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Our favorite handmade items!

Our favorite handmade, all-natural items — from our home, to yours!  Created by Modern Alternative Mama, based on our homemade recipes.

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Vanilla Beans

High quality vanilla beans for all occasions!

High quality vanilla beans are wonderfully fragrant and amazing for all your baking and cooking projects — from ice cream to delicate cakes. Plus, they’re great to use for homemade extract (which is really simple to make, and very frugal compared to store-bought). They’ll store in a cabinet for a year or two, so grab plenty for every occasion!

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Vital Proteins

Grass-fed gelatin, collagen, and liver

Gelatin and liver are super foods — but not ones that most people get nearly enough of in their diet. Vital Proteins sources grass-fed cows from South America to make the healthiest gelatin, collagen peptides (gelatin that’s more broken down and doesn’t gel), and dessicated liver pills. Use these supplements to get more super foods in your diet, easily!

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Wellness Kits

Stay healthy naturally, with herbs!

Have you always wanted to prepare your own herbal remedies, but didn’t know how to get started, or didn’t want to lay out the costs for large quantities of herbs you might not use? We’ve got the perfect solution! Purchase one of our kits, and get just enough to make one batch of one of our herbal recipes — Teething tincure.

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