Earthley Herbal Course

Have you wanted to learn more about herbal remedies, but aren’t sure where to start?

We are putting together an herbal course that will teach you how to take your health into your own hands. We will show you how to use herbs to support and nourish your body.

This course is a beginner’s course — it’s everything you need to get started now in making simple, effective herbal remedies for your family, and nothing that you don’t.  It’s all about the practical, real-life skills you need to make medicines.


  • How to select the best-fit remedies for different needs and situations
  • The benefits (and cautions) of common herbs
  • How to prepare simple herbal remedies, including tinctures, salves, syrups, teas, and more
  • The most important (and simplest) natural items to have on hand at all times
  • How to sort through all of the conflicting and confusing information about health from the mainstream
  • Detailed herbal profiles on 6 top herbs
  • How to find — and use — quality herbal remedies when you don’t want to DIY
  • …and more!

Learn from an experienced herbalist, who has been studying herbs and health for more than 13 years.  Kate formulated everything here at Earthley, a rapidly-growing herbal company that provides the highest-quality, most affordable herbal remedies.  Earthley has served over 120,000 customers (and their families!) in their 5-year history.

Prior to starting Earthley, Kate studied and practiced her craft on her family of 8, slowly testing and perfecting her recipes and always diving deep into the ‘why’ behind the plants.  As she learned, she grew passionate about sharing with her local community, and hosted local make-and-take nights. She blogged her journey at Modern Alternative Mama.  She is also passionate about gardening, and has grown many of the herbs she uses for her own family.

Kate is also the author of Natural Remedies for Kids, as well as several health guides on Earthley.  Her first children’s book, The Green Family Gets the Sniffles, launched in September 2022.


The Course Details

This class will last for 6 weeks.  Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Lesson 1: Herbal Safety + Lavender
  • Lesson 2: Making Herbal Teas, Infusions, and Decoctions + Dandelion
  • Lesson 3: Making Oil Infusions and Salves + Calendula
  • Lesson 4: Making Herbal Tinctures + Spearmint
  • Lesson 5: Herbs for Respiratory Health + Elderberry
  • Lesson 6: Herbs for First Aid + Plantain

Each week, you’ll get safety info, an herbal profile, a how-to video, a recipe, and more!  You’ll also have access to an online classroom, where you can view all the course materials, chat with your peers, and ask questions of our team at Earthley.  We’re here to support you as you learn!

The course comes with lifetime access to all the materials, so if things get busy along the way, you can go back and catch up on what you missed, or simply refresh your memory on old lessons.

Cost: TBA

Dates: First session TBA, will be limited to the first 250 participants!

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