Back to School Giveaway 2023

On 08/12 through 08/15, enter our Back to School Giveaway! 3 winners will receive one bundle each of:

Kid’s Elderberry Elixir, All-Purpose Spray, and our BRAND NEW VITA-C TINCTURE.


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Winners will be announced via email on 08/16! 


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This is the guide to help families naturally handle illness, learn to naturally support their immune systems, and advocate for their kids freedom at school! There are over 85 studies cited, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best, most accurate natural advice available (and can use this guide as a jumping-off point to do your own research).

In this guide, you’ll find…

Why diet is the foundation of good health (and what to send in lunch boxes)

If your kid needs supplements…and how to choose quality options

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Support for homeschooling families

How to advocate for your child’s rights

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