Which Earthley Supplement Should I Take?

Here at Earthley, we have so many different clean supplement options that many wonder, “Which are best for my family?”

Check out this quick guide to see what would be most beneficial for you! Simply click on the title to be taken to product page.


Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Extract

What’s It For?: helps to calm the body, reduce inflammation, and promote better wellness.  Provides immune support and balances mood as well.

Is It Safe?: safe for ages 2 and older. may be used in pregnancy or while breastfeeding.


Anxiety Calm Oil

What’s It For?:  a unique supplement that helps you get through the day.  we chose three adaptogenic, calming herbs (lavender, lemon balm, and holy basil) and steeped them in organic hemp seed oil.  together, they induce a sense of peace and create the ability to better cope with stress. may be beneficial with ADD and ADHD.

Is It Safe?: for use in 1 year and older. no known interaction in use while pregnant or breastfeeding.



Anxiety Relief Herbal Extract

What’s It For?: helps to relieve anxiety symptoms naturally, without the nasty side effects of more traditional options.

Is It Safe?: safe for kids 6 and up.  not to be used in pregnancy unless under the direction of a qualified herbalist.  may interact with some types of prescription medication; talk to your doctor before use. safe while breastfeeding.


Calm And Clarity

What’s It For?: helps to promote even mood, better energy, and better mental clarity.  helps to feel calmer and think more clearly. may help with ADHD symptoms, like extra energy and staying on task.

Is It Safe?: safe for ages 2 and older. no known contraindications with these herbs in pregnancy, while breastfeeding, or in children.


Candida Cleanse

What’s It For? fight the overgrowth of candida and inflammation, and support your liver with a natural candida cleanse. eases yeast overgrowth and helps get rid of parasites.

Is It Safe?: safe for use for kids ages 2+.  use during pregnancy is discouraged. use with caution while breastfeeding.



Cod Liver Oil

What’s It For?: pure cod liver, great for upping vitamin d and omega-3 intake.

Is It Safe?: Safe for all ages.  Refrigerate after opening.


Cough-B-Gone Kids and Original

What’s It For?: a simple yet powerful herbal formula to get rid of coughs naturally. Say goodbye to a nasty cold and annoying cough with our all-natural herbal medicine for colds. soothes symptomatic coughs. removes extra mucus, soothes sore throats, promotes lung health, and detoxification.

Is It Safe? No known contraindications with these herbs while breastfeeding or in children. Not safe for pregnancy. Talk to a health professional if you have any concerns before use.



Digest Ease

What’s It For?: To promote gut health and help with leaky gut symptoms.  Best for large-intestine health.  Also helps with occasional constipation, diarrhea, or indigestion.

Is It Safe?: Ages 2+.  Safe in pregnancy and while nursing.  Contains alcohol.



Digest-Support (Digestive Bitters)

What’s It For?: to support healthy digestion by increasing the natural production of stomach acid. for people who struggle with digesting food properly or have acid reflux or unexplained diarrhea/constipation (not related to an illness).

Is It Safe?: For kids ages 1+.  Safe while pregnant/nursing.  Contains alcohol.


Earache Ease

What’s It For?: soothe your earache fast with all-natural ear drops!

Is It Safe?: no known contraindications with these oils in pregnancy, while breastfeeding, or in children


Ease The Ache (Women’s Cramp Formula)

What’s It For?: powerful, nourishing herbs to soothe your aches and improve your mood. use to ease menstrual pain and postpartum discomfort.

Is It Safe?: Not safe in pregnancy.  Safe while breastfeeding.  Safe for ages 8 and up.


Elderberry Elixir

What’s It For?: Boosting overall health to ward off cold and flu symptoms; fighting cold and flu symptoms if they develop.

Is It Safe?: Babies 6 months+.  Original version contains alcohol; Kids version is alcohol-free.


Electrolyte Powder:

What’s It For?: replenish fluids naturally after an illness or exercise with our natural powder. great for after stomach bugs, exercise, or even as a special treat. good for laboring women, too!

Is It Safe?: safe for ages 6+ months.


Energy Plus (Herbal Iron)

What’s It For?: promote a natural energy boost, restful sleep, and strength. boost vitamin c intake and iron level.

Is It Safe?: safe for ages 1 and older. safe for pregnant/nursing women.  talk to your doctor if you are not allowed to take diuretics or are already on them before using.


Feel Better Fast

What’s It For?: knock out coughs, sniffles and upset stomachs and get you and your kiddos back on your feet ASAP.

Is It Safe?: Safe for ages 6 mo+.  Use with caution if you are on blood pressure, blood clotting, or blood thinning medications, or if you have diabetes or an auto-immune disease.  (Elderflower and cinnamon could be an issue with those things, but the risk is very small.)


Fertili-Boost Herbal Extract

What’s It For?: to help women prepare for a healthy pregnancy, and promote healthy fertility.

Is It Safe?: If taken at conception, continue taking in early pregnancy.  Taper off slowly, completely stopping by mid-pregnancy.  Vitex could potentially affect progesterone levels.  Safe in the final weeks of pregnancy.  Caution while breastfeeding.


