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That was a fun read! All jokes aside… At Earthley, we believe that it’s good to ask questions, do your own research, and take health into your own hands. We should not only have the right to make our own health decisions, but we should be encouraged to do so. In reality, all families are unique and healthcare isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Unfortunately, medical freedom as we know it is becoming more and more threatened and we believe it’s time to take a stand. In a country founded on the idea of freedom, freedom of speech, and freedom to bear arms, why do we devalue and even punish those that desire to make their own medical choices? Why do we bully those that choose to make individual health decisions based on what is best for them and their family? All the while, we praise those that simply follow all the government authority and pressures. These are important questions to think about and we support the individual’s right to do their own research and make their own health decisions.

Politicians and doctors (at least, some doctors and organizations) have been slowly creeping on families’ rights for several years now… and it’s time to say, NO MORE. Doctors are not authority figures. They are here to provide support to families (when needed), not push agendas and give fear mongering lectures. Under ideal circumstances, families and doctors partner for health care, with doctors giving expert opinions and advice, and families ultimately making their own decisions. This is informed consent.

It’s not about masks or vaccines. It is about our rights to make our own medical decisions, without fear of retribution from the medical community. This is for families who don’t vaccinate at all, families who partially vaccinate, and families who fully vaccinate, but still want to retain the right to decide what to do for themselves.

Freedom is freedom. For everyone. All the time. Even when we disagree with someone and especially when we disagree because that’s when it gets hard to stand up for what’s right. Follow along with us here at Earthley to stay updated on how you can help.

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Our Mission

At Eathley, we are passionate about advocating for medial freedom in every way that we can. Not only are we doing our part to create 100% natural products for the whole family, but we also have a mission to change the way the world sees healthcare. We aim to inform and educate so that individuals can make the medical decisions that are best for themselves and their family, while equally respecting those that choose to make different decisions.

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Vaccine Detox is an herbal tincture that helps to restore wellness post-vaccination by supporting gut health. Six herbs combine to help heal leaky gut, support liver health, and boost the immune system, while chlorella powder removes heavy metals from the body. Whether you have taken a vaccine recently or in the past, had a vaccine injury, or are simply looking to detox from the toxins around you, this tincture is for you! Learn more.

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