Who we are

Here at Earthley, we have a big mission. That mission is to disrupt the healthcare industry – and we make strides every day to make that happen. From affordable, herbal products to free information, we offer our followers the knowledge and boldness to make their own healthcare decisions. We offer a listening ear when they need it, and support when they can’t find it. We offer them peace when the mainstream world is loud.


Our culture

We believe that people are – well, people. And that includes our employees. We have created a one-of-a-kind environment here. Employees are seen and heard, given the tools to be successful, and invested in. From stay at home moms all the way to our in-house staff, you will find a mix of coworkers in every walk of life.



Want to be a part of the Earthley Team?

Are you self-motivated and passionate about helping others? Are you a quick learner and familiar with social media? Are you passionate about a natural lifestyle? Most importantly, are you ready to change the way the world sees healthcare?

One of our primary ways of disrupting the healthcare industry is our social media team. And we have a spot open! 


Customer Relations Specialist (40 hours)

Job Description:

This job requires an enthusiastic, high-energy person with the ability to remain calm and engage with customers in a positive manner, and who is committed to working full time hours.  The role is to respond to comments and questions on Earthley’s Facebook and Instagram, following our marketing goals.  



  • Attends monthly marketing meetings
  • Be available at 8 AM, 2 PM, and/or 8 PM for 2-3 hours at a time to respond to new comments
  • Answer customer questions; engage in dialogue; share relevant links 
  • Respond to customer messages with relevant info, links, etc.
  • Use effective open-ended questions to develop a relationship and trust with commenters
  • Use effective CTAs to drive customer behavior (click links, download info, make a purchase)



  • Calm, professional personality; ability to deal with (occasionally) difficult followers
  • Solid writing skills
  • Ability to commit to a schedule
  • Knowledge about the natural lifestyle 
  • Familiarity with Earthley’s mission and products is a plus
  • Learn to use Agorapulse to respond to messages and comments
  • Trainings and Resources will be provided


W2/Employee Status Rate $16

We can accommodate remote positions in these states: Ohio, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, and Virginia.

Send cover letter and resume to [email protected]