All-Purpose Salve – For Cuts, Rashes, Burns, and More

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Have you ever wanted a salve that can do it all? For scrapes, burns, rashes, etc? We’ve got you covered with All-Purpose Salve!

All-Purpose Salve is designed to help with all of the scrapes, cuts, and burns life sends your way. It’s gentle enough for kids, but strong enough to get the job done and leave your skin looking good as new! This is a must have on-the-go and as a staple in your home remedy cabinet!

Key Ingredients:

ABSOLUTELY NO preservatives, parabens, phthalates, fragrances, or other unsafe ingredients!

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Kids get into cuts and scrapes daily. Keeping their knees from looking banged up can be difficult. And sometimes adults get into scrapes, too! Maybe you accidentally burn yourself while cooking, or cut yourself with a knife. Whatever happens, you need something to soothe the cut or scrape and help it to repair itself.

That’s why we formulated All-Purpose Salve with soothing calendula, chamomile flowers, and lavender buds. Mixed with nourishing olive oil, candelilla wax, and castor oil, your skin will be refreshed and cared for while also promoting healthy wound care. You’ll never want to use over-the-counter ointments again!


  • Helps with minor pain
  • Helps heal minor burns
  • Helps soothe dry, itchy skin
  • Helps heal cuts and scrapes
  • Helps soothe diaper rash
  • Nourishes skin
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Reduces the occurrence of scarring
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

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Rub a small amount of salve on the affected area as needed.


Safe for all ages.

Shelf Life: 1 year.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.


Q: Does All-Purpose Salve help with scarring?

A: Yes! The herbs and oils are very helpful with blemishes and scarring.

Q: Can All-Purpose Salve be used on an open wound?

A: Yes, but only minor cuts, scrapes, rashes, and burns. All-Purpose Salve is not meant for anything more serious.

Q: Does All-Purpose Salve need to be wiped off after applying?

A: Nope! Once you apply it, let it work!

Q: Does All-Purpose Salve help with bad burns?

A: No, All-Purpose salve is not meant to be used on bad burns, only minor ones. Please see a medical professional for bad burns.

263 reviews for All-Purpose Salve – For Cuts, Rashes, Burns, and More

  1. Frosten (verified owner)

    Put on a hornet sting and it helped immediately!

  2. Katie Jones (verified owner)

    LOVE.LOVE.LOVE this product!!! It worked better than A & D, which I’ve always used, on diaper rash and love the all natural ingredients. And whenever my kids get a scrape or little cut they ask for “stuff” on it and it makes them feel better. Will be ordering this again and again! <3

  3. Marti Staffnik (verified owner)

    Got a little scratch that turned out to be poison ivy. I put this on as soon as it started to itch and it helped. I tried Benadryl cream when the blisters started, but it didn’t help the itching so I’ve only been using this salve.

  4. Ali (verified owner)

    Healed my burn overnight. I had a painful steam burn (duh, don’t reach over the electric kettle), and it just kept hurting. Finally before bed I remembered I had this salve. I put it on and it instantly stopped hurting so much and in the morning I could barely see the spot anymore and it didn’t hurt at all. Previous steam burns have left scars and this one was just as bad so I thought it would, but NOPE! I’m getting ready to order so more All Purpose Salve!

  5. Laura Sokaris (verified owner)

    I have these scattered everywhere; bedrooms, kitchen, car, work…
    Mostly used as lip balm for my family. Even my husband who gets cold sores can use this with no consequence.

  6. Cassie Lonergan (verified owner)

    This stuff is so soothing! I have Covid and am blowing my nose constantly. My nose is so raw, but this stick is amazing! Just rub it under my nose and it feels SO good!!

  7. Veronica Serrato (verified owner)

    This stuff is pretty amazing! My baby had a minor irritation in the crease of leg where the diaper hits and I dabbed a little there and within an hour it was gone. Also, used it on a small little drool rash and it cleared up after 1 application. Seriously amazing stuff!

  8. Brianna Tahti (verified owner)

    I’ve never had an all purpose salve , actually be ALL PURPOSE. No lie , I’ve used it on cuts, diaper changes , rashes , bumps , all around dryness . This will ALWAYS be in our pantry !

  9. jennlegend (verified owner)

    I use this for EVERYTHING for my 3 year old – head to toe LOL! Diaper rash, chapped lips, scrapes, etc etc… is the BEST!!!

  10. McKenzie Norton (verified owner)

    I love the trial size. We use it for babies diaper rash, minor little scraps, and my favorite is for chapped lips! It kind of gets runnier like coconut oil when it’s just a tad warmer than room temp, so just keep that in mind! I’m actually a little excited to try this out sometime if we ever get a burn or cut! This is one of those must haves from Earthley!

  11. Trisha Gilbert (verified owner)

    We love this product. I use it for scrapes, eczema, dry skin, chapped lips and anything we would use antibiotic ointment or Vaseline for. I keep a tube in my purse too.

  12. Kelly (verified owner)

    Some many benefits in this product

  13. Savannah Sanders (verified owner)

    We love the APS in our house. It’s a go to for everything like burns, cut, scrapes, chapped lips, and even rashes. My kids even ask for it whenever they have any boo-boos because they know it’s helpful and doesn’t sting.

  14. relax_today (verified owner)

    Great for small Wounds and chapped lips! My kid keeps one on her desk!

  15. Shawna Griffith

    This truly is all-purpose! I think we’ve used this for practically everything from cuts to burns to diaper rash in a pinch. With an active (and dramatic) toddler it gets used daily. It’s great to have on hand in the diaper bag for boo boos on the go and it makes a great giant lip balm.

  16. Gabrielle B (verified owner)

    I like to use it to soothe my nose during a cold and I took a few tablespoons from the jar one and made a mix with powerful skin healing essential oils to put on serious cuts.

  17. marcia

    Good product. Works for us for things like minor cuts or burns.

  18. Rachel (verified owner)

    Love this! We use this for so many things but one thing I have started doing is putting the salve on my dry cracked heels before bed, and they are SOOOO much better. The pain is gone overnight and those cracks are nearly gone after only a few uses! An unexpected benefit since I have used so many products on my heels and the all purpose salve is the best!

  19. Emily Adams (verified owner)

    Such a lifesaver to have on hand. Have used on scratches and when I’ve cut myself shaving and it really helps speed up the healing process. Will always keep this in my purse!

  20. Sarah Jones

    I really like this salve! I have some rashes from wearing muck boots all winter. The salve has soothed those spots and is helping to repair the skin. I also put it on some scratches from briars and it took away the itchiness almost immediately! My kids ask for me to rub it on their bug bites, it takes away the desire to claw their skin off! Highly recommend.

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