Fall Supplement Plan

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Stay Healthy This Fall and Winter!

We all want to stay healthy.  I mean…who would ever want to be sick?!

In my family, we help to ward off the fall-and-winter-yuckies with a supplement routine.  But not just any supplements…because I’m really picky like that.  The supplements I choose have to be 100% clean, with no additives, colors, flavors, or any other junk that our bodies don’t need.

I mean…how much benefit are we really getting if our bodies have to breakdown and detox extra junk?!

After years of studying herbs and trying different things, I came up with a supplement plan that I really love…and that really works.  Every single item is completely pure and natural and has many health benefits.

Want to Try My Supplement Plan…Free?

Now, your family can benefit from all my research (and some of my failures, too!).  This is the tried-and-true plan we’ve used for awhile and still use today.

In this plan, you’ll get:

  • A clear supplement plan for the whole family (exactly what and how much for kids 1 – 6, 7 – 12, and adults 13+)
  • The benefits of each supplement and why it’s included
  • A special coupon code for the supplements that are Earthley products
  • Suggestions on what to do “just in case” your family doesn’t stay healthy!

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Whole Foods and Herbs

Most supplements contain a lot of filler ingredients.  Plus, a lot of them have vitamins and minerals in forms that aren’t ideal (not well absorbed) and which may be out of balance.

This plan is different.  We recommend only whole, natural ingredients — a variety of herbal supplements and pure oils.

It’s safe for the entire family, from a year old to adult, including pregnant and breastfeeding mamas.  (Talk to your health professional if you have any special medical needs!)  It also works for people with MTHFR mutations!

Plus, this plan is plant-based and appropriate for vegans — just leave out the first recommendation. 🙂

Ready to promote truly natural health this fall and winter?  Grab the plan now!

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