The Natural Remedies Cheat Sheet

Are you newer to natural remedies?

It’s confusing, sometimes, to know what you really need…and what you don’t.  What should be in your natural remedies cabinet — what should you have on hand before you really need it?

I get it.  When my family was first exploring natural remedies 8 years or so ago, I felt like everything I thought I knew went out the window as soon as someone got sick!  I definitely wasn’t prepared.

We struggled through.  We learned.  And now, I feel confident in being able to treat my family’s minor illnesses and injuries at home, naturally.

The simple guide you need….

From the author of Natural Remedies for Kids, and a mom of 5, there is a simple printable: The Natural Remedies Cheat Sheet.

If your child (or you!) is experiencing a tummy ache or isn’t sleeping well, you’ll find out just what you need to fix up that minor issue quickly and naturally!

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Stock your cabinet ahead of time

There’s nothing worse than when your little one isn’t feeling well, and you realize that you don’t have what you need on hand to make them feel better!

With this Cheat Sheet, you’ll know what you need to have on hand ahead of time so that you’re prepared.

That means next time your little one starts coughing, you’ll know just what to do — and you’ll have what you need.

There is nothing better than being confident and being able to help your little one, fast!

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Why Earthley Exists

7 years ago we started a blog, to teach people about natural living.  Eating healthier, using natural remedies, and attachment parenting (and a whole lot more).

The biggest issue that we saw, time and time again, was “I want to make all these changes, but I can’t find affordable, clean products to actually do that.  Everything is either not really clean, or way too expensive.”

That’s how Earthley was born.  We had a desire to bring truly clean, no-compromise health and wellness products to people who are trying their hardest to live a cleaner, healthier life but do not have an unlimited budget.  That’s most of us!

Many of our recipes are for items we’ve been making for our own family for years…and finally got the courage to share with the rest of the world.

The response so far has been incredible.  If you are looking to make healthy switches in your life — in your natural remedies, your personal care items, and more — then Earthley is exactly what you need.

Start with our FREE printable…you won’t regret it!

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