Immune Support GIVEAWAY!

Time for a GIVEAWAY!

A LOT of people are worried about coronavirus right now. It doesn’t help that no one seems to know exactly what the truth is. We also don’t know what will happen if or when it dramatically spreads in the US. However, we do NOT think it’s time to panic. But if it helps you to feel like you’re ready, just in case… we’re here. And so we’re giving away an Immune Support Collection to one lucky winner!

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Some people want to be prepared. They want to know that they have natural options on hand to keep their family’s immune systems strong. We put together a little kit of our favorites. We use these everyday, regardless of what’s going on, to keep our families healthy.

Strengthen your immune systems to stay healthy naturally, with our Immune Support Collection! Each product is made with 100% clean ingredients, with absolutely no compromises. Most ingredients are organic. All products are made in the USA!

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Giveaway ENDS end of day on Wednesday, March 4th. Open to US residents, 18 and older.  Winner will be announced on Thursday, March 5th. Winner will receive a 1 oz Elderberry Elixir Kids, 2 oz Immune-Aid Vitamin C Powder, 4 oz Good Night Lotion, 4 oz Vitamin D Cream, and 4 oz Nourish Me Naturally.  Retail value is $71.95!

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Included in the Immune Support Collection

Elderberry Elixir ⁠—

Our Elderberry Elixir is shelf-stable and super potent, with no added sugars or health-harming ingredients. We use 100% organic herbs in a base of alcohol or glycerin, and that’s it! If you are used to elderberry syrups, try our kid’s version that’s naturally sweet and extra tasty!

Immune-Aid Vitamin C Powder ⁠—

Our natural vitamin C powder is made from two of the highest sources of vitamin C: camu camu and acerola berry powders. It also contains orange peel, which is rich in vitamin C and has antibacterial properties.

Good Night Lotion ⁠—

Rich in magnesium, Good Night Lotion promotes a restful sleep, can help with growing pains, leg cramps, restless leg, anxiety, and more.

Vitamin D Cream ⁠—

Made with natural cod liver oil and emu oil, Vitamin D Cream is rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K2 to support the immune system.

Nourish Me Naturally ⁠—

Rich in an array of vitamins and minerals from organic herbs, it supports energy and total body wellness. Safe for MTHFR mutations.