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Natural Remedies Ecourse



The last year has shown us something important: we need to be free from Big Pharma. We are bombarded with endless ads and propaganda that claim conventional medicine is the beall, endall. We’ve all seen those commercials – the ones portraying happy lives thanks to pharmaceutical intervention. All while listing off an enormous amount of dangerous or deadly side effects! People are waking up to the lies and dangers of Pharma and are ready to take their health into their own hands.  


But what’s stopping many people is that they don’t know what to use instead! Unfortunately, the mainstream has shined a negative light on alternative medicine for decades, portraying itself as the dominant form and everything else as just “quackery.” But we know that just isn’t true. Alternative medicine has been used since antiquity, proving itself over and over. There is plenty of evidence proving the safety and effectiveness of natural medicine. So the question is, where do I start? 


There is a dizzying array of natural remedies out there.  Everyone has advice when you ask for something for a headache or the sniffles — and not all of them work (or are the right thing for you).  How are you supposed to sort through all that information and know what to choose? It can feel overwhelming. But we are here to help!  


We’ve put together a short, FREE mini-ecourseDesigned to help you switch out your OTCs for natural, safer options. Our trained herbalist and staff will help walk you through the best (easy) natural remedies for the most common symptoms, so that you can figure out what the best-fit remedy is for YOU.  This will help you find relief faster, and save money in the process.  


This ecourse is great for: 

Those who are brand new to natural remedies. 

You don’t have to know anything about natural remedies to take this course. We will walk you through and explain which herbs and remedies work best for which symptoms! 


Those who already use natural remedies. 

Even if you already use natural remedies, it’s never a bad thing to have information easily available when something goes wrong. It’s easy to forget what works for what or maybe you just need a quick refresher. Once you sign up for this course, you will always be able to access it.  


Those who are limited on time. 

Is your life busy? Are you constantly on the go? No worries! Each section of this course can be covered in 5-10 minutes. And once you sign up, you will have access forever! So, you can come back to it anytime.  


When you sign up for the ecourseyou will get a welcome email within an hour, and new lessons released every 2 days.  All you have to do is enter your email address below to get started! 



Why should I trust you instead of so-and-so? 

Our lead herbalist has been practicing herbalism for over a decade. And she loves sharing what she’s learned. We are not telling you to trust us. Unlike big pharma, we encourage everyone to do their own research and come to a decision that will work best for them and their families. We are simply providing you with the information so that way you can make an informed decision. 


How much does it cost? 

Nothing! It’s a FREE course. 


Are these natural remedies easy to make yourself? 

Yes! You can find most of these ingredients at your local grocery store. 


How am I going to get these emails? 

After you sign up, the course will be emailed directly to you! Check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox.  New lessons will come out every 3 days (total of 4 lessons). 


Are there natural remedies I can purchase if I’m not a DIY person? 

Absolutely!  We offer a variety of remedies that you can add to your natural remedies cabinet and be prepared for anything! 


 Want to learn even more?  Grab our new FREE download, A Beginner’s Guide to Natural Remedies!  Get a list of what you should have on hand and how to prepare simple, at-home remedies.