool to have on hand. I keep it in my purse to use on mosquito bites (it alleviates itchiness SO quickly) & other insect bites/stings, and I’ve also used it for some acne flare ups. The relief and effectiveness of this salve is so beneficial.

  17. Annette (verified owner)

    Really great to keep in your summer outing bag for bug bites and splinters. Works well IF you use it right away! A really handy way to carry it with you when you’re out and about at the park, beach, or playdate!

  18. clarecwilson4 (verified owner)

    When my son got stung by a bee, I was trying to mix up an activated charcoal capsule and baking soda. It worked on the sting, but what a mess! I was so glad to find this drawing salve and see that it had activated charcoal in it! There are also so many other helpful ingredients besides the charcoal. I got two sizes – small one for the diaper bag and the larger one for the house. Now I am prepared any time a new sting happens! It goes on smoothly and within minutes you’d never know my son was stung. He was running around playing as usual.

  19. kaley.vaughn (verified owner)

    Another Earthley product that WORKS! I used this salve on my hand after getting some type of poison. I used it Once, and the itch is gone and my skin is smooth. Normally I would be itching for weeks. Thanks Earthley.

  20. Jessica Brown (verified owner)

    I LOVE this stuff! Mosquitoes love my family and this salve takes away the itch completely. It’s messy but works so good!

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