Earthley News: Instagram DELETED!

Friday morning, 4/9, our social media team alerted us that they could not access our Instagram account.  After working on it for several minutes, we determined that it had been deleted without warning.

We had no alerts on this account.  No posts had been deleted.  We weren’t told that this was coming, or could be coming, if we didn’t follow Community Standards.  It was simply gone.

Sadly, we were not surprised.  The mainstream media has covered our social media accounts repeatedly over the last year, angry that we keep posting medical freedom information and demanding that Facebook “do something” (i.e. delete us).  We had our ad account removed at the end of October due to pressure from these hate groups, and it has never been reinstated.  We know — have known — that it is only a matter of time before our remaining social presences are deleted, too.

We Won’t Be Silenced

We are not taking this lying down.  We have already created a back up Facebook page (which several people tell us they are unable to “follow” or “like” — thanks, censorship).  We have also created a new Instagram page.

These are temporary measures.  We are doing this only because a large part of our audience is still on these platforms, and they don’t know what happened.  Our goal is to reach as many people as possible and ask them to connect with us in other ways!  It’s only a matter of time before they delete our new accounts — and make it impossible for our community to stay together on these mainstream platforms.

Connect With Us

Are you ready to connect with us in other ways?  There are a few to choose from.

First, sign up for Colleqtiv (it’s available in the app stores).  This is our own social media platform, so we know it’s safe and we can’t get kicked off — and neither will you.  It’s a safe place for those who want to share about natural health (and other topics!) to get together and talk freely.  This is our new “community connection” space, so if you want to be around like-minded individuals, you need to join!  If you are having any trouble, contact [email protected] for help.

Second, join our email lists.  We have had only one for awhile that’s a mix of different topics.  We are separating this list into three different sections: sales and company updates, medical freedom news, and natural health tips.

Sales and company updates is exactly what it sounds like.  When we have sales, special offers, new product launches, etc. you’ll get an email about it.

Medical freedom news is what it sounds like, too.  If there’s a censorship issue, or a new study, or anything going on in terms of medical freedom/politics, it’ll be here.  These updates will be most similar to the type of content that’s currently on our social media pages.

Natural health tips is general info on being healthy — diet ideas, new free downloads, herbal benefits, DIYs, etc.  This is a great list for those who are trying to learn how to live a healthier, more natural life and just want to stick to positive, informed content about how to do it.

Our email lists can’t replace community, but for those who want to keep up with important news and education, they’re great!

Are you ready to opt-in?

Fill out the form below to opt-in to our email lists.  You can select any (or all!) that you want to be a part of.  Even if you are already on our main email list, please fill this out so we know which email(s) you want to receive.  If you do not, you will receive them all until you let us know otherwise.

Please Help Us Share…

We cannot rely on the mainstream to allow us to use their platforms any longer.  We must reach people grass-roots style.  Please share this post with like-minded friends and encourage them to join you on Colleqtiv and sign up for our emails.  We need our community now more than ever.  We appreciate your help!