10 Brand-New Earthley Products Launching… Now!

There’s even more to love at Earthley! Check out our 10 brand-new products: Anti-Itch SoapShampoo Bar (Curly/Dry)Shampoo Bar (Oily)Hair ButterSpa SoapBlueberry-Hemp MoisturizerSpice TeaRelax and Unwind TeaBloom Joy Tea, and Berry Balancing Tea. Plus, you can download The Ultimate Natural Hair Care Guide! Scroll down to learn more and shop.

3 New All-Natural Hair-Care Products

Shampoo Bar (Oily Hair)

Truly clean, oily-free hair is possible with this shampoo bar. Cleanse your hair with the vitamins, minerals, and protein it needs. Moisturize and reduce inflammation of your scalp while getting the clean you need.

This shampoo bar is formulated specifically for oily hair. Babassu, castor, rosehip, and avocado oil combine to create a beautiful soap that thoroughly cleanses hair without stripping it of important, natural oils. Traditional shampoos strip the hair of oil, which causes your scalp to over-compensate by becoming even more oily so you have to wash more often. Earthley’s Shampoo Bar is kind to your hair and your scalp, while being eco-friendly and low-waste.

How to Use: Wet hair and lather bar in your hands. Apply the lather to your hair and wash well. Rinse.

Pair With: Leave-In Conditioner

Shampoo Bar (Curly/Dry Hair)

Earthley’s shampoo bar cleans curly/dry hair without stripping it of its natural oils. Curly hair requires oil and moisture to keep luscious locks from frizzing when in their natural state. Love your curls with this luxurious shampoo bar made for ringlets. This shampoo bar is special edition and naturally scented with our Scalp and Skin Essential Oil Blend.

Formulated specifically for curly/dry hair, this Shampoo Bar cleanses without stripping hair of its natural oils (which are important to keep curly hair frizz-free). Made with shea butter, hemp oil, avocado oil, castor oil, and silk powder, Earthley’s Shampoo Bar helps to promote hair growth, resist breakage, keep moisture retention, and fight frizz.

How to Use: Wet hair and lather bar in your hands. Apply the lather to your hair and work in well. Rinse. You may even choose to let it sit in your hair for a while because it is low cleansing and high moisturizing.

Pair With: Leave-In Conditioner, Hair Butter (the perfect companion), Scalp and Skin Essential Oil Blend

Hair Butter

Define your curls with Earthley’s all-natural Hair Butter. This hair butter will leave your curls moisturized and voluminous. Prepare to take on the most humid and rainy days with a hair butter that will leave your hair frizz-free.

Finally, an all-natural hair butter to help nourish and style your beautiful curls. Made with avocado oil, shea butter, amla berry, hibiscus, and green tea, our Hair Butter is rich in protein to help retain moisture retention, resist breakage, and promote hair growth.

How to Use: Usage may vary based on hair type. Apply as much as is needed throughout the ends of hair, or all throughout! Spray a little water and rub it between your hands for a less dense product application. Style hair as desired.

Pair With: Shampoo Bar (Curly/Dry Hair)

2 New All-Natural Soaps

Anti-Itch Soap

Cool the itch of poison ivy, sumac, and oak with an all-natural, gentle soap. Our Anti-Itch Soap uses nourishing oils to soothe and heal the skin naturally. Say goodbye to the dry itch and hello to beautifully radiant skin.

Fight poison ivy, dry, and irritated skin with Earthley’s Anti-Itch Soap. Oils of neem, coconut, olive, and castor combine with mango butter, plantain, and calendula to create the perfect soap to stop the scratching. This soap has wound-healing properties, helps to prevent and treat rashes, is anti-inflammatory, promotes skin repair, and helps to alleviate pain. Don’t suffer alone! Help heal your skin naturally with Anti-Itch Soap.

How to Use: For poison ivy: Lather bar with cool water to avoid developing or minimizing rash. Apply lather to the skin and wash well. Rinse. For dry/irritated skin or rash: Lather bar in your hands. Apply the lather to the affected area. Rinse.

Pair With: Soothing Skin Balm or All-Purpose Salve

Spa Soap

Fall in love with the moisturizing, soothing effect, and anti-aging properties that spas provide from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy a spa-like cleansing without leaving the house!

Oils of hemp seed, sea buckthorn, babassu, tamanu, and apricot blend with mango butter and silk powder to create our luxurious Spa Soap. This soap will give you a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home with it’s moisturizing, soothing, and anti-aging properties. It also has therapeutic benefits, promotes healing, and skin repair. Spa Soap gently cleans the skin without stripping it of its natural oils for a real, pure clean.

How to Use: Wet skin. Lather bar in your hands or a washcloth then wash. Rinse. 

Pair With: Herbal Soothing Bath and Whipped Body Butter or Calendula-Rose Body Oil

1 New All-Natural Face Moisturizer

Blueberry-Hemp Moisturizer – for Combination Skin

This luxurious Blueberry-Hemp Moisturizer relieves skin inflammation and stimulates pro-collagen production. Heal damaged skin, improve signs of premature aging, and naturally cool the face with nature’s power.

Blueberry-Hemp Moisturizer hydrates the skin with non-comedogenic oils to help improve signs of premature aging, while also stimulating pro-collagen production. Hemp seed oil, candelilla wax, amla berries, calendula, and comfrey leaf combine with cucumber and blueberry seed oil to create this luxurious, cooling moisturizer with anti-aging effects.

How to Use: Gently apply a small amount (less than a pea size amount – a little goes a long way) to a clean face; morning and night.

Pair With: Earthley’s Skin Care Line

4 New All-Natural Herbal Teas

Spice Tea

Enjoy a steaming cup of spicy, delicious tea. Spice Tea is great for supporting a healthy inflammatory response. Great hot or iced.

Perfect for cinnamon and spice lovers, this tea combines green rooibos, ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric to create a warm, tasty blend. Rich in antioxidants, this tea has cognition-enhancing abilities and also anti-nausea effects, which is great for soothing an upset tummy.

Relax and Unwind Tea

Relax and unwind with this anti-inflammatory and nutrient-dense tea blend. Ease anxious feelings with its all-natural calming properties. Great hot or iced.

Relax and unwind with this blend of lavender, rose petals, lemon balm, green rooibos, and lemon peel. Enjoy the relaxation, anti-stress, and mood-stabilizing properties, while also nourishing your body.

Bloom Joy Tea

Bloom Joy Tea brews up into a beautiful, delicious, and lightly floral blend. Supports a healthy immune system. Great hot or iced.

Bloom Joy Tea combines hibiscus, rose petals, orange peel, nettle leaf, and blue cornflower for a delightfully floral blend. These herbs are antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and even help support the immune system and protect gut health.

Berry Balancing Tea

Nourish your body with Earthley’s Berry Balancing Tea, which has both bitter and sweet notes from balancing herbs and real fruit. Great hot or iced.

Enjoy the taste of berries and the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of Berry Balancing Tea. Raspberries, blueberries, and schisandra berries combine with alfalfa and raspberry leaf to bring you a refreshing tea blend with numerous health benefits.

Plus, a Free New Guide!

The Ultimate Natural Hair Care Guide

Need to know how to take care of your hair — naturally? Learn all about: Curl patterns, porosity, ingredients to avoid and how to care for all types of hair using natural products.