Medical Freedom Organizations + Earthley

Are you a member or leader of a medical freedom organization in the US?  We want to partner with you!

One of our most passionate causes is medical freedom.  We fully believe that:

  • People deserve true informed consent about any and every medical procedure or decision
  • People deserve the right to accept or reject any proposed medical treatment or procedure
  • Vaccine mandates are unethical and immoral
  • People deserve access to any and all health modalities

Are you with us?  Let’s partner!

How Earthley Can Partner with You

It’s our goal to further medical freedom advocacy in any way we can.  We have a few different ways that we can partner with your organization.

Earthley’s Affiliate Program

We have an affiliate program that pays 20% commission on any sales.  If it works for your organization, you can register as an affiliate partner and mention our products in your social media or newsletter and receive commission for it.  This can help fund your advocacy!


Earthley is willing to donate items up to $50 (negotiable, depending on reach) for auctions or events to help you raise money.

Special Updates

Are you working on a major piece of legislation or another key advocacy update?  Share your news with Earthley, so that we can broadcast it to our wider audience!  We can do this via a social post (20,000+ TikTok followers and 66,000 Facebook fans) or via our newsletter (102,000+ members).  We reach a huge medical-freedom-loving audience!


Are you trying to raise funds fast?  We can put together a special code or package of products that you can offer to your audience.  When they purchase, we’ll donate a percentage of profits to you!


Is there another way you’d like to work together?  We’re open to discussion!  Whatever we can do that is mutually beneficial and furthers the cause of medical freedom is possible!

Ready to get started?  Email [email protected] to learn more or start a partnership!