At Earthley, we have a simple mission: to change the way the world sees health care.


Health Care in America

In the Western world, there is just one health care system that is dominant: allopathic.  This philosophy revolves around seeing the body as separate parts, and uses drugs and surgery to suppress symptoms.


In other parts of the world, there are other health care systems, which see the body as a whole, and use plants to support it naturally.


There is room for both health care systems (and many different modalities, like herbal, homeopathic, chiropractic, ayurvedic, etc.).  We need allopathic medicine when we’re dealing with emergencies, trauma, and life-or-death situations.  We need natural medicine to promote vibrancy and treat minor illnesses and manage some chronic conditions.


Right now, because of our medical system is heavily profit-motivated, there has been a century-long smear campaign against all other health care modalities.  This campaign says that anything but allopathic medicine “doesn’t work, and is dangerous.”  It calls these ancient traditions and natural science “woo” and “quackery.”


This has nothing to do with reality, and everything to do with making more money on allopathic medicine — at the expense of peoples’ health.


Take Back Our Health Rights

We think it’s time for that to change.


Healthy is so very personal.  It is literally the care of our own bodies!  Every individual deserves to be educated and empowered on how to care for their own body.  We should be able to seek professional guidance if and when we need it, rather than being told it’s the only way.


It’s our mission to teach people the lost art of natural health.  We want everyone to understand how to promote vibrancy on a daily basis, through food, herbs, and motion.


We fulfill that mission by sharing educational articles at Modern Alternative Mama.  Then, we support that mission by providing clean, pure, natural products here at Earthley.


Our Next Steps (and Yours)

We have so many long-term goals, including offering conferences and classes on natural health, outreach to communities who can’t afford natural remedies, and pushing to change legislation that limits access to natural health choices.


We would love for everyone to join us on that mission.  Alone, we can accomplish little; together, we can change the world!


Here’s what you can do to help.


For Yourself: Actively seek out knowledge about natural health and apply it to your own life.  Try our Natural Remedies Cheat Sheet to get started easily.  Make a small change each week and look for big improvements after a year!


The Community: Share the knowledge you gather with friends and family, so that they can start making changes, too.  We all have a sphere of influence; speak up!


Legal Matters: Pay attention to what is going on in your state and nationally in terms of health freedom.  Support legislation that allows people more freedom to choose their health care, and that limits the power of the large pharmaceutical companies.


Join Us: Help to share our mission and our products with others.  Earthley products represent an affordable and practical way to get healthier!  Check out our Earthologist Program (our affiliates).


Watch for More: Over time, we’ll be working towards new steps in our mission.  Watch our Facebook page or join our email list (below) for news on upcoming events, new products, or action alerts.


Together, we will change the world!