Colleqtiv Freedom: Funding Uncensored Speech

Censorship of alternative/unpopular ideas has been increasing for years now, and ramping up especially quickly in the last several months.  It seems that if you don’t believe what the powers-that-be believe, you can expect to have your views restricted and their views forced upon you.

We think this is wrong.  We think all people deserve freedom and the right to their opinions.  And businesses and leaders deserve a platform where they can connect with others who are like-minded without fear of censorship.  That’s why we’ve created Colleqtiv.

At this point, Colleqtiv is a handful of weeks away from being ready to beta-test, but we need to get it across the finish line, and we need your help.

From July 26 – 29, we are doing a fundraising event.  A group of us will partner together, and share each other’s businesses.  Businesses are able to offer special coupons or deals to bring in new customers (free downloads to get them on your email lists are okay too!).  At the end of the promo period, businesses agree to donate 10% of their profits towards finishing Colleqtiv.

This is a win-win-win.  Businesses win because they will reach new potential customers.  The customers win because they get access to awesome products.  And we ALL win because we finish Colleqtiv and have a safe, censorship-free way to stay connected!

Are you in?  If so, fill out the form below!

The Details

Deadline to sign up to participate: July 19.  Everyone will be emailed with graphics and business info on Monday, July 22.

Businesses agree to share about the fundraiser at least twice during the promo period (suggested: Friday, July 26 and Monday, July 29).  All participating businesses must be linked or shared somewhere by every other business so traffic is driven to everyone.  Businesses will be completely transparent about the fundraiser’s purpose and goals (to fund Colleqtiv development), and will share a link to sign up for Colleqtiv at least once.  Businesses agree to count “profits” as their revenues minus expenses, and donate 10% of their profits to Colleqtiv’s development no later than Friday, August 2.

Businesses and influencers understand that they will get early beta access sometime in August…and that by participating, they are helping us get there!