Constipation Support

Gut health is important, and if you or a loved one is struggling with constipation, that can be a big indicator that something is off. Many OTC solutions contain synthetic compounds that when taken too often or dosed too high, can often have negative consequences for the user. It can even have negative consequences from using it in appropriate amounts. Many of these medications are recommended by doctors regardless of their side effects. One active ingredient in a common OTC constipation relief medication, Polyethylene glycol 3350, can have some serious side effects. Let’s learn a little bit more about it.  

What is Polyethylene glycol 3350:A water-soluble polymer that belongs to the polyethylene glycol family. It’s commonly used as a laxative, particularly in OTC medications to relieve occasional constipation. 

How it’s designed to work: Peg (polyethylene glycol) 3350 is an osmotic laxative, which means it draws water into the colon.  

How it’s made: Peg 3350 is created in a lab, and doesn’t occur naturally, the raw materials used to create it come from petroleum.  

Side Effects:  

  • bloating 
  • blood in stool 
  • diarrhea 
  • nausea 
  • stomach cramps or pain 
  • vomiting 
  • reduces healthy gut bacteria (S

Petroleum based ingredients are highly processed with a series of chemicals, and anyone who uses them, whether through digesting them or using them topically, gets exposed to these toxic chemicals.  
There’s got to be a better way- and there is!  
Thankfully, there are natural options that work without the nasty side effects or exposure to toxins. 

There are many causes of constipation, but if you’re suffering and are looking for more natural products, here is Earthley’s constipation protocol.  

Start Here:  
These three products provide bodily support in all the right places to help give relief. We recommend using them for 3-6 months until the body has established its new bowel movement rhythm.   

Gut Health Oil: Made up of coconut oil, pumpkin seed oil, and cloves, our Gut Health Oil can support gut motility to keep things moving.  

How to use: 

  • Ages 1 – 6: 5 drops daily, or as needed
  • Ages 7 – 12: 10 drops daily, or as needed
  • Adults 13+: 20 drops daily, or as needed

Start slowly: 1 – 3 drops per day then increase slowly. If that is still too fast (if you’re feeling off, have an upset stomach, sudden flare up of skin problems), then try alternating days.

Good Night Lotion: Sometimes all you need is a little bit of magnesium. While magnesium is known for helping you sleep better (which is why we call it Good Night Lotion), it can also help relax muscles, including those in the gut.  
How to use: Apply Good Night Lotion (start with a dime size amount) to the lower abdomen and back deliver magnesium where it’s needed. Repeat daily, or multiple times a day.  

Immune-Aid: Who knew vitamin C could help with digestion? Our Immune-Aid has ingredients like camu camu powder, acerola cherry powder, and orange peel to deliver wholefood vitamin C. When our body has taken all the vitamin C it can handle, it pushes the rest out through the bowels, which can be helpful when constipated.  
How to use: Start with a ½ tsp added to a drink or smoothie every 90-120 minutes until you find the need to go to the bathroom. This is known as bowel tolerance. Repeat daily.  

Add Ons: For additional relief and long-term support, these products are also great at supporting gut motility.  

Electrolyte Powder: Chronic dehydration can contribute to constipation. Did you know that you can drink water and still be dehydrated? It may sound contradictory, but part of hydration is having enough electrolytes (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and trace minerals). Our electrolyte powder is made from 3 simple, whole food ingredients (maple sugar, Himalayan pink sea salt and cream of tartar) to help support hydration.  

How to use: Add 1 tsp. to an 8-oz. drink of your choice. Can use several times a day if needed, repeat daily.  

Digest-Ease: As the lower gut starts to regain its daily function, there can be some discomfort (gas, bloating, diarrhea) and Digest-Ease is formulated with herbs like marshmallow root (soothes the digest tract), turmeric root (anti-inflammatory) and blackberry leaf (can help keep gut bacteria balanced). 

How to use: 

  • Kids 2 – 6: 2 – 4 drops 
  • Kids 6 – 12: 5 – 10 drops 
  • Adults 13+: 10 – 20 drops 

Can be taken as needed before/after meals. Take orally sublingual (under the tongue) or in a preferred drink like juice, tea, water, etc. 

Castor Oil Pack: Castor oil is a topical medicinal remedy that has been used for centuries. It’s anti-inflammatory properties (S) have been used to support the human body by being absorbed through the skin.  

How to use:  

Step 1: Saturate cotton cloth with castor oil (doesn’t need to be dripping) 

Step 2: Apply cloth to lower abdomen/or lower back 

Step 3: Place 2 dry cloths on top of the castor cloth. Next, layer over it a heat source such as a flax heating pad.  You should have 2 dry cloths between the oil cloth and the heating pad.  

Step 4: Leave it on for 20–60 minutes. 

Step 5: After removing the pack, cleanse the area with a solution of water and baking soda.  

Step 6: Place the castor oil pack back in the container where you initially mixed the cloth and castor oil. Cover with a lid and place in the refrigerator. Each pack may be reused up to 25-30 times. 


The truth is, constipation can be caused by different factors (gut imbalances, food intolerances, allergies, nervous system dysregulation). Earthley products can help with many of these causes, but some of them may need to be addressed by a medical professional (like a chiropractor, naturopathic doctor, or other practitioners) if the constipation is chronic or severe. If you’re interested in learning more a more about gut health you can take our quiz or read our Gut Health Support Protocol.