It’s easy to forget all that great produce and ensure a fully balanced diet all the time.

Good intentions gone to waste!

Whether that’s your issue, or if you’re dealing with picky eaters, we’ve got a solution for you.

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Greens Powder – Highly-requested Greens Powder is a supplement that combines traditional greens like spirulina and kelp with green tea and nutrient-rich herbs for energy and wellness. High in vitamin and mineral content, this powder gives a boost to your daily nutrition.

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Super Foods Powder – Super Foods Powder combines nutrient-rich berries with prebiotic, gut-health-supporting herbs to boost your nutrition in an easy, tasty way.  Berries are rich in antioxidants and support heart health, brain health, immune health, and more.

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Cocoa Calm – We combine all-natural, non-alkalized, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder with three key adaptogens (ashwagandha root, rhodiola root, and eleuthero root). Cocoa is also a natural prebiotic, helping to feed those good bacteria in your gut and promoting overall gut health!

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Wholesome Real Food Favorites Cookbook – PHYSICAL COPY – Earthley’s owner, Kate, decided to create a resource that mirrors her family’s real life and what they truly eat — on busy weeknights and slow-paced weekends both. Real, nourishing comfort foods using simple ingredients and familiar flavors that everyone will enjoy, even picky children! This cookbook is over 150 pages and includes 90+ of the Tietje family’s most-loved recipes! Plus, it includes a sample meal plan, simple meal ideas, kitchen basics, and more.

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Need more ideas to use use your produce up?

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