At Earthley, our mission is simple: to change the way the world sees health care – and we mean that.

Right now, allopathy is the dominant medical system (Western medicine).  It’s a system based on reducing the body to individual parts and using drugs to suppress symptoms.  It’s often not the best approach, but it’s all most people have access to.

There are many other modalities available: herbalism, chiropractic, naturopathic, homeopathic, Ayurvedic, and more.  Each has its time and place.  Each has its strengths.

We believe that people should have equal access to all modalities and the ability (and knowledge) to choose what they want to use.  All modalities should be equal.

It’s our goal to make this happen.  We do this through education, affordable natural products, and community support.

We share a number of free and low-cost health guides to help you do your research and understand how to best address your health needs with herbs.  We also offer a few quizzes to simplify things so that you know where to start if you’re feeling overwhelmed.  We even offer children’s books and homeschool curricula to help teach the next generation!

When we looked at the natural products that were on the market, we weren’t satisfied.  Many were either really expensive or still had ‘compromise’ ingredients in them (like preservatives, natural flavors, added sugars, and more).  We think that every ingredient in a product should be beneficial to your health…or it shouldn’t be there.  We also think that these products should be affordable — if they’re not, who are they helping?

We encourage real-life community as much as possible.  When it isn’t, we offer online community!  Follow us on our Facebook page, join our Facebook group, follow us on Instagram, or join our email list.  We’re here for you when you need us!

How we measure success.

It’s more than just a lotion.

Positions waiting for you!

We’re looking for excited, motivated candidates to join our team!  Earthley is in our busy season, so we are looking to quickly expand our team.  These roles are for full-time, permanent employment.


Our procurement team ensures that we have everything we need to make products!  They do monthly inventory of all raw materials, order raw materials, check-in and organize materials, talk to suppliers about better pricing on bulk orders, find new suppliers, and anything else we need to ensure a steady supply of all the items we use on a daily basis.


Our production associates actually make our products!  All training is provided.  Production associates learn to measure, mix, melt, and combine ingredients to create salves, lotions, soaps, tinctures, and lots more. 


Our shipping team ensures that customer orders are picked, packed, and sent out in a timely manner.  They’re responsible for maintaining finished good inventory, and knowing that each customer gets just what they ordered.

Roles available:

  • Production Associates (1st and 2nd shift)
  • Maintenance

Some key facts about working at Earthley:

  • Pay starts at $17.00/hr for all roles, and increases with experience and performance
  • Health Insurance (for full-time team members)
  • PTO available after 90-day intro period
  • 5 paid holidays (for full-time team members)
  • Professional development assistance available
  • $50 in free product per month
  • 35% discount on additional product

Do you want to join our team?

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