We are Moving!

It’s been in the works for months, but the time has finally come for us to MOVE!

In 2019, we moved into our first warehouse – 6500 square feet! By late 2020, we had grown so much that we had to move again into a bigger space that was 13,000 square feet.

But, because of YOU, we have 10x’d our sales and are truly bursting at the seams. We are officially ready for our new 60,000 square feet building! This will also allow us to have our first fully-automated product lines so that we can greatly expand what we are doing and serve you all better.

The New Building

We chose a building that’s actually just down the street from our current building.  It was just an empty warehouse, and it needed a lot of upgrades in order to meet our needs.  This process took about 5 months, but it’s now DONE!

The picture at the top of this post is what the building looked like when we first moved in — big, and empty!

Then, a lot had to change.  The floors got torn up so we could put in new pipes….

All together, we made the following upgrades to this building:

  • New pipes
  • Special grease trap (for our herbs, oils, and butters)
  • Large sinks
  • Drum washer
  • Hot water lines (with two large tankless heaters)
  • Four production rooms (one is for oyster, and has special allergen precautions)
  • Four new offices
  • Changing rooms
  • Painting every room
  • Eco-friendly lights (with motion sensors)
  • …and more!

Floors were filled in, walls going up, sinks installed!

Here is our founder, Kate, visiting the new building! Behind her are the sinks and dishwasher which got installed in the last week. Rooms are painted and finished. It’s going to be amazing to have so much more space…60,000 square feet. Plenty of room to grow and bring in new equipment, which is also coming.

And the Big Move…

The building was unofficially completed the first week of September, and now we’re in the process of moving in!

Over the next 3 weeks (Sept. 9 – Sept.24), we will begin a series of moving Earthley piece by piece, department by department. The reality is we are moving literally thousands of things; enough to fill more than 20 53-ft-long semi trailers, and it’s going to take time.  We are going to minimize downtime as much as we can, and try to keep up with orders.  There will be some hiccups and slow downs, and we ask for your patience as we go through this.

But once we are fully on the other side and set up…things will go much smoother for everyone!  Our teams will have more space to produce all of our wonderful products for you, and to ship them out.  We’ll be able to hire more staff and bring in even more new equipment.  This is just a temporary transition to a much brighter future!  As always, our primary focus and mission is serving people.

Moving Day #1

We started moving today! (9/9/2022)

Vending machine is getting set up!

Our team is STRONG!  Our procurement coordinator and fractional COO work on the vending machine.

Production staff are setting up tables and tanks

Bringing in pallets of great stuff!

Several staff members help put together new chairs for our break room

Production staff help move heavy boxes!

The air conditioners are moving onto the roof…we have FIVE of these huge units to cool our building!

Move Day #2

Today, major changes happened!  We got our provisional occupancy permit, which means that our teams can start functioning in our new space!  Our goal is that this weekend, all of our production staff will move.

When the news came through around 10:30 AM, the whole staff cheered — and immediately got to work packing!

Production staff is packing, palletizing, and moving a lot of our ingredients

Most of this wall has been moved (our main storage for raw materials) and the last of it is coming down!  Shortly after this, the rest of the shelving was disassembled and moved.

Taking a break!  Our first team lunch in our new break space.  (This is about 70% of the staff.)

Part of our OG leadership team!  Ems (production supervisor), Kate (owner/CMO), Denise (HR), Sam (production supervisor).  One of the last times we’ll be working in our old building!

The grand herb wall has been moved, and the new shelves are getting set up!  By the end of the day, all the shelves are in place and the herbs are organized on them.

Pallet shelving is getting rebuilt!  Up on top, we have the CEO (gray shirt) and two of his kids are on the floor, bringing shelves over.  The move has been a family affair, with many people bringing in spouses, partners, friends, roommates, and older kids to help out.

Move Day #3

On this day, we broke down almost all the big machines and brought them over.  By the end of the day, the old building looked very empty!

Production team members are putting together new equipment (a pallet cart, in this case).

The CEO is driving the forklift, moving pallet racking.  We need BIG shelves to hold all our raw materials!

The herb wall is getting organized…all the herbs go up in alphabetical order (they’re also labeled with their lot numbers).

Wow!  Almost all our pallets are over here, but aren’t up on the shelves yet, so there’s just a big pile in the middle of the warehouse!  (This will change on moving day 5).

Freezers and other big equipment are arriving on our truck!

Move Day #4

We didn’t do a whole lot of moving today (Monday), but we did do a lot of setting up and getting functional again.  Amazingly, we were only fully down from Friday late morning until Monday early afternoon.  Our team worked really hard to minimize our down time so that we can make great products for you!

Tanks are set up! We are so excited to start melting butters and oils to make our lotions and creams again!

Drum island is here!  Our oils and glycerin are waiting for us to start producing — which is amazingly happening after only 1.5 business days down.

The label shelves are set up and awaiting the labels.

Freezers are set up and waiting. We fast chill our lotions to get that wonderfully smooth texture!

Our shipping area is still just pallets of supplies, but this team will be moving over throughout the week!

Follow Our Journey

We would love to have you be a part of this, so make sure to check back here frequently for move-in updates!