Earthley is Hiring a Content Supervisor!

Earthley is looking for someone new to join our marketing team.  The marketing team is one of our most public-facing teams, and selecting the right person is incredibly important to us.  We’re seeking someone who is as passionate about mission – to change the way the world sees health care – as we are.  It’s a benefit if the person is already a member of the natural-minded community and uses and loves our products!

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the way the world sees health care: and we mean it.  Allopathy is the dominant form of health care in this country currently and it’s broken.  Many people cannot afford the care that is available, do not receive the help they actually need through the system (many are told they’re “fine” when they are not), and do not know alternatives exist or how to access or use them.

It’s our goal to change all that.  We want natural health modalities to be as prevalent as allopathy is.  We want the public to be educated and confident in choosing to use herbs and other forms of natural health for most of their health needs.  We do this through education and providing clean, affordable products.

We are seeking a Content Supervisor who is as passionate about this mission as we are, and who has the marketing and communication skills to help us get this message to everyone.  The ideal person is already part of the natural-minded community and knows it inside out – and loves it.  We want someone who has a firm belief that herbs work and that they should form the primary basis of health care for the masses.

We are a very successful brand, growing at 100% for our first 5 years, followed by 75% in year 6 and 55% in year 7.  We are looking for someone who is excited by that success, wants to understand our ways, and help us continue to grow strongly.

Our Values

#1: We Believe in Medical Freedom

I believe in medical freedom – the right of all humans to make their own decisions about the care of their own bodies.  This includes accepting or rejecting any procedure, medication, modality, or test for themselves, and equal access to all health modalities (allopathic, naturopathic, herbal, chiropractic, and whatever else someone may benefit from or desire to use).

#2: We Only Succeed as a Team

I believe that every member of the company is important, and that we are all on the same team.  No one’s job is more or less important than anyone else’s, and we will all succeed if we work together cooperatively across all teams and departments.

#3: We Approach Situations Proactively

I believe in being proactive. It is my responsibility to take action when I see potential problems or needs, by raising attention to the situation and working with others to solve it.  I will lead by example, and help create solutions that work towards the long-term good of the company, the team, and our customers.

#4: We Value Innovation and Creativity

I believe it’s exciting to be part of a company that is growing rapidly and constantly innovating. I will never be satisfied with “because that’s how it’s done,” and will approach each new challenge with a positive attitude and enthusiasm. I will not be afraid to suggest or try new and interesting ideas, because ‘failure’ only happens when I don’t try at all.

#5: We Believe “Perfection” is Not Achievable 

I believe that perfection is not an achievable standard.  I will give grace to others when they make mistakes, and I will expect grace when I make them, too.  I will treat others the way I want to be treated.  I will also treat others the way they would like to be treated.

#6: We Believe Clear Communication is Key

I believe that communicating in a calm, clear, and respectful manner is key to our success as an organization.  If I have a concern, I will share it with the appropriate people and expect them to hear me.  I will not waste time on gossip or complaining; I will instead seek to solve the problem by encouraging sideways and down or, when needed, vent up.  I will also expect clear communication from others.

Responsibilities and Skills

This is a full-time, hybrid or remote role.  Some in-office time every week is required and so are some weekends (mostly remote).  Schedule is mostly flexible.  Primary location: Columbus, OH (east side).

Responsibilities include:

  • Oversee team leads in writing (email, website, health guides, and more) and graphics (social graphics, label design, book design, photo, and video)
  • Ensure that content created follows our branding guidelines
  • Work closely with the marketing manager to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals for content creation
  • Work with marketing and quality managers to ensure the website is accurate and up to date
  • Organize visual content according to specific tags
  • Track performance of content and provide feedback to leads and team members
  • Hire, fire, and discipline content team members when required
  • Ensure that content meets company goals and future needs
  • Use and understand key tools – Outlook, AgoraPulse, Grammerly, Teams, and more; be able to troubleshoot basic issues for the team or advocate for them with external support
  • Create and maintain SOPs for all content team processes (with marketing manager)
  • Maintain job descriptions for all content team roles
  • Develop content team members to grow within the company
  • Attend quarterly all-hands meetings and leadership retreats

The majority of the job will entail overseeing our writing and graphics teams, which includes website, email, health guides, graphic design, and video.  Any form of visual or written communication that represents our brand and supports our brand goals falls under this role.

Skills required:

  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Understanding of natural-minded consumers and their needs
  • Experience with using social media platforms to market effectively
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Teams, Office, and social media management software
  • Basic graphic design skills or visual art skills
  • Organization skills

Culture and Benefits

Earthley is a company where we value work-life balance and family.  We also value personal responsibility.  This role offers flexible hours, but requires clear communication about availability and needs.  We expect our team members to tell us what they can do and to do what they say.  We want people to work a reasonable number of hours (~40 for salaried team members) and have time for their families and lives outside work, too.

We invest in our team.  We offer an internal Leadership Institute that is available to all members of the company (required for leadership).  We hold quarterly all-hands meetings as well as quarterly leadership retreats, to promote clear communication across the company.

We believe all roles are important – if a role wasn’t important, it wouldn’t exist.  All team members are necessary and valuable for the success of the company.

We do not make decisions in isolation in any department.  We work as a team to come to the best conclusions – more brains are always better.  Teams regularly collaborate to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard before decisions are made.

Learn more about us – see our reviews on Glassdoor.

This role offers benefits, including:

  • Health insurance (medical, dental, vision, disability, natural health coverage, and more)
  • PTO
  • Flexible schedule
  • Professional development assistance

We also have a surrounding community that is very supportive of homeschooling families – many of our team members participate in or lead local co-ops.

How to Apply

We can accommodate remote positions in these states: Ohio, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, and Virginia.

Are you excited about this role and interested in joining our team?  Send a resume and cover letter to [email protected].