An Herb Garden Unit Study {Digital Download}

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This digital book will teach young students the ‘how’ of gardening: all those nitty-gritty details bout when to plant, how and when to fertilize, companion plants to avoid bugs, and more. It will also encourage them to investigate gardening even further on their own through questions and little experiments.


Good for ages 6 – 8 to 13.  (Must be able to read to do it independently.)  Younger kids may enjoy parts of it with help, and older kids new to gardening may also like it.


In this book, you’ll learn everything you need to know about growing a few common herbs: like what type of soil plants need, how to fertilize and water them, and how to encourage them to grow well. Anyone can be a successful gardener when armed with the right information!


The guide comes with:

  • 5 lessons on herbs (basil, calendula, dandelion, sage, spearmint)
  • How to make herbal remedies
  • How to make tinctures
  • How to make infused oils and salves
  • Recipes
  • Growth charts to track results
  • …and more!


Enjoy time in the garden and learn a ton, with this multi-disciplinary unit study.








1 review for An Herb Garden Unit Study {Digital Download}

  1. Haley Baxter (verified owner)

    Bought this to use with my kids and we absolutely love it. I printed it out and put it in a binder so it’s easily accessible for the kids. When I first printed it off my daughter (1st grade) was asking questions about dandelions and I didn’t know the answers so we were able to pull this out and learn together!

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