Fearless Healthy Living

The last three years have been really hard.

We’ve faced so many challenges…

…a global pandemic
…unfair mandates
…supply disruptions
…difficulties with friends/family relationships
…medication shortages
…weird, repeated illnesses even when we do everything “right”
…and more….

Many people find themselves feeling a lack of control over their own lives.  They wonder what will happen next.  What other challenges they might face.  If they can get through all of this without struggling with anxiety, depression, and a sense of loss.  That’s what happens when things in the world are out of our control — we struggle greatly to cope with stress, and everything feels much harder.

Unfortunately, we can’t control the world “out there,” and we have no idea what the next year (or three) will bring.  What we can control is what we do, and how we respond to things.  It’s time to take back control…and learn to take our health into our own hands.

Our Health Belongs to Us

It’s not popular to say right now, but our bodies are ours.  No one else gets to tell us how to take care of them.  No one should be allowed to mandate that we use any particular medicine or health intervention.  We, and we alone, get to decide what is right for ourselves (no matter what that is).

Many people would prefer to avoid going to the doctor or using mainstream medications if they don’t really need it.  They want to use more natural options to keep themselves healthy, or take care of common symptoms…but they often don’t know where to start.  They may use the conventional options because they need something now, and it’s what they know.

Can you relate?

Our ancestors had knowledge of which herbs to use for which health concerns…but this knowledge has become lost.  This has left us dependent on pharmaceuticals.  What are we supposed to do if we don’t prefer to use them…or if they aren’t available?  (We’ve heard so much about drug shortages in recent months, and many people are worried, because…what if?)

We can’t see into the future.  We don’t know if or when we’ll get sick.  Rather than worrying about this, we must regain the ancient wisdom in order to take our health back into our own hands!

Health Info is Overwhelming

But, there’s a problem.  Every time we turn around, there’s more health info being shouted at us…and it’s confusing.  Especially within the natural community.

Every time we turn around, we hear about something else that’s harming or killing us.  Parabens, phthlates, artificial colors and flavors, sugar….  The list goes on.  Of course, it’s more complicated because not all experts agree on which things are actual harmful.  Some will tell you dairy is a miracle food, and others will tell you it’s the source of all bad health.  Further, some of these nasty chemicals have become pervasive in the environment, and it feels impossible to avoid them!

If that weren’t enough…there’s another side to things.  There are various experts that tout miracles that we all need to try!  Coconut oil, black seed oil, vitamin C!  Every expert has a different ‘miracle’ that you need to start taking right now to turn your health around.

It’s enough to make a person feel crazy.

How do you sort out the truth?  Which things are really problematic and worth avoiding…and how do you do it?  Which things are good for some people, but not others (and how do you figure out which work for you)?  Which of those ‘miracle’ items might actually be a good fit…and which are just noise?  And what are the realistic benefits of these health options?

We need real answers to these questions, so that we can let go of the confusion and just make healthy, viable choices for ourselves that can make lasting changes in our lives.

We deserve better.

Introducing Fearless Healthy Living

We know how you feel.  We’re in the same boat.  And that’s why we’ve created a new initiative to help you meet your goals and make real, lasting changes to your health.

This is a year-long challenge to take your health into your own hands…and no, you don’t have to do every single thing.

It’s designed simply:

  • Weekly emails — Get special tips, DIYs, and the info you need to make practical changes easily (FREE). Sign up here.
  • An in-depth guide — A book-length PDF guide to doing your own research and understanding health (FREE). Download here.
  • Bi-monthly bundles — Collections of three absolutely-basic natural products to help you clean up your life and learn to use natural ways, one small bite at a time (discounted).
  • Quick-start guides — Short PDF downloads that come with each bundle to show you exactly how to handle different, common symptoms or health needs with natural remedies…with specific details, cautions, and more (FREE).
  • Early access — Be one of the first groups to know about our herbal course, new content, and other helpful resources!
  • Community — Join our Facebook community to receive support from our team, as well as others who are working towards healthy changes themselves.

If you’ve been wanting to make changes…but haven’t been sure where to start, have felt overwhelmed, have been confused…this is your sign.  When you enter your email address below, you’re on your way to real, lasting changes in 2023.  Forget about what the mainstream is doing, and experience the freedom of having the knowledge you need to take care of yourself!


Still have questions?  We’ve got answers!

Q: How much does this cost?

A: Signing up for the email list is absolutely FREE!  So is participating in our online community and grabbing the guide (available Jan. 2).  The product bundles will be discounted, and will be typically in the $20 – $30 range.  They are optional (but recommended, to get the most out of this series).

Q: Is this for absolute beginners?  What if I know nothing…or what if I have a few years of experience with natural living?

A: This series is designed to be accessible to people who have no experience at all with natural living or using herbal remedies.  That said, even people who have some experience will find that they learn a lot!

Q: Do I have to do all the parts?

A: No!  We do encourage you to do them all, because we have designed this to be a deliberate step-by-step challenge that helps you gather knowledge in a practical, hands-on way.  You will get more out of it if you try to do it all.  But rest assured, we are teaching skills tiny pieces at a time and giving you plenty of time to learn things before moving on to something else.  This is not intended to be all-consuming.  We understand that you have whole entire lives outside of this!

Q: Do I have to be on social media to do this?

A: Nope!  You will miss out on the community aspect if you are not, but you can still do every other part (as long as you have an email address).

Q: Can I start or stop at any time?

A: Yes!  Once the challenge officially starts (Jan 2023), you can start right away, or you can start later.  If you are discovering this in March or June 2023, you can still join us!  Be sure to get in the Facebook group so you can catch up on the parts you missed.  And if life gets busy and you get overwhelmed…you can set it aside and come back to it when you have time.  (We suggest saving all the emails.)

Q: When does this officially start?

A: We will be welcoming people onto the email list and into the Facebook group starting on December 26th, 2022.  The first official email and special bundle will be released on January 2, 2023.

Q: What can I expect to learn?

A: We will teach you how to support your immune system, how to swap out common OTCs for natural alternatives, simple DIYs to improve health, how to find and use herbs from your own backyard, and more.

Q: How can I get started?

A: Simply add your email to the box below, and you’ll receive a welcome email — that’s it! Download our Fearless Healthy Living guide here.

Q: If I sign up, will I get other emails?

A: Nope!  The only emails you will get are related to this challenge, an average of once a week.  You won’t receive our usual promotional emails (unless you are already opted in to that list).

Q: If I’m already on the mail email list, will I get these emails automatically?  Do I have to sign up separately?

A: It is a completely separate list, and if you would like to opt in, you will need to sign up separately.  We won’t send these special emails to our main marketing list.