It’s Back to School Time!

You’ve probably had this thought in your head since school started back: “I wonder how long we’ll last before we get sick.”

We get it. School is a great place to pick up germs, and we all want to avoid being unnecessarily sick if we can!

That’s why we are putting our Back-To-School immune-supporting favorites on sale from August 16 to August 21!

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How do you know the best way to support your kid’s health? Especially during school time? And especially when there is so much information out there?? (Sound familiar?) Download our FREE digital guide packed with research on how to support your little one’s health during the busy school season!

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Want even more immune supporting info? You may find something NEW!

We know it’s not easy to get kids to take their vitamins. And the sugar in gummy vitamins isn’t good for their health or teeth!That’s why we crafted our Nourish Herbal Multivitamins! Our multivitamins are made with glycerin making them sweet, but they are also liquid, making them easier to digest and absorb nutrients!

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Elderberry Elixir is a delicious daily immune-supporting tincture that is shelf-stable and great for kids!

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Love elderberry but prefer to make your own? We’ve got you covered! Try our Elderberry Syrup Kits, pre-portioned and ready for you to make!

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Do you struggle at times being natural minded while your kids are in school? Mainstream isn’t always natural minded and it can be a challenge at times! We created this brand new digital guide just for those that struggle! We hope these tips and tricks bring you comfort and help things go a little more smoothly. Download it for FREE today!

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If your kids love to touch everything and get dirty, you need our All Purpose Spray! Use it to quickly spray their hands at school to help ward off germs! Great for on-the-go!

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Calm and Clarity helps kids to have a peaceful mind that allows them to focus better. An essential for school!

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Introducing our new Immune Support tinctures!

Adaptogenic Immunity Tincture and Vita-C Tincture

Adaptogenic Immunity is a combination of 5 (certified organic) herbs that can support the immune system, improve the body’s ability to cope with stress, and nourish you for total body wellness!  This is an alcohol-free, botanical liquid that’s highly bioavailable and easy to assimilate.  These herbs are generally safe even for people who have been told not to use “immune boosters.”

Key herbs:

  • Astragalus root — Supports the immune system, and works better with daily use. 
  • Amla berry — Rich in vitamin C. 
  • Dandelion leaf — Rich in vitamins and minerals; supports liver health and kidney health.  
  • Holy basil — Balances stress hormones, balances blood sugar, and fights oxidative damage.
  • Eleuthero — Adaptogenic, supports adrenal and immune health, improves stress response.

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Everyone needs more vitamin C, but store-bought options are full of fillers and binders that can be hard on little tummies.

That’s why we formulated our Vita-C Tincture! Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant.  In its whole plant form (not an isolate), it’s unstoppable!  Our Vita-C tincture is a whole food form of vitamin C, extracted from amla berries, orange peel, and dandelion leaf.  This bioavailable herbal liquid remedy is minimally processed and easy to use.

Key herbs: 

  • Amla berry — Rich in vitamin C. 
  • Dandelion leaf — Rich in vitamins and minerals; supports liver health and kidney health.  
  • Orange peel — Rich in vitamin C, stimulates digestion.

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Love all of these products? You can get them all 20% off from August 16 through August 21!

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