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You already have your natural life in order. You may even make your own remedies! You are comfortable and confident in your choices.

For the accomplished natural liver, we suggest:

Lymphatic Cream, Master Tonic, and Cleaning Spray Concentrate

Lymphatic Cream

Lymphatic Cream is a lotion created to help relieve achy parts of the body caused by swollen lymph nodes. This cream tackles lymphatic congestion at the source and gently encourages drainage to help detox, reduce soreness, and improve overall wellness. 

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Master Tonic

Our Master Tonic is perfect for total body support when life gets too busy. If you’re feeling run down and in need of support, Master Tonic is here for you! This herbal remedy has nutrients to support all your major organs that need help when you’re overworked. Made with all-natural ingredients without any OTC medication drugs with those nasty side effects.

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Cleaning Spray Concentrate

Our Cleaning Spray provides a pure clean you can trust! Using the most natural and effective ingredients, you can finally enjoy cleaning with products that are safe for the whole family. Use to clean surfaces throughout your home. Just one teaspoon (about the size of a small marble or blueberry) will make a 16 oz cleaning spray so a little bit will go a long way!

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Looking for more natural options to try?

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Natural Remedy Prepper’s Guide

In this free digital download, you will find ideas of what to stock your cabinet with. With a fully stocked natural remedies cabinet, you can be ready for anything! This 18 page e-book covers illnesses, injuries, herbal remedies, what you should include in your natural first-aid kit, and MORE.

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