A Mother’s Guide to Breastfeeding Nutrition

Breastfeeding is one of the healthiest things you can do for your baby — and yourself.  But did you know that your diet can impact both the quality of your milk and your own long-term health?  It’s true!  And the mainstream doesn’t talk about it all that much.

Breast milk is, of course, the perfect food for your baby — no matter what.  And you don’t need a “special diet” to breastfeed successfully.

But what you eat while breastfeeding can change the micronutrient content or fatty acid profile of your milk.  It can also impact your long-term health, and whether or not you have deficiencies.  The mainstream thinks that talking about this topic will lead women to believe it’s “hard” to breastfeed and discourage them from trying.  We think being informed about how to protect your health and optimize the benefits of breastfeeding for you and baby are too important to simply not discuss!

That’s why it’s important to learn….

    • The impact of toxins on your milk and baby’s health
    • Which nutrients in breast milk are (and are not) affected by diet
    • What foods you should eat for optimal health
    • What oligosaccharides can do for your baby (and how diet impacts them in your milk)
    • Healthy, easy recipes
    • Key supplements to support your health
    • …and more!