Recipe by Kate Tietje, and written by Rustina

Stress has a way of creeping in on our days no matter how much we try to relax. It helps to have that favorite little snack, but then all that processed sugar hits the digestive tract! The sugar crash, upset stomach, or just makes the candida overgrowth worse! How about that delicious snack, but with healthy ingredients?

Now that is a great step to helping your stress levels! These delicious little cups are made with adaptogenic powders. Adaptogenic herbs are ones that help your body to respond and adjust to the effects of stress. These are great for your body any time, and very helpful to add into your diet!

About the Ingredients

Cocoa Calm features a “superfood” and 3 great adaptogenic herbs:

Cocoa has been shown to reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar, improve heart health, lower blood pressure, and improve immune function. Cocoa powder is also a prebiotic, and promotes gut health! It may also protect and improve brain health, and reduce allergic reactions.  Some of these benefits are canceled out when eating chocolate in the form of candy, due to the high sugar content – but this powder, without added sugar, preserves them all!