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The most important part of health is taking it into your own hands.  You know your body and your needs best!

Most people want to do this, but many aren’t sure where to start.  Our culture has taught us to place our health in the hands of “professionals” via regular check ups and screenings and following generic advice.  And while there is a time and a place for health professionals, much of the day-to-day stay-healthy info they give is not good!

If that’s you…you may be feeling overwhelmed.  Most people did not grow up with natural health and do not know much about it.  They don’t know which herbs to use for what (or even what herbs exist out there).  They’re confused on diet and finding the best options for them (because there’s no one-size-fits-all answer).  And they definitely want to teach their children young, so that they can grow up confident in this knowledge!

We are here to help.

There is nothing more personal than knowing how to care for your own body confidently.  Which is why we’re celebrating freedom by empowering you to do just that!

This Fourth of July, all of our books and downloadable guides are 25% off with code HEALTHFREEDOM!

Taking Health Into Your Own Hands

The only way to experience true freedom is to learn to take care of your own health.  There are so many aspects to health: immunity. Colds and stomachaches.  Hormone balance.  Sleep.  Stress.  And more than that!  Where do you start?  What do you do?

Our guides are a great place.  We suggest choosing a few that really stand out to you based on your current needs.

These are some of our most popular guides:

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Natural Remedies (FREE) — Learning which herbs and remedies to use for common symptoms, like upset stomachs, cuts and scrapes, headaches, colds, and more.
  • Nourished Living Cookbook (FREE) — Simple recipes using healthy ingredients that are found in an average grocery store.  Nothing weird here; just delicious, easy real food!
  • Vaccine Detox Protocol 2022 ($4.99 $3.99) — The research behind how and why to detox…and how to remove toxins from heavy metals and more.
  • The Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep ($4.99 $3.99) — There are some key reasons why people struggle to sleep, and many don’t know.  This walks you through the research and shows you how to address your body’s underlying needs so you can sleep peacefully again!
  • The Green Family Series ($7.99 $5.99 each) — Our children’s books help to normalize a healthy, natural lifestyle for the next generation!  Beautifully illustrated, and they also come with recipes for remedies and real food that your kids will love to make (great hands-on learning).

Looking for something different?  We have guides on shedding, headaches, pertussis, measles, herbal vitamins, hormone balance, breastfeeding nutrition, postpartum healing, immune support, and lots more!

Not Sure What You Need?  Take These Quizzes

That’s a lot of guides!  If you need some help knowing where to start, our quizzes might be just the thing.

It’s our goal as a company to never be a trend or try to sell you the “it” thing. We want to always help you figure out what works best for you, because your health is personal and individual.  We have some quizzes you can take to puzzle out your needs.  Check them out:


Q: Where did these guides come from?  Who wrote them?

A: We have a team who researches and writes them.  They are as passionate about natural health as you are, and love to share what they know with you!  Most of our sources are peer-reviewed and we always link them so you can see where the info came from and use the sources to continue your research, if you want to.

Q: Why are some guides free and some are not?

A: We choose to make some of our guides free so that people can gather knowledge about a lot of health basics.  But, they do take a lot of time to research, write, and design, so not all of them are free!  We do try to keep costs as low as possible so that this info is accessible.

Q: Are these physical books, or are they downloads?

A: The Green Family series are all physical books (except the activity guides, which are downloads).  The rest are all downloads.  This allows us to deliver them to you as quickly and affordably as possible.  You are welcome to print them yourself if you’d like to have a physical copy on hand.

Q: I still have questions.  What should I do?

A: We have a live on-site chat everyday from 8 AM to 10 PM EST.  Our chat team are real people, not AI, and they are happy to help you!