Earthley’s Cash Sale Event!

Are you worried about being able to afford to care for your health naturally?

Sometimes, it can feel impossible to afford natural health solutions when finances are already tight.

We see that struggle and strive to make all of our products as affordable as possible with as many health benefits as possible so you can AFFORD to THRIVE!

This week it is even easier because with the code SUMMERCASH every $50 you spend, you get $10 back in Earthley cash to use on a future purchase!

That means…

If you spend $50, you get $10 in Earthley cash.

If you spend $100, you get $20 in Earthley cash.

If you spend $150, you get $30 in Earthley cash.

If you spend $200, you get $40 in Earthley cash.

Simply use the code SUMMERCASH at checkout to earn your Earthley Cash.

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Q: How much Earthley cash do I get when I purchase?

A: For every $50 you spend, you will receive $10 in Earthley cash. If you spend $100, you’ll receive $20. If you spend $150, you’ll receive $30. Purchases over $500 do NOT qualify for Earthley Cash.

Q: Does the Earthley cash expire?

A: Earthley cash does expire. All Earthley cash will need to be used by August 31, 2023.

Q: What can I spend Earthley cash on?

A: You can spend Earthley cash on anything in our store! No item is off limits.

Q: How will I receive my Earthley cash?

A: You will receive your Earthley cash via email. If you are confused when you go to use it, please contact us via email at [email protected] or chat with an employee on the Live Chat at the bottom right hand corner of the page.

Not sure what to get?

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Here are a few of our favorites that we think everyone should try!

Good Night Lotion

We’ve blended pure magnesium chloride with nourishing oils and butters that moisturize your skin while the magnesium absorbs quickly.  The result is healthy skin and a healthy body!

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Cod Liver Oil

Our cod liver oil is the real deal — pure, virgin cod liver oil, straight from the Arctic Circle (Alaska)! We offer this in liquid or our brand new soft gel caps!

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Feel Better Fast

Feel Better Fast is designed to gently help you feel better no matter what’s going on.  It’s a catch-all starting place to simplify using a natural remedy without endless research.

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Earthley’s Laundry Detergent

Earthley’s Laundry Detergent is pure, eco-friendly, and safe for the whole family. With absolutely no harsh chemicals, our powder detergent is tough on dirty clothes, but gentle on skin.

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Teeth Tamer

Teeth Tamer naturally soothes pain, drooling, and irritability due to tooth pain. Perfect for adults, too!

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Blueberry Hemp Moisturizer

This luxurious Blueberry-Hemp Moisturizer relieves skin inflammation and stimulates pro-collagen production. Heal damaged skin, improve signs of premature aging, and naturally cool the face with nature’s power.

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Don’t see what you like? Browse our products and use the code SUMMERCASH at checkout!

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Why does Natural Health Matter?

Research has proven time and time again that natural products offer solutions to health problems that are just as or more effective as over-the-counter medications.

Ginger can relieve symptoms of headaches and migraines, as well as soothe nauseous tummies.

Elderberry is shown to promote respiratory health.

Magnesium performs over 300 essential functions in your body – including promoting healthy sleep, natural detox, healthy blood sugar levels, and gut health

Herbs like fennel seed, echinacea, astragalus, and cinnamon have been shown to help support immunity and improve symptoms of illness. 

Ready to shop? Use the code SUMMERCASH at checkout!

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Customers who have used our most popular products have seen…

Leg cramps and restless legs gone!

Improvement in respiratory health!

Improvement in ability to get over sickness!

Improvement in gut health!

More energy!


Here is what some of our customers have to say:

“This is by far my favorite Earthley product! Whenever I start feeling under the weather I start taking this every few hours. Almost always I feel much better within a day or two. This definitely helps me recover from mild sicknesses much quicker. Highly recommend!” – Katie P. (Feel Better Fast)


“Lifesaver! I got this for my autistic son, we use this with the sleepy time tincture every night and he is falling asleep early and staying asleep through the night. I am thrilled and will definitely be repurchasing.” – Sophie (Good Night Lotion)


“I’m so happy with the elderberry tincture! My kids and I have been taking it (along with nourish me naturally) everyday since mid-December after having been sick a few times already. Since starting it, we have not gotten sick again. My kids always get sick after visiting family out of town and they didn’t this time. After the last time I got sick, I wanted to prevent myself from getting sick again and this seems to be doing a great job!” – Ash (Elderberry Elixir)

Ready to earn your Earthley Cash? Just use the code SUMMERCASH at checkout.

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