Gut Health Oil

What’s It For?: promote overall gut health, fight candida and parasites, and bring health back into balance.

Is It Safe?: safe for ages 1+.  May be used in pregnancy and while breastfeeding.


Immune-Aid Vitamin C Powder

What’s it for?: to provide natural, whole food vitamin C with bioflavanoids and antioxidants.  Best for daily support rather than in times of illness, as it’s not a “mega dose.”

Is it safe?: Safe for ages 6 months+ (or when on solids).  Safe for pregnant and nursing women.



What’s It For?: for boosting the immune system to help fight off any symptoms of illness.  used at the onset of symptoms or after exposure.

Is it safe?: yes, for ages 1+. (Some use it with babies who are on solids, in tiny doses.) contains alcohol.


Infant Tummy Relief

What’s It For?: relieving upset stomachs in little ones. helps remedy gas, bloating, diarrhea, and other digestive discomfort.

Is It Safe?: safe for all ages.


Liver Love

What’s It For?: supporting liver function. can be used to or during detox.

Is It Safe?: safe for people over the age of 2. use with caution while pregnant or nursing, as peppermint may cause contractions or affect milk supply.


Mama’s Magic Milk Boost

What’s It For?: Increasing a healthy milk supply.

Is it safe?: Safe while nursing, but not safe during pregnancy.  Contains alcohol.


Mama’s Tummy Relief

What’s It For?: to ease upset tummies from morning sickness, and promote health and energy during pregnancy.  Also beneficial for upset stomachs at other times.

Is it safe?: Yes, for ages 1+, and during pregnancy and nursing.  Alcohol-free.


Master Tonic

What’s It For?: designed to support every part of your body.  it supports the adrenals, which allows for a healthier stress response — meaning you feel calmer, and more able to deal with whatever comes your way. it also supports your immune system, meaning you’re less likely to get sick, and rebound faster when you do. even supports your liver and respiratory system, to help your body feel healthier.

Is It Safe?: not safe during pregnancy.  Safe while breastfeeding.  Not intended for kids under 12.


Natural Balance

What’s It For?: a combination of herbs for female health that promotes natural balance for the body — adrenal support, increased energy, naturally better sleep.

Is It Safe?: do not use while pregnant, unless directed by a healthcare professional. caution while breastfeeding. safe for children 8+ if needed.


Nourish Her Naturally

What’s It For?: our version of a “multivitamin,” made entirely with herbs!  rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and more.  plus vitamins like b-complex, c, etc.  red raspberry leaf also helps to balance a woman’s hormones and promote a healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Is it safe?: Safe for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and people of all ages.  (kids can take this too.)


Nourish Him Naturally

What’s It For?: multivitamin made specifically for men. includes herbs to support heart health, prostate health, and energy levels.

Is It Safe?: Safe for men and boys ages 8+.


Nourish Me Naturally

What’s It For?: an herbal multivitamin that is a powerful punch of all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. formulated especially for use with kids.

Is It Safe?: safe for 2 years and older. do not use if you have lupus or a clotting disorder without talking to your doctor.


Pain Potion

What’s It For?: calms inflammation, relieves pain, cools you off, and supports detox. great for headaches and migraines. sinus pressure? try sinus saver instead.

Is It Safe?: no known contraindications with these herbs in pregnancy or in children over 6.  talk to a health professional if you have any concerns before use. caution while breastfeeding. peppermint could lower milk supply.


Postpartum Balance

What’s It For?: to promote hormone balance in women, especially after having a baby.  seems to be best when estrogen is dominant.  may be used at times other than immediate postpartum.

Is it safe?: not safe for use during pregnancy.  safe while nursing.  girls 13+ if they have reached menarche.  contains alcohol.


Sinus Saver

What’s It For?: the relief of seasonal allergy symptoms, or for the relief of cold or sinus infection symptoms.

Is it safe?: for kids ages 2+ and adults.


Sleepy Time

What’s It For?: to promote relaxation, calm mood, and restful sleep.  does not cause drowsiness; simply relaxes so sleep comes more easily.  may also be used for ADHD to promote calm mood.

Is it safe?: for ages 1+ and adults; safe for pregnancy and nursing.


Super Food Powder

What’s It For?: super fruit blend to mix into smoothies for an added nutritional benefit.

Is It Safe?: safe for the whole family.


Teeth Tamer

What’s It For?: soothes drooling, irritability, and pain due to teething or toothaches.

Is It Safe?: safe for 4 months and older.



What it’s for: to promote urinary tract health, and relieve symptoms of a UTI.

Is it safe?: for ages 2 and older.


Vaccine Detox

What’s It For?: for use in detoxing heavy metals and other chemicals. great for overall body detox, not just vaccine injuries. may be used directly after vaccine or years after. benefits may vary.

Is It Safe?: safe for ages 1+.  may be used in pregnancy, but start slowly.  caution if breastfeeding (could potentially lower milk supply in women very sensitive to mint).