Healthy New Year Giveaway!

On 01/06 through 01/12, enter our Healthy New Year Giveaway! 3 winners will receive one bundle each of Oyster-Min, Nourish Her, Me, or Him Naturally, and a Greens capsule or powder.


Oyster-Min – Oysters are the richest natural source of zinc, and one of the richest in selenium and B12. They also contain a wide variety of other trace minerals and amino acids, meaning they’re naturally in perfect balance, offering thyroid support, sexual health, and more.

Nourish Her, Nourish Me, or Nourish Him Naturally – Our herbal multivitamin tinctures are the organic way to help your body get the nutrients it needs. Formulated to provide your body with safe and effective levels of vitamins and minerals it can properly absorb, made from actual, whole herbs (not isolates or synthetics). Choose the formula for her, everyone, or him for the support your body needs.

GreensHighly-requested Greens Powder is a supplement that combines traditional greens like spirulina and kelp with green tea and nutrient-rich herbs for energy and wellness. High in vitamin and mineral content, this powder gives a boost to your daily nutrition. Enjoy a natural energy boost, improvements to gut health, and an overall feeling of wellness.


3 Winners will receive a bundle of:

– 1 bottle of Oyster-Min

– 1 4oz bottle of Nourish Her, Nourish Me, or Nourish Him Naturally

– 1 bottle of Greens powder or capsules


3 winners will be announced on 01/13!