March is when we welcome in spring. Temperatures are rising, we are planning our gardens and starting seedlings, but pollen is also on its way, and with it, sneezing and watery eyes and scratchy throats.

That’s why this month we wanted to help you welcome spring with excitement and NOT the sniffles, so we decided the following products will be 25% off for the month of March with code: SPRING25 !

*Promotion may not be combined with any other offers or clearance items. Code expires midnight on March 31, 2024.

Sinus Saver

Seasonal allergies, or even year round allergies, can cause a lot of discomfort and stress when all you want to do is go about your day normally. Sinus pressure, sneezing, wheezing, and watery eyes don’t make it easy to live your life. That’s why we created a daily sinus support tincture! Sinus Saver is great for taking everyday to support your sinuses and to help relieve allergy symptoms. If you have struggled with allergies and found that nothing helps, give Sinus Saver a try!

Spring Garden Unit Study

The beginning of health is diet…and there’s no better place to create a healthy diet than in your own garden!  Our new Spring Garden Unit Study helps connect health, gardening, and education by teaching kids about 5 popular backyard garden plants, encouraging them to research further, and showing them how to successfully plant their own gardens.  Grab this 40-page guide and enjoy hands-on learning!

The Green Family Goes Wildcrafting

In this adventure, the Green family as they go wildcrafting. Mama and Papa Green take the Green children out into nature and forage for edible plants they can use to eat and make herbal remedies with! Children whose families make alternative/natural choices deserve to see themselves represented in children’s literature!  With this idea in mind, we created The Green Family.  The Greens are a family who live on a small homestead in the Midwest, where they grow some of their own food, homeschool, home birth, and use natural remedies.

Herb Garden Unit Study

This digital book will teach young students the ‘how’ of gardening: all those nitty-gritty details about when to plant, how and when to fertilize, companion plants to avoid bugs, and more. It will also encourage them to investigate gardening even further on their own through questions and little experiments. Start your kids gardening education with this easy unit study!

Learn to Homestead: Spring Is In The Air

Kids need life skills that matter – how to take care of themselves no matter what happens in the world. That’s why we’ve put together this resource – Learn to Homestead: Spring is in the Air. We include 5 projects that focus on growing/foraging, cooking, preserving, sewing, and medicine-making. We include writing prompts, discussion questions, art ideas, poetry prompts, and more to make learning a multi-disciplinary approach!

Use code: SPRING25 for 25% off these products for the month of March!

*Promotion may not be combined with any other offers or clearance items. Code expires midnight on March 31, 2024.