Kate’s teaching her kids how to do shots…ginger and lemon shots! 😂 It’s a great way to help support your body! If you deal with inflammation, digestion worries, or a sluggish immune system, then you should try making these! They are easy to make, and aren’t those little Mason jars adorable?

She said the shots were kid approved, “They had fun shaking them up…and they taste like spicy lemonade!  But they are so good for them.”

Ginger has many benefits besides anti-inflammatory properties, digestive support, and immune support, it also may help lower cholesterol (1), improve blood sugar levels (2), and improve brain functionality (3)!

Ginger can be found in dried bulk, pills, powders, teas, extracts, and tinctures. Teas and soups are also options.

Besides doing ginger shots, we also recommend Earthley’s Elderberry Elixir (Original Formula) and Ginger Root Capsules.  You can read more about ginger in Herbal Profile: Ginger.